Scam letter(s) from Olga to Claude (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Claude! I waited very much for the moment when I am free from work and come in the Internet-cafe to look if there is your letter. I have absolutely overlooked to inform you, I write you from the Internet-cafe, because I have no computer at home. This is very expensive for me, but somewhere at my home there will be a computer. I have asked you many questions, but myself have not informed what is pleasant to me, I shall try to tell about myself in more details. My growth is 5`9, my weight it approximately 120 lbs, I try to keep figure. For this purpose I do sports in the mornings, I like to go in for sports! I love a bright red colored sunset. My favorite color is red. And I love red roses, these are my favorite flowers. I told you that I work in hospital. I like when children thank me after recovery, It brings me great pleasure and warmth into my heart. I like to listen to music, I listen to popular music. I like quiet music: Sting, Madonna, but basically I listen to Russian music. My favorite foodstuffs are salads. I like easy foodstuffs and one of my favorite salads is the herring under a fur coat. I like to prepare it also. Probably somewhere I can prepare for you something tasty of Russian food. I like to watch films very much, especially about love. Love is such a simple word, but it consists of so much. I want to tell you what I think about it. If all people in the world thought for one minute about this feeling, then there would be no wars, no fear, no murders in the world. I know a remarkable saying: it IS NECESSARY TO MAKE LOVE, INSTEAD OF WARS! Probably I have not felt it yet... I had the person with home I had some relationships, feelings... but all that finished, now I do not want to tell you about it, probably later... If you want ask me something, I am glad to answer your questions. I wait for your next letter! Your Olga.
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