Scam letter(s) from Marina Mardyakonova to Brian (USA)

Letter 1
Greetings the my dear new friend!
My name is Arshida / to me of 25 years!!! I to take your mail box on site Allpenpels. I very much to wish to get acquainted with you and to decide to write you the message from the e-mail address! Here it is my mail box with which I now to write to you so favourite please to answer me and we we can continue our dialogue!!
I the interesting girl and I to love much, I certainly will tell to you about myself in the following letter, and with this letter I will put the photo and I will hope that it will like you!!
Strong whole!
Yours Arshide
Letter 2
Your greetings!!!
How - you? It is probable, if you have accepted, it - arshida , I - am very glad to receive your answer, yours. I Happy, thus you have written me yours. Besides I hope, that mine E-MAIL was so the big surprise for you also. But the most important, I Would like to speak you, which I have resolute to write to you through Gratitude of the Internet to my best girlfriend Masha. My girlfriend Masha has met the good person through the Internet from Germany,
The Berlin City, the Internet also. He/she is the friend - Steve. Masha and Steve
Very happy together! I see, that they are happy so together, and I have
Solved to find people from other country also as Masha has made it:
Possible, you can ask me why I did not find the Russian person? I
It will be very serious, I will answer you from which I had a friend
Russia from my City, I loved it very much, but it has added me last
Time. It has found other girl as I have understood. Also I saw, it
It liked to drink alcohol as it - many people in Russia, make it,
There can be you, nobleness about it. I do not love it when people
Like to drink, that my last friend has made it! I calm down! Simply, I
Have no bad habits! Also I wish to speak it concerning words
My girlfriend Masha, people from other countries, it to
The especial USA from Australia and Kanada, are very good, and they can to
Estimation and respect with women as essential people also. It
The opinion to be relative Masha, and I wish to agree with Masha
Completely. Masha has chosen friend Steve from Germany as it knows
German language is a little. I do not speak about German Language, I can
Speak and write English language, and I have solved to find people
From abroad and I have decided to write to you, yours. Well, to allow
I to inform you me it is more. As I have told to you earlier, me - 25 years
From age, me - "Sagitarius" on the Zodiac, I was born on 3rd of December
1984:) It is date your birthday? Inform me, well? White
The Russian ******* a nationality. On religion I am a Christian and I
Trust to God Jesus. I was never married, and I do not have any children, I - a
The unique girl. I - sensitive, kind, thoughtful and easily surprised.
On opinion from my close friends and relatives, me - kind, cheerful,
Clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable. About my city, where I
The live :)? I would like to inform you that me, understanding Cheboksary here
In Russia. Cheboksary it is located approximately 650 kilometres from ours
The Russian Capital the Moscow city. Ours Cheboksary - one of beautiful
Cities from Russia, I love the remarkable city very much. Is
Many beautiful streets, areas and other sights in our city. Here
Now warmly from 10 degrees, what concerning your weather?
Most of all I wish to say you, that my favourite summer of a season! I
The love when the sun in streets, it - is many vocal birds, it is
Romantic so. And you love summer :)? Also I would like to inform you
On my formation. I studied at Medical University. I have finished
University in 2005 also, I wish to speak you which I have studied
Language of Englishmen when I studied at university, I can speak in
English language Without any problems, I think so. But I can see, by which I do
Many writing down errors, I think so, I hope, that you will be, can
To understand my English language without any problems. Also I would be
Like to inform you, that after the university end, I have received a
The speciality diploma "Storage of the Book And Audit". But
Unfortunately I did not demand the formation however, because here in
Russia as in many other things country things, it is very difficult to
Find good work as a good speciality. Now I work as the waiter in a bar,
Though I the doctor. I am pleasant like here in ours a bar, and our visitors
- Good clients. Also I wish to say you, that I have an access to
The Internet the computer which is located in research of our boss here in
Our bar because I do not have any computer in my house, and I has asked
The sanction in our director of my use of the Internet, and it has
Allowed to use for me the computer at leisure from my work. Wowww, I
Have written so! I did not think, which I can to write about me, it
To straight lines so, really. Probably, I finish E-MAIL.
I will be grateful so if you write to me about
Independently, thus it - is much from from as I have made it. I would be
How, if you inform me, for example, on your family? About yours
City where - you, residing, I never was in other countries, and I will be
Rejoice nobleness about your country. Well, allow me to finish mine
E-MAIL, I hope to see your answer! I have placed the photo, me hope, that you will be
Find my photo good. Well, good while, yours, hoping to see, it
Your message quickly! Care, sincerely yours, your new Russian friend,
arshida .
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