Letter(s) from Ekaterina Rechkina to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1

How are you? where are you??? Write me please!!! I wait...

Letter 2

Hello, I was very glad to get your letter!!. I long ago wanted to try to get acquainted through the Internet. I heard that girls in Russia find acquaintances on the Internet in other countries. I appealed to manager of Internet Cafe for he helped me to communicate with you. I have never made the acquaintance with someone with help of Internet earlier, on this I have decided to try to get acquainted through the Internet. I am happy that we have the beginning of acquaintance. I want to tell you a little about myself. I am 29 years old. I have no children. I live in Russia in the city Zvenigivo. My city is placed on coast of the river Volga. You should know about river Volga. It is very known river all over the world. What do you want to else know about me ? I scan the newest photos of me. They have been made 2 months ago. Hope, that you can see these photos. I understand, that all men search for beautiful womans. But I want to pay your attention not to what I look like. I have very good character. I cheerful and always go to the aid of my friends. My friends speak only good about me, and very much appreciate me as the friend. I had no success in private life. And to tell fairly, I have shortage of romantic relations. I have never visited another countries and to me very interesting to learn about a place where do you live. If you have photos of your city I shall be glad to see them. I have heard about your country only on T.V. I love English language very much. It are simple and beautiful. I have studied English at school and had some courses of English. Certainly my English is not good but I promise to improve it. I hope that you will understand me very well. I shall be happy if you want to continue acquaintance with me. I want you to tell me more about yourself and send your latest photos. I will wait your answer very much!!!
Your Alena...

Letter 3

Hello Jon!!! I am happy to see letter from you. To tell the truth yesterday I have gone to bed with ideas and dreams of you... I thinking: you'll answer me or not. Yesterday I cannot sleep for a long time, cause I thought about what would you want to know about me. I want to tell you more about myself; also I would like to tell you about my family. For my unhappiness I lost my father 15 years ago. My father had a lung cancer because of frequent smoking. Last 3 years I lived together with my mother. I had misfortune my mum have died 6 months ago. My mum had illness of heart. After death of my mother I live alone in a hostel. It was very difficult for me to overcome the loss of the dearest people for me. In my city I have no any relatives. My mum to me told, that I have distant relatives in the north of Russia in city Novosibirsk. But I have no any contact to these relatives. I do not want to complain to you about my life. I as well as all live and I try to be pleased lives. I have very good friend Svetlana she lives not far from me. I shall tell to you about her later. Please say me when do you have your birthday? My birthday is on the 8th of the March of the 1979-year. My height is 169 cm and my weight 53 kg. But I want to tell you that it is not very serious for what height, what weight and even what age do you have. It is more important for me what are you inside: what internal world, world of soul do you have. The personality is more important. Well, let's continue... I want To let you know more about myself and to help understand what kind of person I am, I'll write you a little more about my life. You know though I'm very serious about relationship I do not really know how to develop our letters and I decided to write you everything what comes up in my mind. I will not be shy telling about myself that I'm good in wife's role. I can and I like to cook tasty. I like cleanliness and order in house. I'll like to take care about my future husband. I have very good and kind character. Now I work the Seller in the shop. We have many customers and to find a special attitude toward each customer sometimes is very difficult. Our boss is very rough person and he is very strict, though our wages are good (comparing to other shop) , I am consider to be one of the oldest workers at this shop so he is kind of easy on me, and I am kind of a manager when he is not in the shop, but still it does not mean that I do less, in fact I do even more then other sellers. I have more responsibility. Last week I had to stay at work for all day, and I had to work from 8a.m. till 7 p.m., almost without lunch break, it is exhausting, after work I went straight to my home. Usually my work week starts from Tuesday and finishes on Saturday in the first part of the day, so I have another half of Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. I want to tell you about my interests, hobbies and dreams … And certainly it would be very-very great for me to get to know about your interests, preferences, to get to know what do you like to do in a free time. Please write me about that. And what about me, Usually I spend my free time with my friend Svetlana, we are walking through town or talking with cups of tea. She is also unlucky with men as I'm. I like to go to cinema theatre, because I like to watch films. I can say that I like all kinds of cinema, it is difficult to choose only one kind, because I like “ good movies ” and certainly as a lot of women I prefer romantic movies. And as for music I enjoy of listening of classical music I suppose that this music makes us more pure and improves our soul. And what music do you like? May be you want to know why I decided to correspond by the Internet - For a long time I was living alone and now I just want to find the special man with which I can speak about all and to which I can trust completely. I I dream meet my happiness. I do not lose the hope to be happy!!! I am sure everything will be very well. Please tell me more about the story of your life. I will necessarily wait your answer! I kiss you...
Your Alena.

