Letter(s) from Lilia Podkopaeva to Frank (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Frank,
Forgive to me, I to not write to you earlier.
I was in hospital. Because had FLU, and I could not answer you.
We have met on dreammates.com.
If you do not remember me I write to you the last letter.
I have attached it below my present letter.
Now I shall try to tell more about myself.
I saw your add and should say you are a very interesting and attractive man.
I wish I could have a chance to get to know you.
Hope you will give me this chance and will write me more about yourself.
And now I will give you an idea of who I am.
My name is Lilya. I am 28 y.o.
I live in Russia, in city Kurgan.
It on a southern part of the central Russia, if you want to see it on a map.
My weigh is 58(120f.) kg.
My height is 167(5.5f.) centimeters.
I think you will have a better idea of me looking at my picture I am attaching to this letter.
I have never been married and have no children.
I am slim and in a good shape. I am fond of jogging to keep fit. You see I live in the surburb of city.
So it is very convenient for me to do it in the morning or in the evening. I enjoy the fresh air and the nature around me and at the same time keep my body fit.
I work in the restaurant every second day as a waitress and have to go to the city.
I have to earn for my living as I have nobody to take care of me. I have to survive in this big and cruel world myself. I lost my parents in a car accident. I don’t like to talk about this as it still hurts me very much. I can say that I have many interests and I enjoy life as it is. I always try to find something good even in bad situation.
I just love this life and want to live a complete full life.
The only thing I really miss in my life now is a close person.
A person who will allow me to lay my head on his shoulder and to tell him everything what is inside of me, in my soul.
I want to love and to be loved. I want to take care of my beloved person and devote all of myself to him. To see his smile and be happy just because of it, to love everything in him.
Just to love his as he is with all his advantages and disadvantages. We are not ideal and we are interesting because we have disadvantages which make us differ from each other.
I have attached to you the pic, I hope, I shall like to you.
It is made in the last summer, but I have not changed. I now look as on a photo!! Just now I have little bit other hairdress. Now my hair straight lines. I love me hairdresses. I do not love monotony.
I think, it is pleasant to you. /
I think I should close here. I use an internet cafe as I don’t have my personal computer and phone at home. Please, don’t worry if you don’t get a letter from me. I will write you in a day as I have to go to the city to write you.
Will be waiting impatiently for your reply.
I shall wait your answer 2 days.... Write to me you want whether or not with me to have relations?
For the beginning as the friend...
I have 2 email adrress.
You can write on any:

Letter 2

Hi Frank,
I see that you are not interested in me and you don’t want to continue correspondence with me.
It is a pity. You are the only one I tried to have correspondence with. Are you scared that I am from Russia?
Or with the distance between us?
I don’t think it is really a problem. If we like each other through the correspondence, I will be able to come to visit you and to see if we are for each other. Or you can come here to visit me. What do you think about this? Of course, if you are not interested in me, I will stop writing to you. Just tell me about it and I will understand everything.
Have a good day!

Letter 3

Hi, dear Frank!!!
I am so happy to get a reply from you.
Your letter captured me and forgot about the time reading it.
You can name me Lulu or Lina. This my short name.
You can name me as it is pleasant to you...
So everyone name me.
I didn’t have a goal to find someone abroad. I just came to the internet cafe to find some necessary information and saw you.
And I decided why not to try? Perhaps that is a chance for both of us?
I can’t say that all men in Russia are bad. There are good and bad people in any nation.
But most of Russian men are very spoilit with women. And they don’t care about our feelings. Sometimes they are very rude and the main problem here is that they drink too much alcohol. And I dream to find a caring, tender and understanding man.
And at this moment in my life I have to take care of myself alone. I work as a waitress to survive. Though I am a teacher in a primary school by profession, I have to work in the restaurant. It is hard to find a job on the profession and even if I have one, I will have a very small salary. I worked for some time as a teacher in the local school. But my salary was so small that I even couldn’t pay my bills. But in spite of it, I enjoyed my work. I like to work with the children. They bring joy and happiness into our life. I speak English rather well as I have been studied in the Institute for 5 years..
Thanks for beautiful eCard!!!
I do not know what difference in time between us.
I would like to ask you. Why do you look for a woman? I think you are a person with a big heart and open soul and you shouldn’t have problems with it in your country.
Well, I hope to hear from you very soon.
Please answer my letters during 2 days if it is not difficult for you.
I shall write to you in a day,
P.S. I will try to send you my pictures with each letter if there are no problems with the scanner in the internet cafe.


