Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Malceva to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello Jose! It's Yuli. I am glad, thanks for communicating with me. The matter is that acquaintance on the Internet now is popular all over the world. I have noticed Your profile. Jose, you live in the your country and this good place to live! Yours is the country of freedom. I never was in the your country however, but I know about your country much. Each person has the right to a good life and you have enough freedom to have a worthy life. Everyone have equal opportunities. In the your country I think more opportunities for a good life. There where I now live it not the best place to live and create family. But even in such country I can do good residing. I like to work, I have values of family and I want to have the best life with good the man which I shall love also which will love me. I think, that women here good enough to be as the wife for the your country. I the woman who appreciates love, fidelity, honesty. I am not spoiled by an easy and carefree life. I observed your profile on the Internet and you have drawn my attention. We could find out each other better. I also want to draw your attention my letter and consequently I today shall not write much to you. I only shall tell now, that to me of 29 years. My tall of 174 centimeters (5 ’ 7 "). My weight of 55 kg (120 pounds). I hope, that you understand, that I want to create family, I want to live in the your country and to have the best life. I achieved in a life much, I have got used to go up to the end in achievement of the purpose. I have in this life everything, except for family and the true love. I search for love now. I not the poor woman. I have good work and I have here good money for residing. Besides I am rich spiritually. I hope, you can see my pictures. With hope, Yuli.
Letter 2
Hello Jose, Fairly to tell, I knew that you will write to me! I felt it! It really brings to me pleasure, that I have received the answer to my letter! I want to tell at once, that I also have written to two more other men. However they yet have not written back. Probably later they will write to me. I hope, that you not against I wrote not only to you. I could not speak about it. You have written to me to the first and consequently I shall concern to your letter especially closely! My first letter to you was short. Whether I do not know I can write to you much. I do not know, that to you to tell. Our dialogue on mutual questions and answers will be probable. Besides I want, that you told to me about your life! Jose, whether I want to know you understand my purposes of our acquaintance? I want to explain to you the purposes of my acquaintance. To me now 29 years also are good age to create family. I search for mine soulmate. I want to marry For the foreigner. I want to live in your country and I want to have happy family. In the your country I can give more to my family and children. For this reason I want to live and work in the your country. It is the beautiful country. Jose, you ask, where I live - unfortunately i live far from you. Otherwise it was not necessary for us much e-mail, to learn each other. I live in Russia, in city Podolsk (Moscow area). But I think, if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it will not be a problem for us. Because I travelled to other countries much. I traveled as the tourist. I want to trust, that our purposes coincide also you also want to be married by the man. I shall hope, that you also search for love and happiness. I shall hope, that both of us want to live a worthy life in love and happiness. It was about my purposes and I probably should speak now about me. I shall write only the truth about me. I do not think, that there is a sense to speak a lie. You agree with me? Both of us search for love. I want, that my love was strong, pure, true and up to the end of my life! The Internet featureless and I shall hope only for your honesty and I shall trust you. I in general have got used to trust people. I do not trust the Internet however, but I heard many happy histories of other people. Those people spoke, that found each other on distance of several thousand miles and fell in love. Now they are happy and live together. My work allows to use to me a computer and I found time to read about it. I at all did not represent as many people search for love on the Internet!!!! It is a lot of web sites which suggest to find people. I am very glad that I have met you!!! My heart has prompted me that you the good person!!! I want to speak you so many things! Please excuse me if I cannot speak you much today. We shall have still time to speak! Before us still it is a lot of time to learn each other! Today I had a lot of work. We shall soon have meeting and I should prepare the report. By the way! I have told nothing to you about my work. I work in company "Accent" OPEN SOCIETY! In company I work is engaged in manufacturing of advertising, various kinds, from inquiry of the client!!! I to work as the manager of a department of advertising! I on this post 2 years! My work pays to me good money. I have worthy residing. I work, I to get tired on work. I receive fair money for the work. Jose, tell to me about your work. You are pleased with your work? It is important to love the work. Today I want to send you one more picture. Later I shall send you of one more pictures. I have also a computer of a house and there is present more pictures. My computer of a house is not connected to the Internet and consequently I can send you my pictures only from work. I shall take measures to send you more than my pictures. OK? And I want to see your pictures also! Well, I shall wait your other letter. You probably already have more questions on me? Write soon! Have nice Day! Yuli.
