Scam letter(s) from Daria Kudryashova to Rick (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my friend!!!
This letter arrived to you from Russian Internet dating agency "Land of Love".
This is not spam or other bad things. So, please, answer to me!!!
My name is Darya. I'm 27 years old from Klin, Russia.
I addressed to agency "Land of Love" and they sent my letter to you.
I want to search man from USA for friendship or love.
I'm not married and have no children.
This is my photo. I hope that you like it and will answer to me. Please, answer only to my personal e-mail: Best regards,
Yours Darya
Letter 2
Good day my lovely friend!
How are you?
I hope that you have good day today and good mood.
How has passed your day? I hope that you thought of me.
I understand that probably you to have a lot of work today and consequently you to not write to me.
But I very much ask you to write to me the letter because I want that we knew better each other.
As I already wrote I shall receive my visa on April, 8th.
But exact date I shall know only when I to arrive in Moscow.
But now I am in Klin., I still more not many work here.
On Monday I shall go in Moscow to embassy, and then I can inform exact date when I shall receive the visa.
This really big happiness for me.
Therefore we have even a week to learn better each other.
I think about our meeting much, and really I hope on your support.
I very much ask you to write to me.
Whether and to inform you want our meeting?
If you do not want our meeting, I very much ask you to inform me on it.
I shall wait for your letter today, and I hope that you to write to me very soon.
Millions kisses for you.
Yours Darya. P.S Please to not break my heart, and be happy with me.
I am dont have yours letter .............. please write me soon.
Letter 3
Good morning my love Rick!
How are you?
I hope that you will have good day today.
At me very good news.
I have just come back from Embassy................... And I have the visa.
I have made it................... I have received the visa.
I so am happy, I am very happy................. My heart knocks very strongly.
I understand that soon my dream will come true, and I shall be with you.
All the night long I thought only of you and our meeting. Our meeting the most important in my life
But I write to you only the short letter because now I should go and buy the ticket together with the visa.
As soon as I to come back I shall write to you longer letter.
Millions kisses for you my love. For ever yours Darya. P.S My heart belongs to you.................... And I want that so was always
Letter 4

Hello my love................ My life Rick!
How are you?
I hope that you wait my letter with the information on my ticket.
And I hasten to write to you my letter.
As I already wrote to you I have the best news in my life. On Thursday I have received my visa.
But I cannot fly to you not today or tomorrow.
Problem in that tickets for week-end cost very much exprensive. And I have no so much money to pay for such tickets.
Today I have not had time to pay the ticket and consequently now I can buy the ticket only on Tuesday.
Therefore in this week-end we shall not be together.
I very sad now......................
But it not a greater problem, we should wait only 3 days, and we shall be together.
I have not strongly broken your plans for week-end???
Today I had very long conversation in travel agency where I buy the ticket.
To me could not find the ticket that it was not so exprensive. And tomorrow I should come to agency and receive my ticket.
To me will give the information on the ticket, and I can inform this information to you.
Tomorrow in current of day I shall write to you the letter and I shall tell during what time on Tuesday shall arrive.
Today day was very complex and I am happy that this day to come to an end.
Each hour, every minute................. Every second I think only of you and our meeting.
I close eyes and I represent as we shall meet in the airport. We shall be only you and I.
It is fine...................... It is magnificent. And I will be already happy that all it in 3-4 days.
Today I very badly slept, because I thought of you. I could not sleep, because I was afraid to not receive the visa. And I was afraid that we cannot be our.
But all has occured well, and soon we shall together.
I as have not many questions for you and I hope that you can answer to me these questions. 1. What it will be better than a thing if I shall have in my luggage?
2. I wish to buy to you a gift. I have chosen between " Nested doll " and "Balalaika." What do you want?
3. Whether it is necessary to carry with itself warm things? The Coat? A cap? And so on :)
4. I have the rights to management of the car, whether these documents are necessary to me?
5. Whether we shall travel on your country?
6. Whether you have the car? I very much like to go by the car and to consider city :)
7. How many a free time you will have for me? Really it is very important to me to know, how will pass my travel.
Now I wish to go to sleep because I worried today much and badly slept.
Now I wish to have a rest.
But all my ideas I shall be only about you.