Letter 4

Hi, my dear Frank,
That is such a pleasure to get letters from you.
You just can’t imagine what I feel when I see that there is a message from you.
It is always so nice to get more and more about you.
Thanks for a photo!!!
I am very active and I do aerobics in my spare time.
I am fond of swimming. When I have some free time I go to the swimming-pool. I am not fond watching sports on TV. Internet is a very good invention. It gives an opportunity to meet your soulmate even being on a distance.
I would like so much to meet with you in real, to see your eyes and to sink in them, to feel your warm touch...
Well, this is a dream, a very sweet dream. Perhaps, I could come to your place one day... Who knows what life prepares for us.
I am not the kind of person who likes to waste time. I never feel bored and you will be able to feel this with me one day.
I want every day to be a celebration. I know that life is difficult and that’s just impossible. But my beloved man will feel that every day for him is a holiday. I will do my best for it. I am fond of cooking and you know, I am rather good at it. I will cook something tasty for you one day if we meet and we will enjoy our time together.
As for my other interests, I am fond of reading, watching movie ( I prefer comedies and love stories ), music ( I like country music very much and also some pop singers like Madonna ).
I like to meet my friends and spend time with them or go somewhere to the countryside. I wish you could experience this with me.
I am a very active and energetic person. And I like red color very much, that is a color of passion and love.
Tell me, please, about your likes and dislikes.
Today I have attached a photo of 2003. It is day of wedding of my friend Lena. Then I carried little bit other hairdress.
You have paid attention? I like to change the image.
To what I to you like more? With dark or light hair?
I will be waiting forward to your letter.
Have a good time.


Letter 5

Hi, sunshine Frank!!!
That is such a happiness to see a letter from you.
I realized that I was smiling when I noticed how people in the Internet Cafe looked at me. Internet Cafe here is just a place where different people who don’t have their personal computers come to find some information or to write a letter as it is in my case. They just pay money and feel free to use computers as long as they want.
It is so easy for me to write you like I have known you for ages. I can tell you everything and have a feeling that I can trust you. Though I am rather picky about people and it is not easy for me to trust. I feel that I can do it with you. I can be sincere and open with you like I am.
I hate lies and when people are dishonest.
I would like to ask you what you think about treachery.
In my opinion that is awful and it hurts so much to know that a close person lied to you. I will never hurt anyone like this. And hope to get the same in return..
Would you like to get to know a little about my city.
It is very cosy and green.
We have beautiful parks here and flowers are blossoming in spring. It is so romantic to walk there when the stars are shining and when your beloved person is together with you.
Are you a romantic person?
Do you like animals? As for me I just adore dogs. They are very faithful and give you their love without any conditions.
Today I have attached a photo where I sing a karaoke.
To like you it? You like to sing a karaoke?
Well, I will close here for now and will be waiting for your next letter impatiently.
Have a wonderful day!
P.S. You know I would like to send you a handwritten letter and some surprise. Hope you don’t mind? That’s why I need your mail address. Please, send it to me next time. Ok?
Here is my address if you would like to do the same.
Do not send me perfume and flowers. Because I have an allergy on pungent smells. If you will send it to me, I shall hurt much. But please do not send me expensive things, Russian mail is unreliable also it can not reach me!
Lilya Podkopaeva,
Chehova str.-7, apt.-12,
Kurgan, 640004, Russia.


Letter 6

Hi, my sunhine Frank!!!
I sorry, that I have not answered you earlier.
I could not make it because Internet cafe did not work. It has been closed on repair. I hope, you forgive to me it? And we shall develop our attitudes.
Now all works, and I shall write to you in a day as was earlier. Therefore answer me when receive this letter. You are the ray of light in my life. I got up and had a happy smile on my face. I was thinking of you!!!
I have one request for you. Can y ou send me some favourite pictures of yours?
I would print them and hang on my wall to see you every time I get up and go to bed..
Thanks for beautiful eCard!!!
I am not going to lie to you and to ask you for money or to use you just to go to another country!!!I am very sorry to hear that Russian women tried to use men abroad. I didn’t know this. I will not ask you for money. I don’t need it!!!
I am happy without it!!! That is why you don’t need to worry.
I don’t communicate with you because of money!
Today I have attached a photo which has been made in the past to year. It is made about a gate in our beautiful park. I like to walk there.
I had a wonderful dream last night.
We were there together with you. It was a beach somewhere on a beautiful island. There were only two of us. Just you and me. We even didn’t talk. We were holding our hands enjoying the calmness of the moment. That was great. We were so close to each other. I was the happiest woman in the word as the man of my dream was with me. That was a wonderful feeling and I still feel that passion and love I had inside of me. Do you have any fantasies or dreams? You can tell me if it is not a secret.
I have a feeling that you are the one I can create a strong and happy family with.
Would you like to have children? I think this will be a mutual decision. My husband will always be on the first place for me. And if he doesn’t want to have children. Well, I will do whatever he wants.
Take care, dear and write me your thoughts.


