Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Goncherenko to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My Love Robert!!!! Robert I in a shock that you have sent to me, whence it at you???? Robert whence at you these photos????? Robert I do not have what pseudonyms my love. Robert I in a shock, that you have sent to me. Robert I the truth speak, I have no what relation to these photos. Robert I the truth did not deceive you, I the truth very strongly love you, and I know that I on these which you to me have sent it to a photo, but I do not know whence you them who took also uses my photos. Robert I speak the truth to you. Robert at me thoughts at all were not to deceive you. Robert I very strongly love you also I when has not caused you a pain. Robert you the truth very strongly shocked me with this letter, but I have no what relation to these photos and pseudonyms about which you speak. Robert to me so it is sick now, that you think, that I deceived you, but it not so my love.
Robert I the truth very strongly love you and at me thoughts were not to lie to you. Robert I know that it I in a photo, but under these pseudonyms not I and I have no what relation to them my love.
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