I love you....................... You my life. Millions kisses for you.
For ever yours Darya.
Letter 5
Good morning my lovely Rick!!!
How are you?
I hope that this day really fine for you because before we shall be together remains only two days.
And I am happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very happy that we can together!
I to fly as a bee all these days because I am really very happy.
I understand that I will soon come true dream, and I can soon visit your country.
But the most important I can see you.
I would like to be valid very much with you, to hold your hand.
To look in your eyes, I think that it will be valid the most beautiful and romantic meeting in my life.
And what you to think of it?
Every day, each hour..................... Every minute I think only of you, and it really truth. And to want it my heart.
To me your voice, but all problem very would be desirable to hear in that that in Moscow I have no my own apartment or the house.
I very much would like to call to you, and I understand that you too wish to hear my voice.
But please to hear me.
Please to understand it!
Here I am only last week, and I live in hotel.
And it is not a pity to me that I can call to you, but I very much wish to do it.
My hotel not so greater and not exspensiv, Therefore here is not present personal phone in a room.
Today in the morning I have learned more about my flight, and I shall pay for this ticket tomorrow in the morning.
Also I shall already have all details of flight. I can inform you all to a detail of flight still time. To specify time.
Now you have what time? It 01:45 P.M in Moscow.
As today I spoke with travel agency, and to me have informed that all is ready for me that I could buy the ticket.
I hope that you to understand it?
Today I have not much more free time, and I have decided to walk on shops of Moscow, and I had excursion on Moscow.
It was very fine.
I saw many beautiful places.
Especially I liked Park, its name " Pure ponds ", there to float many white swans.
It is very fine.
Many enamoured pairs to walk there, and to have the first kisses.
I hope that we as we can walk in your city........................ And to have our first kiss :)
I very much wish to buy to you a gift which will remind you of Russia.
What be a souvenir. What do you think of it?
Probably you to have a wish, I can buy to you that you want..................... It is a gift in all sincerity.
I really wish to make your life more happily, and I want that your person always had a smile when we shall be together.
It is important to me to be with you.
Only with you I feel happy.
And it is not simple words, this that what to feel my heart................. And please to not try to break my heart.
And if you to not feel it and to think that it is all game, please inform me on it.
Because today last day to inform if you you do not want our meeting?????
Thanks you!!!!!!!!!
I hope that I can receive the letter from you.................... Both your heart and the letter it will be full of love.
Kiss you.
Yours Darya.
Letter 6
Good morning my love.......... My life Rick!
How are you?
I hope that you wait my letter, and I hope to receive your answer very soon.
The matter is that today I should pay the ticket, and fly to you.
But I had a problem on it.
The matter is that that I could buy the ticket I should have the customs document.
That is the insurance document.
And me who did not speak about it.
And now late to buy this insurance document because it will be necessary to wait for 3 more weeks that it was ready and to pay for it 1000 dollars. I do not think that it correctly.
And now to fly to you I should have with itself 1500 US dollars.
I understand that it is greater money, and I have no such money.
I do not know that to me to make now.
Probably you could help me with this money.
I should not spend this money, I simply should have this money with myself on customs.
You understand me?
And as soon as I shall arrive to the airport I can give you this money.
I did not know about such law, but now I to know it.
I very much hope that you can help me with it.
I shall wait for your letter, and I hope that we shall solve this problem.
I LOVE YOU............... I Love all heart and very much I wish to be with you as soon as possible.
Millions kisses for you.
For ever yours Darya. P.S I online. And today I shall wait yours the letter all the day long, yet I shall not receive the answer.
Letter 7
Hello my love............ My life Rick!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter, and for me the big happiness the nobility that you to wish to help me.
But I really do not know, how we can solve our problem.
To fly to you tomorrow I should have money.
I think that you could send money for he name through the Western Union.
WHAT you to think of it??
I to require in 1500 dollars, and the western union can transfer very quickly this of money.
To send money you should know a name.
1 My Full name: Kudryashova Darya
2. Adres: Russia, Moscow area, Klin, Lenina 19-64 To receive money I should know.
1. Your full name of the sender.
2. The full address of the Sender.
3. MTCN code. I very much hope that you can suit it today.
I shall wait your help.
Millions kisses for you.
For ever yours Darya.
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