Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Turusinova to Clive (England)

Letter 1
Hello my dear.
I am very pleased to see your letter. Dear me, is that you forgive me for what I have not wrote you. I have not had the opportunity towrite. I was very busy. Forgive me.
Clive, Read all your 3 letter. I was very pleased that you want tocontinue our relationship. You know, when I registered on the site,the error occurred. And I do not understand what is written, Belgium.You will also forgive me for what I had told you that I am from Russia. I do not know.

Dear me, I was pleased to hear that you have the opportunity to make a visa to Russia. This is very nice. I shall be very glad to have a meeting with you. Clive I have been waiting for this moment. And now I
hope that soon we will be able to be together.
Thank you for what you want me to make a gift. I am very happy. You asked me.I will write you my e-mail address. You can send a gift to this address.Russia, 424016, userbox # 28

Dear me when I read that you want to help me cash. I was very uncomfortable. But thanks anyway. If you want to help me the money,then you can take the money transfer system Western Union. I have about this system of money transfer saying my boss. He knows a lot, so he told me one of the best options.To ensure that you are able to send the money you need to know my data.
Name: Nataliya
Full name: Tarasova
Russia, Medvedevo
Petrova street, 11 - 15

Clive This morning when I woke up, I had first thought. As there is my favorite male Clive? What does he think?
Now I feel the most happy woman in the world. Because I met you. Welive with you in different countries. And we have been able to find our happiness. And I do not want to lose him. I do not want to lose you.
But I have one request to you. Show me your photos. I wish that you could message me the photo. I see only one photo on your site. Please comply with my request.
I love you Clive. I will always think of you.Your Nataliya.
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