Scam Letter(s) from Olga Tihomirova to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hola,it is me here again,
i wrote you before,as you remember, i am glad to get your response this evening.
if the distance could be a problem ?
because it is about me, i live not in USA,but in Ukraine, Kiev is the name of my city, it is the capital of Ukraine.
There was no opportunity to indicate my country on YAHOOPERSONALS.
How do you find my English ? i can speak it also.
I know Ukraine and English and i plan to start Spanish soon, now i know only one word in Spanish,it is HOLA.
Well,let me introduce myself, I have just start to run Internet and send few messages on YAHOOPERSONALS, i see few response and all men asked me for virtual sex or something like that,but you did not, i hope you are not about it,are you ?
Well,My name is Alena and i am 28 years old and my birthday is the 8th of June.
What is about you ?
Am i too youth for you ? :)
(i mean if you feel comfortable, with lady that younger than you)
by the way i like men older than me.
I am slim and cute,5'6 tall and 110 lbs weight.
I have no kids.I got throw divorce last year and it hurt me so deep,now i live alone.
From that moment i got a lot of admires, but no one interested me enough.why ? Because i was not ready to start relations and now i feel that it is time.
I am looking for long-term relations, if you feel the same way,we could try to correspond, but it is all new for me,so you should be patient.
Tell me something about your family,job, plans for future, feel free to ask questions,i am open woman and have nothing to hide.
I am a doctor(dentist) and i have been working for clinic during the last 5 years, i have never been to US, but i have been to Turkey,Thailand, Egypt and Tunis.
Do you like to travel ? i do.
do you have an economic crises there ?
what is your favorite season ?

let me know if you
have yours pictures to share with me


Letter 2

Hi there,its me Alena
i am glad to hear from you, thank you for pic i like so much
How are you doing there ?
Yes,we are far away but the distance does not seems to be so big when i open your letter here :)
About my favorite season-it is summer, i like to lay down under the sun.
We are looking for the same and that means we choose the same way.As you know i went throw divorce and it has put me to an other position besides of being before.
When i get married first time i put attention on feelings only,i was blind listening to man that cheated on me later, he had an other lady and it hurt me so deep.
Now i wanna to find my soul mate,to share my life with, i should be very careful,but the other part of me is very romantic and sometimes i got to dilemma :
what if i met a man and the similar situation could take a place again ? Well,i just hope that it would never happened again.
I hope you are not bother with my thoughts :)
Sometimes you just need to talk to someone, i hope you understand me.I am very positive person, by the way :) are you ?
Well,as you know i live alone,but i have a family in Ukraine also,they live in Odessa,it is about 300 miles from Kiev,my family is not big,i have only one brother, he will come here for my birthday with parents.
I will send pictures with the next letter, because i forget about it today, there will be cousins picture also.
I have a few girlfriends and they always can give me a good advice,i have not told them about you yet.
do you like to read ? what is your favorite book if so ?
tell me about what do you do during the day.
What is your favorite food,do you like cooking ?
have you got a drive licence ? do you drive ?
is the gasoline also expensive there as here ?
What is your dream ? i mean what is the most special thing you wanna to take a place in your life ?
I like to dance and popular music to listen.
Well,i need to go,have a good time.

i will come here on Saturday,
hope to hear from you by that time


Letter 3

Hola,it is me,Alena,
i am glad to get your response, thank you,i do not use Internet at home, so it takes some time to get your letter and to write,i use Internet cafe because i never need Internet at home,but may be one day,should i ? How are you doing ?
The weather here is nice, Summer starts the day after tomorrow, what is about there, what kind of clothes do women wear now ?
as you know it is not easy way to be a doctor,we have many people that come to clinic with their problems,i always find special way to work with every one of them, it means i am doing my best in what i do.
I remember those day when father has told to me : you should be doing your best in what every you do.
It is my way,what is about you ? :)
I do not see my family often,because it is not easy for me to go to Odessa after working week being tired,so i visit them on special holidays only, it make my trips full of bright emotions,or they come for a visit here.You know,actually i was born in Odessa, after school i moved here to study in Univercity because the level of education here is highest in Ukraine, also it is much easy to find a job if you are a good specialist.
My dream for now is to find a soulmate to share my life with, i am not looking just to marry someone, it is not my position,for me it is important to be close with souls and hearts,other things are not so important as many women think about just to get married first of all, the wrong way for me,i have passed it already and got divorced as you know,i have been married for 3 years,by the way.
I never play and games and i am one man woman, do you know what am i talking about ? are you one woman man ?
that means if you have relations with woman you should not have any other lady,is it about you ?
I need to be with my other half only.
The world is big and there are many men around, but it does not mean that it is easy to find someone or fall in love,i belive in God and i think that destiny play important role in our life, do you belive in destiny,what do you think about it ?
May be i wish too much,i do not know.
After reading your letters i think we could have many things in common with you,and certainly a lot to share and talk about.
I belive that i am not alone in this world and the other half is some where :)
I am sure that i can and i know how to make him happy.
By the way how do you see the right relations in your mind ?
My favorite food is Ukraine food,i enjoy cooking and if i could to cook for you,it would be "Borsch", special soup,very delicious and every man should try it to feel strong :) Do you watch TV, what is your favorite program if so and what kind of movies do you like ?
i enjoy dancing and i go to clubs,but very rare, my job does not allow me to do it often.
do you like to go to the cinema ?
do you love pets ?
what kind of pets do you like the most ?
I like read classic literature,like russian authors Pushkin,Dostoevski,i suppose that Dostoevski should be popular in your country,am i right ?
I do enjoy poems and certainly magazines for women.
I got drive licence when i was 20, and i drove before divorce, but not now,because my ex took a car with him.
gas is about 1 dollar per litre here now

