Scam letter(s) from Marina to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello Jose!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter, I hope, that our correspondence will be pleasant for both of us. At once I want to tell to you, that I am interested only with serious relations, I search for the person with whom it would be happy which would respect my feelings and could support me in any situation.
I want to tell more in detail to you about myself, about my last life. I was born on April, 20, 1981 in small village not far from Kazan.I from Russia. Mine mother and father have divorced when to me there were 8 years. After leaving school, I have gone in Kazan and have acted in college. Upon termination of study I was employed by a saleswoman and have never replaced a trade. I very seriously and honesty concern to the work, it very much is pleasant to me. Due to the work I do not feel lonely, in fact shop this place very crowded and brisk. I remove an apartment and I live one.
In this letter I have a little told to you about the life, I would like It is more to learn and about you, I hope, that you to me write and will more in detail tell about myself. If you want to learn more about me can will not be constrained and to ask me about All. I with pleasure shall answer all your questions. With impatience I shall wait for your letter.
Your new friend Marina.
Letter 2
Hello Jose!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter, and it is very pleasant for me that you have answered me. I hope our correspondence will be interesting to both of us, we can find out more about each other. I want to tell to you, that you have strongly interested me, I am very glad to that that I have found the fine friend with whom I can correspond and share interests.
Today I wanted you to tell about my childhood
As I already wrote to you my parents have divorced when to me there were 8 years. For me it was strong impact. Litigation where solved my further life has taken place. Me have left with mum. I very much did not want this divorce, did not want to leave the daddy. My father always wanted to bring up me on the, he wanted to see in me courageous, able to stand for itself the girl, and it was very a pity to me to leave him. After divorce the daddy of us has not overlooked and as could helped us, for what I am very grateful to him. Almost every Sunday he spent time with me, drove in attractions and zoos. After divorce of me almost mum completely brought up, and I have grown such what wanted to see me mother. In some years my father again married and has found new family from which lives till now. It was very difficult for me to see him in an environment of other family, but I had to reconcile. My mum so has found nobody more and now lives with the sister. I frequently visit the parents and very much I value them.
I have a little told to you about the childhood. I too would want to learn about your family, about parents, brothers and sisters. Would like to learn what relations from you with them. I hope you not against my questions, in fact I simply want to learn you closer. Unfortunately on it I am compelled to finish the letter. With impatience I shall wait from you for the letter and a photo. I very much want to learn you on better. If you have to me questions I ask you do not hesitate and ask me about everything, I with pleasure shall answer all your questions.
With the best regards your new friend Marina.
Letter 3
Hello Jose!
It is pleasant to me to receive your letters and I with the great pleasure write to you the answer. I am glad to that that our correspondence proceeds, we with each letter find out more and more and more about each other and it become seems to me that we more close.
You agree with my words? I wish to tell to you that to me all easier with you to communicate with each letter
In the last letter I have told to you about the work, and in this letter I would want that you have learned about that as I spend time when I have a rest. I spend her on a miscellaneous. As you already know after 6 one o'clock in the evening I is free, after work I about an hour reach the house, I change clothes and I make to myself a supper. I wish to tell to you that I very much like to prepare and I have almost always supper at home. Sometimes I for a supper call the girlfriends, I have sometimes supper at them. I very much like to read books. Sometimes, to disperse boredom to me prohonour any novel or a detective suffices. Near to my house there is a small park in which I very much like to walk. Also sometimes I visit places of mass rest. This driving on an ice or water kinds. Sometimes we with girlfriends go to cinema. I very seldom happen in discos as I hate club music. From long listening such music I have a headache. In the days off usually I get out to parents. I assist mum on the house, and in the evenings we communicate, share with the secrets and cares much. Also I try to see and the father.
And how you, Jose, spend the free time? Tell please about the hobbies, about the friends. You like to spend the free time with friends?
I hope the letter which I have written will not seem to you boring and you will shortly answer me
So it is pleasant to me to communicate with you. Between us such big distance,
But despite of it you seem to me that absolutely close to me. I hope that our friendship becomes stronger with each letter! I shall finish this letter and I shall wait the answer from you Yours Marina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend!
How are you doing, how mood? In me all I am excellent also, I hope, as in All of you it is good.
