Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Leonidova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi!How're you?I was pleasant surprised you write me=) are some words about me!
My name is Sveta!And I'm 21 years old!Hope you wouldn't think I'm too young for you)I live in Kurdi!I think you didn't even hear about my city)
I live only with my father,my mother died when I was 10...She had cancer
I have an elder sister, she's my best friend,and she was like a mother for me!!Hope you have a full-fledged family!!)
I study in the university,on the economy faculty,I think this profession is exact what I need in such a world situation of the economy crisis=)
My father is a simple hard worker!He's a machine man!That's why I like cars and I know how to exploit them!!
Do you like cars?Speed,adrenalin...It's so exited!!!
Did you have any experience with the relationships via Internet?
Cause I never tried to find my soul mate in this way before)And frankly speaking I'm not sure heretofore....Maybe you can change my opinion)
So...I'll tell you more about me in the next letter)Your questions are welcome!!
Take care,dear!kisses!!!
Your Sveta!!
Letter 2
Hi, my sweetheart!!How're you?As any person I'm looking for my happiness....And if I'd had a boyfriend I'll never saw for my soulmate via the Internet)
You know,I'm so happy and exited to communicate with you))I feel we have much in common,I feel I'm not single in this world and it doesn't matter we are so far away)I like natural make-up...but sometimes use the evening variant!!
It gives a little pungency to our correspondence!!
Tell me about your interests,entrainment?cause I think that you can uncover the man according to his interests!!!
As for me...I like to write poems,to paint...this is my addiction=)Maybe later I'll show you my pictures and poems...It will depend on your behavior)
Sometimes it's rather hard to write a poem,I can't find words,emotions,colors of the mood...And I try to listen to the music,or look at window...
There are a lot of stories in the streets,a lot of destinies,but not everybody can notice them!!!Especially love...Its so beautiful and priceless!!!
So...I tell you about my occupancy and I want you to tell me your opinion...It's important for me)
Hope you'll like me,cause I want to keep in touch with you!!I think that good people exist all over the world!And my soulmate may be on the other side of the earth...
I think you're interesting person!!!kiss kiss kiss!!!! P.S. I like different dresses,skirts...
Letter 3
Hello my golden man)Hope everything is fine with you)
I like the style of your letters!
I know that letter after letter it would be hard to communicate on such a big distance...but we have choice,and one day we'll use it)
I don't want to make a great statements but I like you,you become the part of my virtual (hope that temporarily) life=)
Today we have a wonderful day...In the morning I was running in the forest...the nature is great there and the crisp air!!
Talking about my favorite dishes I like fish,vegetables,milk products,fruits,chocolate)and you?maybe one day I'll prepare the most special dish for you)
In the afternoon I was walking in the park,looking at the passerby,listening to the music in the earphones and trying to find the subject for my poem....I decided to write a poem about two persons who find each other via the Internet)About the complexity of the virtual relations....but I'm not sure about the final)Maybe you can be my muse...and tell me the end of this romantic story?)I want it to be happy end...
I think we'll emotional and extraordinary couple!!!I'll give you my positive emotions and care....and you'll give me the confidence in future!!!
I feel you make me special=)
I like cartoons,comedies,horror films(but at the most horror moments I close my eyes)!And what about you?!
honey I'll finish my letter...waiting for your answer=)
P.S. dear...My granny is very ill so I need to go to her to Russia for two weeks...Hope when I'll return we'll begin our new life together!!
tender kiss for your lips=)
Letter 4
Hello my dear Patrice! I have back from my granny, now she is feeling herself much better! you know I was thinking about you all this time and I miss you, I hope that you haven't forget about me, I want to continue our beginning relationships, I will wait for your respond, my dear, hope that everything is Ok with you and your health, kissing you, your's Sveta..
Letter 5
Patrice, I miss you. Our conversation is a great necessity for me. I need you. Need you like a desert wants rain...It would be so cool if I could talk to you looking into your eyes. I watched the Movie with my family today, it is called "A walk to remember", maybe you watched this too. Mandy Moor played the role of the girl that was sick, in the school she was modest, simple girl, there were guys that were jeering at her. And the golden boy - Carter,that has loved her in spite of sneers his friends. I was so impressed. Impressed of how much they loved each other. Everyone dreams about such when you even can give your life for your second half. When you don't care about what other will think or what they say... Then I was talking with my Daddy. I told him about you and he was happy that in my life has appeared the person like you. He thinks that you a responsible man. His opinion is very important for me.I'm kissing you, my Darling, your's Sveta..
