Letter(s) from Lilia Podkopaeva to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, sunshine Mike!!!
That is such a happiness to see a letter from you. I realized that I was smiling when I noticed how people in the Internet Cafe looked at me. Internet Cafe here is just a place where different people who don?t have their personal computers come to find some information or to write a letter as it is in my case. They just pay money and feel free to use computers as long as they want.
It is so easy for me to write you like I have known you for ages. I can tell you everything and have a feeling that I can trust you. Though I am rather picky about people and it is not easy for me to trust. I feel that I can do it with you. I can be sincere and open with you like I am.
I hate lies and when people are dishonest.
I would like to ask you what you think about treachery.
In my opinion that is awful and it hurts so much to know that a close person lied to you. I will never hurt anyone like this. And hope to get the same in return..
Would you like to get to know a little about my city.
It is very cosy and green.
We have beautiful parks here and flowers are blossoming in spring. It is so romantic to walk there when the stars are shining and when your beloved person is together with you. Are you a romantic person?
Do you like animals? As for me I just adore dogs. They are very faithful and give you their love without any conditions. Today I have attached a photo where I sing a karaoke.
To like you it? You like to sing a karaoke?
Well, I will close here for now and will be waiting for your next letter impatiently.
Have a wonderful day!
P.S. You know I would like to send you a handwritten letter and some surprise. Hope you don?t mind? That?s why I need your mail address. Please, send it to me next time. Ok? Here is my address if you would like to do the same.
Do not send me perfume and flowers. Because I have an allergy on pungent smells. If you will send it to me, I shall hurt much. But please do not send me expensive things, Russian mail is unreliable also it can not reach me!
Lilya Podkopaeva,
Chehova str.-7, apt.-12,
Kurgan, 640004, Russia.

I have 2 email adrress.
You can write on any:

Letter 2

Hi Mike!!!
I sent you the letter, but I email "yunra" has been attacked by a lot spam and I have made new email. Write here.
I have attached last my letter which sent you. I shall wait the answer to it.

Letter 3

Hi, my sunhine Mike!!!
You are the ray of light in my life.
I got up and had a happy smile on my face. I was thinking of you!!!
I have one request for you. Can y ou send me some favourite pictures of yours?
I would print them and hang on my wall to see you every time I get up and go to bed..
Today I have attached a photo which has been made in the past to year. It is made about a gate in our beautiful park. I like to walk there.
I had a wonderful dream last night.
We were there together with you. It was a beach somewhere on a beautiful island. There were only two of us. Just you and me. We even didn't talk.
We were holding our hands enjoying the calmness of the moment. That was great. We were so close to each other. I was the happiest woman in the word as the man of my dream was with me. That was a wonderful feeling and I still feel that passion and love I had inside of me. Do you have any fantasies or dreams? You can tell me if it is not a secret.
I have a feeling that you are the one I can create a strong and happy family with.
Would you like to have children? I think this will be a mutual decision. My husband will always be on the first place for me. And if he doesn't want to have children. Well, I will do whatever he wants.
Take care, dear and write me your thoughts.

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