Scam letter(s) from Theodocia Nyarko to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My love,
How are you doing?I am very sorry for bringing along with me the gold which made me be arrested dear.So last Monday my uncle got some money and brought me out of the police and i was taken to the hospital so i just came home and decided to say sorry to you for what happened dear it wont happen again dear so let me know when we can talk online so we can talk out over things.I will end here now and hope to hear from you again and have a nice day and take care for me.Kisses and hugs to you dear.Love you so much.Your wor
Letter 2
Hello My love,
How are you doing today honey?I am very much worried about my mum since i have still not made up with the rest of the money dear.The doctor is taking 3000GH Cedis and my uncle has made up to 1700 and when i went to the church
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