Letter 7

Hi, dear Frank!!!
Thank you so much for your letter!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was in a low spirit today. I feel tired.
I work for 9 and more hours a day. And I have to be patient with our clients which is not easy always as they can act in a very rude manner.
I get for about 64 dollars a month( if to convert roubles in dollars ). Paying all the bills I have very little money left that’s why I am not able to buy my own computer. And I can’t write you letters very often as I have to pay for every letter I get and send.
Sorry for complaining, dear. Hope you ynderstand me./
Your letter uplifted my spirits. I feel much better now after reading it.
Can you tell me more about your country. I am interested in everything what is connected with you.
I feel so vulnerable here and even miserable sometimes.
People are so cruel and rude. And I am so glad that I have you in my life. You are so smart and understanding.
I want to say thank you! Just for being my friend and being in my life.
I have not attached for you a photo because I go from work and I have no with myself a photo. I shall send you next time. I promise.
Miss you...


Letter 8

My sunshine Frank!!!
First I want to apologize for my letter yesterday.
I shouldn’t complain to you.
But you are such a dear person to me and I feel that you understand me. In any way, I will not do it any more not to bother you. Your letters became part of my life and I appreciate so much your support.
It is not so easy for me to trust anyone. Once I was betrayed with a very close person and it hurted me so much.
I was in love but he cheated to me and left me for another woman. It was so painful.
But it is already in the past. And we should live with the present. Especially now when we have each other.
Though we have only letters but I hope that you can trust me. We already know each other though only through the letters. And I like so much what I see and know.
You are a great person and you are the best what I have in my life now. And I feel that I can trust you and hope you will not lie to me...
Your money are not necessary to me!!! I have money for a trip!!!!!!!!
2 days ago I have made a new hairdress to myself. I hope it to you to like. I have attached a photo of it. It is a photo it is made yesterday.
You know, I often imagine us together holding hands, doing some things together. And I think that it is already the time when we can think about meeting. I could come to you to be with you and to see what it is like to live in your country.
That is a very serious step. And getting visa for me will take some time. Life is short to waste time. And if you want me, I could come for 10 0r 15 days. But it depends on you.
I could Stay for longer if you want.
If it frightens you, I shall arrive only as the visitor!!!
That is a chance for both of us. And I think we should use it.
If you like this idea, we can talk about it seriously.
Thinking about you...


Letter 9

My dear Frank,
I have been thinking about you the whole night and morning today. I was not able to sleep.
I have so many thoughts about you and us in my head that it drives me crazy.
I can’t recognize myself and it seems to me so unreal.
But I feel it, really feel it inside.
I can’t live without your letters. Every day is like torture for me when I can’t read a letter from you. I want to be with you, I want to feel you with every part of my body. I want to kiss your lips, your eyes, your hands. I want to make love to you, I want to be with you when you are sad and happy. I want to hold your hand when we sleep. I want to cook breakfast for you, to spend weekends with you, to wait for the time when you come from work. I want to have family with you. I want to have “US”. To be one whole.
What is it? I think I LOVE YOU!!! Please, don’t be scared with my feelings. I just can’t pretend. I love you and I want you to know it.
My love is so big that it is enough for two of us.
I want you to love me so much. I even feel physical pain as I want to be with you now so much.
I wish to get into the plane right now and to appear into your hands...
I have attached photo. These are sexual photo.
I have made it on Saturday for you. I asked for this friend Tanya. I hope, I have not frightened you of it??? I only wished to show you, that I have a beautiful body!! I hope, you will not think of me badly after that??? I have a little hidden the person on these a photo. I am afraid, that it can fall into in other hands, not to you. And everyone will look at this.
I have only one request - do not ask me to send you such photo more.
I got to know, dear, that I would be able to get a tourist visa to come to you.
That is just a matter of time. I will have to do some paperwork to get visa, to pay for it and to buy air tickets.
I will do all the paperwork without problems.
I hope so much for your understanding. Please, let me know what you think about this.
Love you, love you, love you...
And so awfully miss you!!!