Is very glad to receive from you the letter, and with the great pleasure I answer it. I Hope also you, you can tell most of all also and about my letters. All we it is closer and Closer become to each other and I want it, it has passed. To me it is pleasant To Understand, that somewhere there, it is far from me, there is a person who also reads mine Letters and Sincerely answer them, answers with understanding and sincerely yours. It The person you and I very much It is grateful to you for this purpose. Today in me very good mood, Steady on work, has gone to parents, in them Also all is good, is not only the personnel The happiness, but is short I, hope as Here in me here will be by means of.
Today I saw Girlfriends, tomorrow we are going to go to an ice palace and to go skating, to have a good time and properly to have a rest. I to you have told earlier as I love these kind Sports meets. Here and now we have Solved to go on a skating rink. Near to my house - a small Platform with which equip under a Skating rink in the winter, there we go for a drive in the winter and when to become warmly, we go for a drive in special halls, they at us refer to " Ice palaces ". Certainly to go for a drive on fresh air much more pleasantly and better, more pleasantly, more interestingly also brings more sensations, than century Movement on an ice delivers me great pleasure. On a skating rink it is always overflown And it is cheerful. Only sometimes on an ice I see Movement for girls of the engine with guys, them Go for the engine holding for hands, and all time support the friend the friend.And I even If I shall slide, nobody will stretch a hand, nobody will rise, and happens, you sit on The cold to an ice, with feeling, that you is nobody necessary and only inquiry of girlfriends: " Marina, Increase! ". But I try to not think sad, actually I am assured it soon there There will be the one who Can support me and will help, it is raised, when I shall fall.... Finishing the letter it, the words filled by hope. Very much it would not be desirable to Tell good-bye to you, Jose.
Yours Marina.
Letter 5
Hello my Jose!
I so am glad again and again to receive from you letters. I feel that you become a part me, become to me close and dear. I cannot present that at all was if you have disappeared. Days of loneliness and monotony would come. All these words I wish to tell to you that you for me much mean. I hope you me you understand?
Thanks for your sports offers, but I unfortunately not so love skiing, I love quiet sports.
Would like to tell to you about I search for what person in a life. I know the girl which have married at once after leaving school, in 17 years. I at such age only began the life, ahead I had a further study and certainly I wished to marry only after I shall get a job and on whom I shall depend. And so. I all over again very strongly envied this girl, her husband was the significant person, went by expensive car, was beautiful and rich. It seemed, what is necessary for happiness? But in two years they have divorced, this girl again has married, again has divorced. In both she now lives with the third husband. To her now 29. Recollecting this girl, I spoke all time to myself, that it is not necessary to hurry events at all, I wished to find the person with which would live neither year, nor two and not ten years, and all life. To me 27 years, and at me till now even are not present the favourite person. But I do not hurry event, I know that I shall necessarily find the favourite person even if he it is very far from me. I know that I want also what man to me is necessary. Many men think that women involves amount of money. Think that if he is rich, has the certain advantage above the others. Probably it so. But it to not concern in any way to me, I do not aspire to riches, I aspire to find happiness, to find the person on love, instead of on thickness of a purse. I hope you me you understand, Jose? The person with which I is necessary to Me felt in reliability and security. I wish to love and be favourite. And what woman is searched by you, Jose?
I shall finish the letter and I hope, that it will not be too boring. I shall wait for your letters and photos.
Your sincere friend Marina.
Letter 6
Hello my friend Lucas!!!
Thanks for your letter. I am glad, that you again have written to me. How at you an affair? How your health? I hope, that with you all is good. You feel, that we became more close to each other. We know about each other much, and I think, that we became very good friends. Yesterday before dream I thought of you, that has changed in my life after I have met you. On work I always try before the beginning of work, all over again to go in the Internet, to receive from you news and to send you my letter (But sometimes it it is impossible to me). It very much is pleasant to me, when I see your letter, my mood always improves, and the reason of it are you. I think, that our acquaintance on the Internet was fine event in my life. I thought, that I shall not find the present the man which never will bring. First I did not think, that it is possible to find the good friend through the Internet, I thought, that on the Internet the majority are for the sake of an entertainment. I so thought, you have not appeared yet. You not such, under your letters I have understood, that you can trust. I am glad to our acquaintance. I correspond only with you, with hope that I should not search for somebody else more. You, probably, did not expect it? Simply to me very important our dialogue. I shall wait very much for your mutual letter, me interestingly your opinion on our relations. I hope, you to me soon write. I wish fine you day.
With hope your girlfriend Marina!!!
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