Letter 6
hello my dear Patrice! thank you, Darling for sweet letter to me..Did you know that I tasted heaven? It's true. I tasted heaven the day I have got know you. And when we are talking, writing each other, just having you in my imagination, you sent me flying, dancing on the clouds while the stars sent down some loving light to shine upon us. You're such lovely person inside and out. You possess the grace of a dove, soaring into a never-ending shock of blue and downy white. And you have all the kindness and tenderness of an angel bathed in heavenly light. That's what you are to me--my very own angel, and I'll always own a tiny bit of heaven as long as you're part of my life...and I will share my heaven with you..Kissing you, my dear, your's Sveta..
Letter 7
My dear, Patrice thank you for such romantic letter, I'm thinking about you all the time, imagining our being together...and here is something I can say about it..I love the way you look when you're turned on. Your sparkling eyes get glassy as you hold my gaze. You're so seductive when you tell me how good you're feeling. You lift your eyebrow as you whisper the things you know I love to hear. I love the way you lean into me, and brush my face with yours as you tell me what you want to do. Your lips feel so soft against my skin. It makes my heart race. And I can't wait until you kiss me, gently at first and then firmly with great passion. But before we do, the anticipation I feel is very exciting. I love the way you let me know how turned on you are. Letting me see, and then taking my hand to touch you. Let's me know what I have to look forward to. The anticipation of coming together intimately puts me on the edge of ecstasy. And there's no place I'd rather be.Kissing you, your's Sveta.. P.S. Darling, I don't have little black dress, but when I will you will see it)
Letter 8
Hello my dear Patrice! How are you there, my Darling? Hope that everything is Ok with you and your health.. Our relationships become stronger and I hope you feel this like me. Our friendship growth in something more. You are always on my mind and I feel that I can trust you. Patrice, I wanted to ask you something, and beforehand I want to tell you that I will accept your opinion, it is very important for you know I'm a Student, I study at the University, and this is my last course, and soon I will get my Diploma. There is such stir among girls what kind of dress will wear... I'm confused about it. I don't know how to say, sorry, my Darling... I just thought that if we are not indifferent to each other I can ask your help... I'm really sorry for these words, it is not habitual for me ask for this, but you are the only one who can help me... I was in the shops looking at the dresses, the cheapest dress costs 70$, Patrice, I don't want make you feel uncomfortable, sorry if I did. Mayor of our city will present Diplomas to the best students, I'm one of them, I want look good, but I don't have a dress( I hope you will understand me, if you have possibility, please, help me... My Honey, it was really hard for me to say you this...there are were such warm letters to me from you, I saw your care for me that is why I have dare to ask you, Patrice. Please write me, I will understand you right...Love you, Darling, I'm kissing you. Your girlfriend Sveta..
Letter 9
hello my lovely Pat! It is again me:)Thank you so much for your desire to help, you are really the only one who can do it for me! I really appreciate that, Thank you so much, my Darling! I'm feeling myself like I have wings, I'm flying) I see that I have a matter for you... My ceremony will be on this Wednesday 1 July, I don't know exactly what kind of dress I want, may I ask you what dress would you like to see on me? when I'll buy it I'll send you a photo:) I asked my sister how it is better to send and she said that you can use Western Union, her husband uses it for send her means, and she always gets it..for these you should have my full name and address so here they are... Leonidova Svetlana
city Kurdi
Rovno region
Kotelnikova street 27 I even can't express all my feelings... It is not about means, it is all about your care of me... you are the only one on this earth, I have never met man like you before... With every tap of the typewriter key, I feel my passion growing. Even though you are not with me, I feel that our hearts beat in tandem with each other. I wish these fingers were drumming your body and giving you a sensual massage, rather than typing on these keys... I just wanted to let you know that every day, my love for you gets stronger and stronger in every way. I was always told that love grows stale, but with you my darling, the feelings just become more intense every day. I can scarcely believe it is possible. However, I should know by now, that when it comes to you, nothing is impossible. Kissing you, your's Sveta..
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