Scam letter(s) from Irina Smirnova to Claude (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hi Claude. How are you? It's Irina.
It is very pleasant to me to begin acquaintance to you.
You have given me the e-mail, and he/she is mine e-mail I think to both of us interestingly to learn about each other more.
I send to you some my photos to share the smile and fine mood! I hope, that you also will not give up to me in the photos, it would be desirable to consider you more close.
I send you the photos which have been made this New Year, and one more recently on walk on the nature. I think that will be interesting to you now to me 33. My birthday on July, 11th, 1975.
I work in clinic of the city of Kazan. I the Accoucheur-gynecologist.
The Accoucheur-gynecologist - the expert solving problem questions of conception, pregnancy and a birth of the child, and also the clinical situations connected with the postnatal period. I live in Russia, in the city of Kazan, I was born in this city.
You heard something about this city? It approximately in 730 km from Moscow.
Kazan - republic Tatarstan capital. I well know English language and I speak English well. We have already a little got acquainted on a site russianeuro.
In Russia now there pass many seminars devoted to medicine, therefore many doctors in long travelling. I love children, but no children I have, because before I was not married. There were no serious men with whom I could divide the life. Therefore I in search of the serious and responsible man. I consider, that the main thing in relations between the man and the woman is an understanding, love, respect and sincerity.
You divide my thoughts?
I hope that I will receive from you the answer.
I wait for your letter,
Letter 2
Hello Claude. Thanks for your photo. I am very glad to see you! You are very nice. I am glad to receive your letter so soon. You are very interesting to me.
I wish to learn more about you. I wish to see many your photos. Be By I should tell to you, that I do not have own computer, I speak to it that you donot worry, whether I will write to you some days, but I will try the answer to you as soon as I desire can. I will write you the letters from the cafe Internet. And now I wish to tell to you about me directly. I live in the city of Kazan.
Also I send you some more my photos. A little the ambassador of my travel on the river Volga and a little with my girlfriend Elena.
Elena transfers you greetings and very much wishes my of good luck in acquaintance through the Internet. She advised for a long time me Internet acquaintance as there are many successful marriages by means of such way.
I 33 years. A deposit, growth - 171 centimetre.
My weight makes 52 kg. Colour of my hair is fair-haired.
Then, my hobby to listen to music and to read books. Also I very much love walks and travel on the nature.
I like to read novels of love and imagination. I prefer music of club and popular, also I listen to foreign popular music. "The Madonna". Also I listen to the Russian popular music. "Jeanne Friske", "Visitors from the future".
Nevertheless I love music under a guitar. It is good, that concerning my city, there are many trees here. In our country very beautiful nature, and in my city also. Be by, In Kazan the population more than 1 million inhabitants, for Russia it is very big. At us is only a few cities where is so many people. Then, I like to go on park in the summer. I like to see on sunrise. I wish to find someone for serious relations, and I hope that it there will be you. I never married, and I do not have any children. I had Experience of contacts to men in Russia, but they not to be were serious About relations and I only was, think it if I cannot count the correct person here as me should try somewhere in other place. I do not smoke, and I do not drink.
And now about you, tell to me please about you. What do you love or not? To tell I about your nature? The reason I wish to know more about you. Thus I will wait your answer, the Hope to receive it soon.
With deep respect Irina.
Letter 3
Hello! How are you? At me to you a heap of questions, but I will not write all I will set one most important. Why I do not see your letters? To me very interesting will learn the answer to this question. If you something do not accept in me you can tell it directly and I will understand you. But it is necessary to write to me as to me becomes not on itself! I wait for a fast reply with your letter! Irina.
Letter 4

Hello Claude.
I am very glad to receive your letter. In our country very bad life. Russian Men beat women because they are stronger than women. In the Russian family you see frequent can, that husbands beat the wifes. When the husband comes home, and it has very bad mood, it has broken the wife. When its work is bad or its shout of the boss, the husband has come home and shout or has broken the wife. I know, how it sounds for you, but it is true. And certainly it happens not all time, but who knows, there can be if I find someone here, it will be the husband as it is men that I describle. And I think, that you understand, that I did not want a life as it. I, never take a crime in people. But if the person has problems, I despise it. I do not communicate with people, who ill-intentioned. When someone has an ill-intentioned character it very unpleasantly to have conversation with it. I, despise people who deceive other people. I think so much more the best bitter truth, than sweet lie. I send you the photos from my campaign to a zoo. You can see on a photo me with ostriches. =) I hate very much when someone deceives me. I will very resolutely be thawn people. And it is very easy to deceive me, the reason to which I trust all people. I will never speak with people who deceive and write lie. Whether but it is very difficult to learn deceives the person really. I have an experience in dialogue with the person from your country.
I mean, that I had a conversation with the person from your country. I favourite it very much, but have deceived him me. It has broken my heart. He has suggested to arrive to it. I have sold apartment and have gone to it. He has told to me it it will meet me at the airport. When I was included into the airport, he does not meet me. I 24 hours waiting for it at the airport. I named it on its house phone number. Then I have learnt, that telephone number which he has written me, does not exist. This person Played game with me. I have lost the apartment because I loved it very much. Wash heart was to be broken. I could not look at men long time. But I not a regret it it happen with me because I think, that everything, that is not made, all to the best. I had a huge dream, but it has been destroyed. It happens with me three years ago. Long time I cannot forget it. But time cures my heart. And now I search for serious relations. I not, transfer lie. I hope, that you do not deceive me. I have not made wish to recollect the past. I wish to create the happy future.
By it is pleasant to me any to looking films. I like to look melodramas. I like to look: "Carried away an a wind" and "Titanik".
And my favourite film - "Walk to Remember" These films very strong love. And I like to look films about animals also.
