Scam letter(s) from Elena Soloveva to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Gavin!!!!!!!! I am very glad that you have written to me. I'm fine and today I have decided to be engaged in search my future life, and here you have liked me also I hope that you not against that that I have written to you. I wished to tell to you in this letter hardly hardly about myself and I as very much I hope that you to me as will tell about the life. Gavin as you already know my name is Oksana and me of 27 years, I was born in a small family of workers and I at them the only child, in city Novocheboksarsk. My city where I now live and was born not so big there the population of no more 120 thousand persons, it to be in the country Russia, is not far from the city of Moscow of only 800 kilometres. Very much to like me my city, it such pure and silent, near to a city is the river Volga and every summer I there bathe. Gavin I now live with the grandmother as my parents have died in a road accident 2 years ago when went from Moscow to us to a city. In our family there was a business and we very often went on another of a city our country, but with their destruction all business was gone also all money together with them. I now work in a children's garden which am called "Timoshka". I very much love children and me as to like my work. To my work I went to school, after school have arrived in technological university and I have finished it with "difference" but by a trade did not begin to be arranged. As I should go to Moscow and I should look after for my grandmother and to pay accounts for apartment. Gavin my salary with my grandmother suffices us to live month to my following salary. I as very much would like to learn about you and your life if you not against it. I as send you a photo which I have made houses not for a long time. At me as I am a lot of photo which did when our country and I travelled on cities as them I will send you. I as will wait your photo and your letter. Your girlfriend Oksana!!!!!!!!!
Letter 2
Hello my friend Gavin!!!!!!!!!! I am very glad that you have answered me also mood at me have risen even more. It was pleasant to me to learn very much about you a lot of interesting and new. At me as all is good also work as moves ahead. My birthday 1982 on August, 7th. How at you business, than you are engaged???????? How you have spent the day???????? I as would like to tell about myself and the past in this letter, and you probably interests that I search in the partner and why I search the love on the Internet and in other country!!!!!! My friend Gavin I had relations before I have begun searches of the partner on the Internet. My relations lasted no more year and then we have dispersed from it, as it has found other girl. I very strongly was upset from for our quarrel and long worried. But then I have departed and was measured with our loss. I thought that it the most good and kind person for me in mine lives. Gavin I saw in him the fine and family, careful person. I as now search for such person which will love me and to care of me, will be very good and approximate father for my future children. Gavin you to me seem very good person and I hope that you not such as all men in our country. I as like to go in for sports especially, run in the mornings and skiing in the winter. I as have once a week game in tennis and it very much to like me. I as like to visit cinemas, operas and concerts of known musicians. From films I love most of all comedies and romantic films. Gavin it is interesting to me that you love from all it???????? You like to use what food?????? I very much would like at the nobility about you as much as possible as you very much like me also I will be glad to continue to have with you correspondence. I will wait very much your letter!!!!!!! Your girlfriend from Russia Oksana!!!!!!!!!
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