Scam letter(s) from Marina Zarbova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely Billy,
How are you? How are mood?
I very much rejoice to receive your letter. I wish to say to you, that I love you very strongly, and your letter my heart forces everyone to fight faster. I love you, and I wish to be along with you.
lovely Billy, I am very happy to it, that we to us manage. We should be together, we are created for each other and we should not leave.
I love very much - very strongly you. My lovely Billy force does not calm down does not lose, and on the contrary. My lovely Billy to you all will be stronger every day and more strongly. It will grow every day as I love you, and I will always love you. You are necessary for me, to me it is bad without you. I love you, and I wish to see you.
Our meeting will occur, at the same time it is not necessary us, we together will be, anybody, and will stir nothing to us. We will live in common. At us it will be good all.
I wish to arrive to you, I wish to make small travel to your country.
You want, that I have arrived to you? You will support me on my trip to you?
But while I absolutely know nothing about my trip to your country. I never left the country. My lovely Billy, you know what documents to me are necessary for a trip to your country? Where papers are made?
I think, it is necessary to me will address in travel agency for the help. What do you think in this occasion? But in my village there is no Travel agency, and I should go to the nearest city where there are travel agencies. If you agree, that I have arrived to you I will go tomorrow to a city in travel agency and all I find out.
We love each other, mutually and we should make our love, thus, at the same time this reciprocity did not disappear, increased and on the contrary at the same time them every day more and more and.
You are necessary for me, without you to me it is very bad, without you I do not see the future, without you to me is boring, without you the sunlight is not swept up, without you I live as though in darkness.
With you on me the happy and light future waits. With you I always in happiness - with you at me always good mood, with your letters my life will be longer. With you I am not afraid before what, with you I in reliability, with you solar and heat is not present any day.
Your love heats me if I am cold, your love makes me joyful if to me it is boring, your love forces me that I wrote you letters and that I spoke to you about love to you in the most light colours. I love you, Billy, and I will always love you. I rejoice about very, that we exist in this huge world. If to us we were, could test this fine feeling of love. The love is a magnificent feeling. If you will deign the person, wish to correct only for it, wish to make pleasant things for it, always wish to be along with it. If the person it is enamoured is ready on mad actions for the lovely person. And you on what are ready to go for love?
All keys of my heart are returned you, all thoughts of my small brain are returned you... All poems I am devoted You I write... To You and only to you my life... Some lines from my poems which I write for you:
I wish to love you always,
From love dying, and reviving.
At the same time, time movement not noticing,
To live madly year.
To thaw from contact
Its gentle hands, to hot lips.
At the same time happiness wonderful instants
To extend before the life termination.
To leave, to meet again,
Each time still loving,
Anybody another not wishing,
To return itself, not regretting, all.
I wish to love you always,
And without an oath in correctness give as a result
To live madly year
For you, the relative will deign also think.
You know, you arrived most, that with me in this life lately before.... Never really I loved still anybody, and I have only now it, understood only with you... I think of you all time, I recollect your eyes, hands, words... To me thus it is lonely, if you are not available nearby... I feel privacy physically... The life in which you will not be is not necessary For me.... The Life in which you will smile to another to embrace them.... I live from you and for you... I love you!!! I love and always I wish to be with you!!!
Your Small Anna.
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