I am not pleasant like a film where it is a lot of murders. In our life there is a lot of cruelty, therefore I not a sight such film.
What your favourite film? Describe me a the nature round you. You like the nature? What do you like to do in your free time?
Tell to me more about you please. I will wait your letter.
Yours Irina.
Letter 5
Hello my friend Claude.
I am glad to receive the new letter from you. It is pleasant for me when you answer so quickly. I am a lonely woman and when I receive your letter, I feel, that I not so lonely. Many times I have read your letters. And I wish to tell to you, that it is very pleasant for me, that you you spend attention and care of me. Also enter my soul warmly. And I am glad very much which we talk to you. I feel really good feelings for us. Sometimes I think of our relations, and I hope, that we do not play with you, I hope, that we create the happy future now. And I hope that you write me only the truth. The reason which I promise, that I will never deceive you. I hate, when someone deceives me. And I think, that we are serious in it. I feel sincerity in your letters. My soul says to me, that you are a fair person. I did not wish to repeat last error. I only wish to have the happy future and I hope, that you want it also. Why you have not left to me the number? You do not want, what we talked? If you have desire to hear my voice leave to me the number! I wait for the prince on a white horse. I hope that you are this prince. I know, that we cannot meet you right now so I only wait during this moment which will be in the future. We should study much more about all before we will meet. I - pity, I think, which is bad idea to speak with you about lie so please let's speak which about what another. Force you to love your work? I think, that if someone does not love its work, it is unsuccessful. How you think? I think, that the person should love work. If the person does not love, that work that that for to it influenced work. I think, that all should to make only things which they love. Any way, You have many friends? I think, that it is necessary to have many friends. The reason as I think our life, will consist much more better in if we have many friends. What can I still tell to you? You have a big dream? I have, and I think, it can be. In the future I speak with you about it. Please write to me more about you. The reason it is very interesting to me to know your outlooks on life. What principles you Have? I wish to know all about you!
I send you a photo from last summer when I had rest in my friends on the river Volga. The man near to me on one of a photo is a guy of my girlfriend and many photo me and my girlfriends. Send to me many your photos.
I expect your letter. I hope, that it will arrive to me shortly. Yours Irina.
Letter 6
Hi my love Claude! How are you?
My dear I it completely agree with you. My dear I very much wish to meet you. I very much love you and now I can tell to you it. My darling, but I cannot meet you as I have a problem. I already was in holiday this year and now it is necessary for me to pass a seminar what to receive holiday once again. As I will be important to receive my lovely this seminar for me higher level of the doctor and my salary it will be ready above present. This seminar will pass in Moscow on it the professor of the Moscow university will act. It will learn us. But as *there is a problem it is a seminar costs 600 euro*. This money will go on residing in is Moscow to hotel, meal and road to Moscow and back. But I absolutely do not have money what to get on a seminar. I think you can help me? I will wait from you for a fast reply.
Your Irina.
Letter 7
Hello my Claude.
My dear why you did not answer my main question. You will help me with a seminar. My dear this seminar is very important for me from it I depends future. You were not such events? I love you and I look forward to hearing.
Your Irina.
Letter 8
Hi my love and dear man Claude!
My dear I so it is glad, that you at last have answered me. I so waited for your answer. Why you have hung up yesterday when I caused you? My dear I is so glad, that you have answered me. My darling when you can send money? You went to this company and learnt as it it is possible to make? I very much love you and I want a meeting, but I need to pass a seminar. I spoke you that this such. My darling I love you and I wait for a fast reply.
Your Irina.
Letter 9
Hi my love Claude!
My dear I understand you, what you search for new work, but I love you and I want a meeting why you do not answer my questions of rather our meeting? My dear I love you! You can help me with a seminar? It is very important for me as after it I can work in any country of the world. I am going to arrive to you and to build a family. I will work in your country so we can have the good future. I will wait from you for a fast reply.
Your Irina!
Letter 10
Hi my dear love Claude!
My dear I send to you my data as you asked my full name Irina Smirnova I live in Russian Federation, republic Tatarstan, the city of Kazan, Lenin's street 47. I do not have bank and as I have no bank account. My darling I am very glad, that you have not denied assistance to me you the real man. I love you. I do not know as it is possible to send money, but I have found the company which the Western Union is called. As it is written on their site they help to send money but as they do it I I do not know. I think to you it is necessary to visit their site I have found this site in google, and there is told as it is possible to send money. I love you my darling and I wait from you for a fast reply.
Your Irina.

Letter 11
Hi my dear man Claude!
My dear I love you! I understand, that now at you very bad position, but I think you badly read my letters as I said to you, that as soon as I arrive to you my dear, I will get a job at once and I will help to earn to you of money, that we could live together. I think it it will be good, as I consider, that the woman should work as! I love you and I wait for a fast reply, I think you will support my idea.
Your Irina.
Letter 12
Hi my love Claude.
My dear I love you. My darling I think I can learn the French language what to work in your country. For me it is very important to be near to the favourite person and to help it. I think I can work in your country as I will pass a seminar and I will work in your country. The doctor in your country how many earns? I think to us money which I will suffice I can earn initially. I wait from you for a fast reply.
Your Irina.
Letter 13
Hello! How are you? At me to you very important question. Why you do not answer my letters? I understand, that you are occupied, but I think you can find though one hour what to answer my letter. You want relations with me? If yes, you answer me soon as we cannot construct our relations without dialogue with each other. I wait for a fast reply. Irina.
Letter 14
Hi Claude.
If you have sent me such letter you mean consider me as the swindler?
I did not think, that you will tell such about me! All means that that you said, that you love me it not the truth! I do not love you after such words and I can pass a seminar without you. I thought, that you the man, and there was all not so!
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