Letter(s) from Jessica Michael to A. (Germany)

Letter 1

I am not sure how much that you know about me, so I will tell you. My name is diana and my last name is anim.I was Born on 24th of October 1972. So I am 35 years old and I am a Ghanaian.
It may help you if you believe in God and things like that.
My height is 168 cm, weight 52 kg. I live in Accra. Sometimes people mix it up with Ghana, but I want to say that these are two different things. My city is called Accra and , then also Accra is the capital town of Ghana.
I was very glad to chat with u . I think that it is such a wonderful thing that we have met the way that we have. And of course only time will tell, but I think that you and I will be very compatible. I am very serious towards you.