Scam letter(s) from Elena to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend, thanks for sending your message from the dating site to me, I saw it and I became interested, it would like to know you, to meet you in real life for a long term relationship.
From your profile it seems that you have many of the qualities I look for in a man: clever and educated, handsome and representative, serious and responsible, brave and real man character.
I am assured, I can find out the qualities in you.
Firstly, let's present myself. As you know, I am Elena, live and work in not big city Malin, Zhitomirskaya oblast, that's located in the western part of Ukraine near Polish border.
The population is 30 000 people here, this is a historical, economical, cultural center of Zhytomyr region.
My job is a manager, occupied in the advertising company which make commercial,the full service for the clients (TV spots, mail advertising, making the advertising).
I am hardworking, creative, sensual, ******, passionate, very generous woman, with a good sense of humor, well-educated.
My age is 29 y.o. (birthday is on May 16, was born in 1980).
I wish to be in love relation with a serious normal, intelligent, reliable, strong, passionate man, to create a strong love connection between us right now. I speak fluent English, little German.
We can correspond without problem. keep in touch with you more.
wish a nice day! your nice friend Elena
Letter 2
hello my darling! How are you? What are you doing? I liked you wrote to me back. I am very interested by you, you are really good, serious man!
To my mind, a character is being the most important in man, what is your character like?
I adore sensuality...exactly what I seek like future man...confident and share unconditional love, beneficial love, physical love.
As I am the experienced woman, I know, that I need, I had been in the relations with the men, I am extremely sensual, I need a hot relation, true, without reserve, nor taboo. I live through exchanges sensual, hot in complicity with my love!!
Do you want to be this love? Sometimes I am too frank ;-) I often say the things as they impassioned I tend to let to me go in *** and love stories...
I love the voyages, I love the other cultures and people! Although I have never been to abroad, I would like to make any excited travel one day. I value the comfort strong relations and long connection.
I can cook, like seafoods, listen to good pop music, russian and foreign, watching the movies, dramas, meeting with friends. You could be my dream?
Because I dream of a love impassioned, careful,hot and true with a man as brave man as you! Kisses, impatience of your reply!
your Elena
Letter 3
Hello my sensual hero!
I am very flattered that I have a sensual connect with such an intelligent, accomplished man like you. Like you very much, I am attracted to you.
You know, my experience has been that those men I had is to demonstrate the attraction, to whom I also had an attraction based in love.
I open much similar things between us, I feel so strong, and you??
Together evenings we will enjoy out. Only listening to the music...
enjoying seeing at the stars on the dark sky...laying on beach, the warm wind is tickling our skins, the moon is winking at us...a meeting we are able to see the possibilities,the sympathy, chemistry, affinity, attraction for each other, to discover each other.
Let's start to plan our meeting. I want to come to you. I'm going to the travel company to get all information about my trip to you.
I hope my desire is not confusing you and you're ready for serious steps, relations with me. passionate kisses for you, Elena
Letter 4

Good day my love,
Last days, I run the travel agencies in my city, and had the conversations with the managers. I chose ones. One of more suitable for the terms and prices.
The travel manager gave the full information, explanations about arrangements, document ways of organizing. The basic documents:
- International Passport - 184 USD (including the customs);
- Visa (tourist type of visa) - 230 USD (including visa fees and consular fees);
- Medical Insurance for one year - 195 USD (including the medical fees).
The total cost is 609 for all papers, the terms of making is 2-3 weeks.
Are you able to make this step for sake of our meeting? Can you give me your financial support for your woman? If you're really interested in me like your potential woman, loving second half, do your best for love with each other. Wait for you soon, Elena, with love
Letter 5
Frankly talking, my dear, I didn't expect to hear such ideas of your coming to Ukraine, as I would think to visit to you first, to see your home place, to meet with you closer. We'll live together there. It's a big chance to learn where you live, and I have never been to abroad.
For such woman as me, the travelling to your country would be a wonderful chance in life. Support me if you have a real interest to me, want to build the serious relations for future.
many reasons on which you can't come to here, no airports and normal hotels in a small city where I live. That's difficult to settle up here for a foreign man. Also, many cases, when the men from foreign countries come to Ukraine for the *** tours, spend time with many girls together.
They pay money to choose women for spending intimate time in hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs. It lasts about week. After the men leave the women and go back.
Another reason is necessary to speak Ukrainian here, because it'll be very hard without having the knowledge for the foreign man here.
many accident and cases were happened with the foreigners here.
To rod them, to stole, to beat if the man walks in a street at night or not very good place, nights club take the money more that for real.
I heard about bad case on TV, two man from Germany were beat and robbed by some street band of Kiev. There are many accidents with lost foreigners by arriving to Ukraine at the airports, as many men want to be independent and free without any help, Much disappointment and frustrations as you see. It happens quite the contrary. I am shocked, I don't want to fall into a trap.
Sorry, but I disagree with you fully, I am going to be very careful, although I am experienced woman. Particularly, many men correspond with not one woman at once the several women the same time, muddle up the women names often or send their standard long letters. Your Elena
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