Letter 10

My beloved one Frank!!!
You are my life and I miss you so much.
I can’t imagine my life without you. That is such a happiness to know that there is a person who cares and thinks about you. I know you feel the same. And though we are far from each other, I always feel that you are near, that you are close.
You are my joy and my happiness. My life without you seems so empty now.
And now I have you, I am not alone any more.
I know, I am sure that one day we will be together and will never part again.
Two halves can’t live apart and one day they will get one whole again.
I believe and I know that you are my missing half and I will do my best, everything what depends on me to be with you. Believe me!!!!
I have good news. I have paied for visa and passport. It costed me 50 dollars. Now all I need is to wait when I get it. Are you happy? 50 dollars is a big sum of money for me but I am ready to spend it for our meeting! I have good news to you!!! I have paid the visa and the passport. Even if nothing works for.
My letter will be short today as I should leave for work already. Sometimes I get upset that I can’t always find time to come to the Internet cafe to read a letter from you or to write you.
I can’t live without you, without your letters.
So I will come to the Internet cafe in rain and in snowfall because I know that there is a letter from my sweetheart.
Love you.
Have a good day!!!


Letter 11

My darling Frank,
That was a wonderful dream. It was so colorful and bright.
I fell asleep yesterday thinking about you, with a smile on my face. And you were there in my dream. I was the happiest woman in the world as you were with me, the man whom I love so dearly. We were in a beautiful place. I think I can call it paradise. You were holding me and I was kissing you softly and then faster and faster.
I was kissing your eyes, your neck, your arms, every part of your body. Your skin was so tender and manly at the same time.
You put away my clothes and I felt your skin with my naked body...
It was such a feeling which I can’t express with the words.
It is getting so hard for me to wait for the time when I see you at last, when I am able to touch you in real and to feel that intimacy. We just need to wait till I get visa and then we will make all our fantasies and wishes come true.
I get so excited and that is your fault, honey.
Miss you so badly

P.S. I go from work. I have forgotten to take with myself a photo for you. I shall send the next photo in the following letter.


Letter 12

Sweetheart Frank!
I want you to know that I love you so much and never forget about this.
I never thought I could have such feeling. It is so strong that I can't keep it inside.
It is such a happiness to know that I love and that there is a person who also loves me and waits for me as much as I do.
All we need now is to wait for some time till we are together.
I want so much to be with you.
I have been waiting for you all my life. And I love you. I am not afraid to tell you this and I am not afraid of my feelings.
I know that you are the man who makes me happy. And I know that I can also make you happy.
I am sure everything will be Ok and we will be happy with you.
Love you, love you.
Wait for your letter.
P.S. I wanted to send you 2 photos, but the scanner in Internet cafe to break. The manager has told, that the new scanner will bring only in 1 week. I cannot send you a photo in this term.

Letter 13

My dear Frank,
Sorry for not answering all your questions. I always feel so excited reading your letters that I forget about everything.
Also I have only 30 min in the Internet Cafe and I write in English so it takes me time to think.
Don’t hesitate to ask me again and I wil answer you with pleasure.
I will never stop telling you how I love you.
By the way, what is love in your opinion?
In my opinion, love is devotion. It is a feeling when you give all yourself to your partner. When you feel that he is sad or unhappy een being on a distance. And it hurts you when you know about this and you try to do everything you can to make him happy.
Faithfulness is also very important. I can’t live with a person if he betrays me even once. And I will never do the same to my partner.
Mutual understanding is also a key to healthy relations. When you feel that something is wrong , you should talk about it.
It is necessary to discuss problems but not keep silence. I hope We already understand each other very well though we haven’t met in real. And I am sure that when we meet, we will do all we can to keep our relations strong.
I always dreamt to have a strong family. The place where I can come and feel that my family love and understand me. I hope you understand what I try to tell you.
Please, tell me your thoughts about it.
Till our next meeting.
Love you!!!


Letter 14

Honey Frank,
You have received yesterday from me the letter?
There I have answered your questions.
I feel so nervous and so excited.
I’ve got a letter from the Embassy.
They invite me for the interview. That is the last step before I get visa.
That is not a problem. I will fly to Moscow tomorrow.
As soon as I get visa, I will buy tickets and will get on a plane to get to you. I am so happy. Only in some days I will be able to hold you. Can you believe in this?
I still can’t believe this happiness. That’s great!!!
Please, tell me the nearest airport I should fly to.
Also I need to know where you will meet me. I don’t want to be lost in a foreign country.
You see our dream comes true. I am so happy and you?
I will be not able to sleep. I want all these procedures to be over as soon as possible. I want to be with you!!!!!!!
I will let you know about all the results.
I love you...