Letter 4

Good day my Jon!!! How are you today? Your letter presents me a great pleasure and a joy. I'm happy that you answered me! Reading my last letter you could understand that I live alone, because it is better to live alone, than to live with man, which you are afraid, because he always brings afflictions and disappointments. May be you want to know what does it mean "normal" for me. Well, I'd like to be sure in my husband. I d ' like to feel protected with my future husband. The man, who strike the woman - not the man, and alcoholic intoxication - not the justification for him. It is so awful, I do not want write about that any more. I do not condemn men who drink, I just do not understand them. Well, let's I stop talking about that and it is better to forget about that and believe that everything will be very well! I am an optimist. It helps me to live. If I had no such adjust I think I would not survive! I think that life made me strong. I am sure that if you want to survive in this cruel world you must act, do something for that, not to stay on one place. It is very important to do something for your happiness, to move to the forward! But I think that if you are very active person you must not forget that you are man, it is important to stay human in different situations! I think you are agree with me. Certainly probably we have different nation psychology, but I think there are universal moral values which are general for everybody. Well, if understood I am very active person and sometimes I make things on which other people never was not solved. I think that we need to risk if we want to be happy in some situations. And one of my brave acts is that I was solved to get acquainted with help of Internet. A lot of Russian women live with their drinking husbands and suffer. They afraid to change something in their life. I do not understand how they can live so, in fact a lot of them never see happiness. And I would like to be really happy. And that is why I have decided to try to search my love abroad. I am sure in success! The main purpose of my acquaintance is to find a special man with whom I could spend all my life. And as for me I'd like to meet man to whom I could trust. I think that the main things in love are the trust, understanding and respect. Certainly the Internet it is only way to have the acquaintance and may be sometimes is not the best way for it. But I know that with help of letters we get to know about each other. Certainly, it is difficult to believe in that but I'd like to do it! Jon, I want to see more your photos very much! If you have them please send me. I will be very glad to get it. I told you earlier that I have a big album of pictures, and I'll think what of them you will be interested in. To scan a lot of photos is not cheap for me whats why I'll choose the most interesting of them. I do not want you to be tired by my writing, I want to have something to say you in the next letters. And I'd like to finish my letter on these words, I will wait your answer very very much!!! Please write me soon!!! I kiss you...
Your Alena.

Letter 5

Good day my Jon!!! How are you? Please, tell me about you usual day. What do you do every day? As for me, every morning I need to get up very early to be in time at my work. My work is placed far from my home; I need about one hour to reach to my work. I reach on 2 buses. I come to my work and begin to work. A lot of people visit the shop and i need to say that buyers are very different, sometimes I meet rough buyers and I must be polite and tolerant to every buyer otherwise I can lose my work. Sometimes My head is broken off on a part because of great noise. My working day lasts about 8 hours. I am so tired after work. All day I am on legs and in the finish of working day I do not feel my legs. After such long hard day I have an hour of way to home. Once I even fall asleep in the bus and nearly overslept my bus stop. It is so wonderful when you have stimulus to be back home and when you forget about your weariness and run to home. Unfortunately I have not it. At first it is because there is no somebody who waits me at home or there is nobody to whose returning I would hurry a small flat (room) in hostel. There are a lot of people in our hostel, rooms are very small, walls are thin and it is very easy to hear what is going on through the neighbor's wall. Often shouts are heard through the walls, it is not easy to fall asleep, to relax, to read my favorite book or magazine. And that is why I do not like this hostel, but I can't allow to myself to rent the normal flat. It is too expensive for me. Certainly there are very bad living conditions in hostel but I have no any choice - I need to put up with such situation. But I do not lose heart, I believe, I hope that things will sort themselves. I think that people always must hope on the best otherwise it is not real to survive in this difficult and very cruel world. I think we must find positive sides in everything what happens in our life! It is my rule, which helps me to go on the difficult living way. Please tell me about the place where do you live, about your house or flat, How many rooms have you? It will be very interesting for me to get to know about it. I have a very good neighbor. It is a nice and kind woman. I like her very much. She helps me, gives me advices, do not give me to miss, to be sad, one a word she is real friend for me. She helps me not to feel myself alone! And it is very great! I am very thankful to her! I come to her every day. We have a long and lasting friendship, which was checked up by the time and life a lot of times. I visit neighbor very often because I like to do it very much. Oh, I must finish my letter, I paid for 2 hours, but they have flown by as 2 minutes.
I want to tell you that your letters becomes to be really dear for me!!!! I am waiting for your answer with great trepidation. I kiss you...
Your baby Alena.

Letter 6

Hello my Love Jon!!!!! I am happy to have again from you news. Each your letter brings to me pleasure. I want to know each smallest changes in your life. Today at night I dreamt about you that I already am near to you. I saw your house, you strong embraced me and kissed. Then to the house there has come the woman which was your familiar and began to talk to you tenderly, you also showed in her interest. It was awful dream, I thought that I have lost you and roared. I do not want to recollect this dream because he brings to me not pleasant impressions. I hope that this dream will not come true. Excuse for a question but I should ask you: you casually have not found other girl to which have feel love? You can be completely fair with me, I shall not take offence, I shall try to understand you. I have woken up late approximately at 12 o'clock 30 minutes, have taken a shower, have tidied up in an apartment and have gone to walk in park. When I walked in park I mentally represented that now you are with me and we conduct love conversation. We speak about our happy future and you gently hold me for a hand, and I understand that I never shall want to release your hand. I again have casually recollected this dream and my mood have deteriorated. Then I have gone to church and began to pray to the god that only I was your unique love. I have understood that I cannot live without you. I speak you these details because you are for me the most, close person to which I can open all my soul. I can entrust to you all my secrets. I with the big impatience wait to arrive to you and to not give you to anybody. I love you. You my destiny. I miss you. I kiss you.
Always your Alena.

Letter 7

Hello my Dear and Love Jon!!! How are you? And as for me, I'm very O'K.
What weather do you have now. Today me pleased one thing heated me - the thought that very-very soon I will see your letter and will answer you, will write you about myself and my life. I so wait the moment when I can correspondence with you. You put some purpose, a certain sense in my empty life. It is so great, I think. Thank you very much for that. Our correspondence is very dear for me.
I have never written to any one man from another country. I want to tell you that your letters are very interesting for me. I get more and more new information about you from your letters; it is so involves me! I think that reading my letters you learn me too. If you have some questions to me, please ask me and I will be very happy to answer on all your questions! I am sure that my heart prompted me that I must write to you. Well, I am sorry I need to finish because the Cafe will be close very soon. I was free of work very late today, but I so wanted to write you something... I came to the Cafe near the time of it's closing.
And so I must to tell you goodbye, but I do not want. I hope that you will have good day! I always wait your letters. I kiss you...
Your Alena.