Romance scam letter(s) from Marina Tupinova to Claude (Switzerland)
Letter 1
Hi my dear Claude! I have read your letter. It's interesting for me to know your opinion about my last letter's thoughts. I think I have a notion about your character. Thank you again for answering my questions. I hope it didn't tired you. I think about you at work today Claude. And hope, you like this pictures as my other pictures. Today I want to have a rest with my friends. They want to go to the restaurant or night club. Dear, I want to know about your free time. How do you spend them? I'm very merry and I always think up different entertainments for me and my friends. It's may be dancing, cinema, party or going to the nature. I like help them to make their life more interesting. But to tell the truth, entertainments give me less pleasure right now. I often dream about romantic evening with my loved man. It may be the supper, or simply walking. I think it's wonderful. Do you think about it sometimes? Claude, excuse me for the question, Do you have any woman now? To my mind you are very good man, and women think about you the same. I like you. What about your private life? Please, tell me about it. Write me more about your feelings and wishes. I always like to read, when you tell me about you. I shall be waiting for your letter, my dear Claude. My embraces and kisses!!!
Yours Olga
Letter 2
Hello my dear Claude! I'm glad to see your letter. It's pleasant for me to know, that you support my idea and want to meet. I'm excited a little and I couldn't fall asleep yesterday. I thought about our future meeting. The emotion, the great impatience and waiting for this day. Claude, you give a sea of emotions in my life. It's difficult for me to resist, and I can say that this emotions are very pleasant for me and they give me a new way and a new purpose in my life. I think it's necessary to organize our meeting so as we will have no troubles and difficulties. I can go to your home. It's no problem for me to travel so far. If this way is comfortable for you and my arrival will not make inconvenience for you Claude, let's choose this way. It will be better for me. I can see how do you live, places where do you like to go. I want simply to go for a walk in your city, to look at people's life. I want to meet your friends. Even you can make a surprise for them, if you don't want inform them about my arrival. They will be so surprised. It'll be interesting for me to know you in everyday life. Even if you should go to work, you won't be worry. I'm not a little girl and I can take care about myself some time. I shall be waiting for you. I shall be a little girl only in your embraces :) I shall help you and I shall understand you in everything. Claude, write me, what do you think about it. If it`s a good way for you too, I am happy :) I shall wait your letter. My embraces and kisses!!!
Yours Olga
Letter 3
Hello, my darling! I'm glad your letter and thank you for understanding me. You are one of that few people as my parents and my best friend, who understands me. Today I talked with my tour agent about my possible travel to you. My tour agency will prepare all documents for me and will buy plane tickets for me too in the conditions of the contract. There are no international flights from my city and that's why I will fly to you from Kazan (KZN). But first I must wait two or three weeks for preparation of all necessary papers (visa, foreign insurance, and some other important documents). And as to cost of travel, I feel inconveniently, because I need your help Claude . I always think that I'm an independent woman, who can solve a problem by myself. But in this situation I asked help at my parents and now I ask help at you. I need 310 euro. Hope it will be not a problem for you. I did not sign the contract yet. I shall wait your answer. I think we need this meeting! Our feelings, our thoughts and imagination about each other... everything needs our meeting. Imagine, how wonderful will be this time! I think you and me deserve to be happy. Claude, life difficulties will be always, but we live only one time. I will be waiting for your letter. Now I will have a rest, because I'm so tired today. I hope that I can be with you soon. I kiss you and think about you! Yours Olga
Letter 4

Hello Claude! I guess that you don't trust me. Please tell me why I should fly by Aeroflot planes only? I will fly to you with S7 Airlines and Lufthansa. I will have change at first in Moscow, then in Munich and I will arrive to Geneve Cointrin at 22:15 your time on June 16. But if you can't meet in these dates. Then I agree to meet with you on July, 20 for 1-2 weeks. But if you doubt in me and can't help me. I will understand you. Just tell me. I did not sign the contract. And did not begin preparation of my travel. I am sad. Write me.
Your Olga
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