i attached a picture for you, it was made at home, also i am going to attach some pictures with my cousins and girlfriends


Letter 4

Hola,it is me Alena,
how are you doing there ?
The weather here is very nice.
What is about your area ?
These days i am staying at home because i am tired after hard working all days long.
I have many patients every day + sometimes i have to work in clinic at night for emergency medicine, it is about 6 times per month,so if i am not often here it does not mean that i am not interested,it means i am busy or tired.By the way i am prosthodontist (i replace missing teeth with permanent fixtures, such as crowns and bridges,also i am endodontist (performing root canal therapy).
I have got an international diploma and allowed to work abroad.Well,i hope you are not bother reading about my work,i am glad that we have find each other and that we have so many in common with you.
How do i see right relations between man and woman, First of all it is not just to take,but to give alot also.
it is that i can be myself when I am with my man, it is when people love waking up in the morning together.
It is not easy to keep good relations but when people have experience it is much better if they do not have it.
I respect the faith my man have in me and i would love him for it, also being in his arms should make me feel like I can never be lost again.
I do not ask too much i hope, and i am ready to give a lot by my side.
I enjoy cooking and i am ready to spend my time for that.
I think that each "right" family based on trust and true feelings,also you know that problems could happen sometimes,in my mind it is important to help each other in hard situation,sincere words could be very helpfull.
Well,what do you think about money and what role do they play in your life ?
I watch tv very rare and it is news or discovery channel, I love animals and i have a pet,its name is "Blackie", yes,he is white and has yellow tail and green eyes, he is an original cat and by this way he has an original name :) i am going to attach some pictures so you could see my pet.When i am at work and can not feed it,i ask my girlfriend to do it,Blackie is very happy when i come from work at home and always sleep with me :)
he is a cat,but i suppose he has a dog's heart, i brought him from Odessa 3 years ago when i come there to visit my parents.
You know,sometimes i go to the cinema on weekends,but not so often and i like horror movies :)
sometimes i like romantic movies, it depends on my mood.

Well,i need to go to do some house work, i am going to come here the day afrer tomorrow.

Thank you for your letter


Letter 5

Hello there,its me Alena here, how are you doing there ?
i am on weekend now and it make me feel better :)
I was going to come here yesterday, but i could not because of being too much busy at work.I had to work for emergency last nignt, i work for emergency about six times per month,that means i do not sleep at night,just a little.
Yesterday i have told to my girlfriends about you,that we have met each other in Internet, they were really surprised and asked some questions about you,they asked were you live,about your job, family,i have told to my girlfriends that you seems to be a good man that i hope you are.They do care about me and want to be happy.They did not realize that it is impossible to meet someone throw Internet and they were interested about it, yes,i think that destiny play important role at this situation.
My birthday is on Monday(The 8th of June),i am taking a day off from clinic and my family arrives tomorrow from Odessa,parents and brother.I will spend a weekend with them and we will have a party on Monday,it would be nice party and i will start to prepare for it on Sunday.I think we will celebrate my birthday at home and may be go to the restaurant or cafe,i am going to tell my parents about us and i know they will like you,because i like you :)
Well,do you like tea or prefer coffee ?
I want you to know that i am one man woman and i do not communicate with other man besides of you,i do not use any profiles in internet also,i am serious about you