Letter 3
Good Day! My dear, I think of that much that I cannot to send you the letter. And I ask you to answer me that at you all well and that you will write still to me. I am again glad to read your letter! I am grateful to you for good answers! I hope, that at you all is good! At present when I to write you the letter, I to listen Beautiful song. I always to listen to music, I love different music, you Like to listen to music? I like to think of a life under music. In my automobile I also have music. I like to go on city and to listen to music. In the morning on a way to work I listen to radio and together with a good morning song I finally wake up! Jose, me all is interestingly about you. Please, write to me as much as possible. Write to me as your day, what you did? I am very much interested in you. Whether I frequently ask myself there can be we? You would like me to meet? I think, that I could find enough money for our meeting. I probably would want to arrive in the your country and to remain with you some time. Or probably you would like to arrive to Russia? Please, tell to me in more detail that you think of our meeting? I travelled only to Europe. I never was in the your country and fairly to tell, I to be afraid to go in other country a little. The your country very far and I should be confident, that I shall be in safety and that you will care of me. It is very interesting to me to see as you you live. I read your letters and I understand much about you and your life, but anyhow that I was better to know each other would like to meet you. I the independent woman. I am capable to make of the decision. Whether also I should know seriously you would like to meet me? At me feeling, that you good the man. You caught my interest. I the purposeful woman and if both of us want to meet I shall think of it more seriously! Well, I should go now. I shall think of you. I should go today in supermarket and buy products. Write to me soon. Remember, that I serious in my words. It is not simple words. Thanks, Yuli.
Letter 4

Hello my loved Jose, I waited very much your letter. Today the important day to our meeting. I spoke with mine the boss about a vacation. I explained our situation. My boss good the man. he closely listened to me and asked some questions. For example, how for a long time I shall remain? Also he asked my plans for the future. My boss very much respects me as the person and as the fellow worker. he knows, that I always can charge with responsible tasks. he believes, that I the clever woman, and I shall take all things correctly. The boss agrees with me, that I should build private life. he will not interfere with this, and he it will be kind to give to me a vacation for any time. he understands, that if I should come back to Russia, and our relations will not grow, I shall require work. he will always take for me a place of work. I was so is glad to this! So, my parents not against our meeting, my boss also. I now am quiet about it. You also want to meet me, and you wait, when I shall arrive. It seems, all things go to us towards and it is very pleasant for me, that all so occurs. I think, that this good beginning to our serious relations. Besides I feel, that I do correct things. I have to you many feelings. I want to love you and I want, that between us feelings of love in due course grew. I very seriously think of you, I trust you. Also I think, that it is big success to meet good the man on the Internet. I am confident, that a life you also very kind, are fair also loyal the man. Besides I believe, that you gentle and careful the man. Probably already today along toward evening or tomorrow early in the morning I shall go in travel agency. I already was there earlier and I know where it is located. I should move to city centre on my automobile to not lose a lot of time. I want to find out as soon as possible all necessary information and all rules for visiting the your country. I shall find out also cost of tickets to the your country. Here in our city we have the airport. It should be the international airport. I shall check about cost of tickets. It will be more convenient for me and it is pleasant, if you meet me at the airport! You can write my name on a paper and so I can faster find you though I think, that I learn you and without it! I already have for you some gift. It is a souvenir. My parents will send also to you some gift from heart. I am confident, that I shall take with myself many things! I shall take a dress and to dress every evening! This beautiful dress and I ordered it under the personal request in studio. This it is very beautiful! Tomorrow I can inform you more information on our meeting. I even can already tell more precisely when I can arrive to you! You can be prepared for our meeting also! You are excited to meet me? I hope that you understand me as I as well as any girl I want family and children! As well as all in Russia I the Christian but I do not adhere what posts and other! And as I think that *** it fine though at me it for a long time was not! And if you wish to find out that-ieaoou else ask! I always with pleasure shall answer all your questions! Well, speak all HELLO from me. I shall write to you tomorrow. I love you! I KISS YOU!
With hope, Yuli.
Letter 5
Hi my dear Jose!!!!
I have received from you the letter and it was pleasant for me to read it. I enjoy your letters. You sense of my life I you adore! I always think of you and I do not present the life without you! Mine the mood is good, as I know, that very soon we shall together! I always wait that day, when I can you embrace and kiss longly! I today saw dream, where we with you went for a walk on park and held each other for a hand! Only I am tormented that other people can afford be near to the favourite man, and we are far apart. I always think of you! Today I have gone to bank. When I enter into bank, I see advertising the Western Union. I visit branch the Western Union in it bank and have learned As you can transfer money to me. They have told that the Western Union transfers the most reliable and fast way money from other country up to Russia. I can receive money in some minutes after your transfer. It is very safe, because only I can receive this money.
They have told, that you require it the information to transfer money.
My first name: Yuliya
My last name: Nikitina
My address: Russia address, Podolsk (Moscow area), 142100, Mira street 8-15
To receive your transfer, I need in your full full information.
The number the Control Transfers Money is - 10 figures (MTCN number);
Your first name:.......
Your last name:.......
Your full address;
Street: ...............
City: ........
The country: .........
ZIP: ........
How much money you send me.
Without it the information by which I do not do, can to receive this money. I speak thanks the god, that it has helped to me, find The good and kind person as you.
I wait for your letter with impatience. Always yours Yuli.
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