I will write you on Tuesday and i hope to come up with birthday pictures for you

well,i am sending you a picture i took in Tunis

Yours Alena

Letter 6

My dear,its me,Alena here.
How are you doing there ?
I have just finished my work and come here to write you a letter :)
Could you provide me with phone number where you could be reached during the week ?
My family have left for Odessa this morning, we had very good birthday party here and i think that it was the best birthday party i ever had.I wish you were here for my birthday and it would be the best gift for me.
I told about you to my family and they were very interested in you,because they have seen my shining eyes and father told to me that if it is because of you,he is very glad to you, i was very upset after divorce but now i am happy.
You know,mother asked a lot of questions about you also, about your life there,they were very surprise that we get to know each other throw Internet and father told to me that if we are good for each other in writings,it seems we should be good in person,because it is very important to have an opportunity to share my private world with man that close to me.I think that we could get in person and to check how couple able we are,by this way i will be trying to figure out about vacation here and we will make steps,i will let you know as soon as i have any news about it.Could you give me the name of the closest airport which is the most comfortable to pick me up ? also please provide me with your full address just in case,i will give you my address with the next letter,i need to check my zip code.
My family would like to meet you some day and mother told to me that if you would like to visit Odessa we can go there to meet my family :) thank you for congratulations,it is very pleasure to me, you touched my heart and you know how to make a compliment that is really true compliment,i like you for that.We had birthday party at home and i cooked on Sunday,mother helped me with that, she is a cook and teached me Japaneese kitchen and i know how to do it now,she works as a cheef cook for Japaneese restaurants in Odessa,she is a very good cook :) By this way she teached me to cook from the age i begun to walk :) I am going to attach a picture with her,she told to me that when i will be 49 years old,i would look like as her,she is very beautiful for her age :) By this way when you meet a woman and just look at her mother,it will show you what is waiting for you in 21 years after that :) I am 29 now,but i feel like i am 19 only, it is because we get to know each other.My brother send you all his best regards,his name is Kostya and he is going to marry in Autumn,but i have not seen his bridge yet.My girlfriends are very happy for us and would like to meet you one day also.It was very nice birthday party and i have a lot of positive emotions to share with you,every one wish you were here and it would bring much more happiness to my home.Father got a new dress for me,it is beautiful and i wish to put it in and go out with you some where :)
would you like me to do it ? :)
Tomorrow i have to work for emergency and by this way i need to sleep, may be i will see you in my dream ? will you come to me ? LOL
do you like to swim ?

I will come here on Saturday the next

Yours Alena

Letter 7

My Dearest,it is Alena here, how are you doing there ?
I am fine,but tired too much,i had very hard working days and on weekend i have to work for emergency,that means i will be in clinic all night long.I tryed to find out about vacation,but could not because the director is on the meeting and will be back here in Kiev only by Monday as i have been told.
I will talk to him on Monday and write you with some news by Tuesday,i need to have a brake from work because i am tired and have not to much forces to continue working.
I thought about the ways we could get together and i see three ways that are good for us.They are all good for me,so you should choose what is the best way for you.
So the first way is for you to come here in Kiev,we could spend very good time here,i would show you around, also i would like to introduce you to my family in Odessa, i am sure that it would be interesting for you,you do not need to worry about a place to stay or something like that because you can stay in my apartment.
Yes,we need to figure out the dates for this, you know that the other time i work too much and it would not possible for me to give you a lot of time.
The second way is to meet some where,it could be Cyprus,Turkey,Moscow, or any other place,we could get some rest there and enjoy of traveling together.
It is also give us a chance to know each other better and after that we could make a decision about our future life.
The third way is for me to visit you,if we like each other as in our letters and if we are good in person,we could find out some information about my work there,because i am not sure that you would like to move here in Kiev if we fall in love,because it would not be easy to find a job for you here,but it would be easy to find a job for me in your area because i have got an international diploma and that means i am allowed to work abroad as prosthodontist and endodontist,by this way i can take all my papers with me.Also this way give me a chance to see how does a life look like there,it is an important opportunity.As you know i love my job and i am ready to make some money to support our family.
Well,let me know what way do you prefer and we will go from it, you have occupied my heart and i need to know and to feel it in person :)
If i come to you there and you will need to go to work i am ok about it,i will be staying at home cooking for you and waiting with tasty food every evening :) anyway we will have time on weekends to look around.My family left for Odessa,but i have very warm feeling in my heart after their visit, i know that this feeling will be with me by the time i meet them again.
I wanna tell you about one story,that happened to me when i was 10 years old and when all our family lived in the country side close to Odessa.There is a deep forest close to our house and i went there for a walk looking for berries,everything around me was familar,but at ones i got lost.
It was very terrible situation for me as for small girl...
In the evening i begun to cry because the darkness was around me, I was really far away from our house and nobody heard me there.
I tried to find the road,but had no luck,making steps far away...
I so only the moon on the sky and nothing more.
Parents call for police and they all together tried to find me.
The next day i eat berries and listen to the birds all the time, i stopped to cry because i understood that it is final and nobody would never find me here,but any way i belived that parents are close and looking for me.I eat berries and slept under the open sky for 5 days,it was warm Summer,i drunk water from the leaves on the trees and have met few animals during these days,like small bear,i begun to pray to God and thanks to him,then police find me and got to my parents, from that time i never go to the wood alone.
You know,our life is something like the wood,and it is important to find each other throw millions people that are around, i know that you can understand me, thank you for being a good listener, i am Christian religion and i belive in God,i belive he make something about us already and i am glad that we have find each other with you,if you have any stories from your childhood, it would be very interesting to me

I am going to attach some pictures from Tunis, it was my last vacation and i hope you will like it


This is my address : Ukraine,Kiev,01012,Gaitsana Mikovili vul.16,30, my full name is Alena Kornilova


i like to swim very much :)


Yours Alena



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