Romance scam letter(s) from Daria Zvereva to Tim (USA)
Letter 1
Greetings my friend Tim! I am very pleased to receive your letter again. How your day was? With each new letter we become more close to each other.
When I receive your letters, my life becomes more joyful and happier.
I would like to give you the home address: The country: Russia
The postal index: 426011
City: Izhevsk
Street: Kirova 19 I would like to learn your home address,
suddenly happen so my computer will break also I shall want to send you the letter mail.
However it is not so convenient, as it seems to me.
Will be possible that letter to go very for a long time,
and there is a probability that it will not reach you.
I want to warn you that Russian mail works not so well.
I think what easier to write each other through the Internet.
I would like to hear your voice, I hope that you too would like to hear me.
But unfortunately I have no any phone, installation costs very dearly.
At an opportunity I shall call to you from telegraph.
Whether you probably interests there were at me men.
When I studied at university, I have got acquainted with the man, we for a long time met it.
But I have understood that it did not love me, and sex was necessary for it only.
After that I have thrown it, I think that the girl should give itself to that who her is really worthy.
You know for me a marriage, this - not only mutual residing together under one roof,
but also and mutual understanding.
I am not jealous, and I think that a jealousy - poor attribute oppress.
It is necessary to trust each other, it - my point of view.
With your letters I forget my past, and I start to think of the future.
Well, now I would like will finish e-mail.
I shall wait for your letter. Please write to me soon. Sincerely yours Elena.
Letter 2
Greetings my love Tim! I am really madly pleased to receive your letter and I am really pleased that I have found you!!!
I should tell to you, that I have ocean of emotions which I had no before.
I feel a little lost, when I have no opportunity to use a computer to read your letter.
In my soul I feel satisfaction and pleasure when I think of you.
I never in the life tried to begin attitudes with the person who is from me far on the other continent.
I also believe, that people which like each other, should share the ideas, feelings.
I hope that you understand, that I have in view of because it is very difficult for me to transfer you all that I feel through a computer.
I cannot explain why the woman lasts to the man or the man to the woman. It occurs at a subconscious level.
I feel heat and care in your letters, it forces to beat my heart faster.
With each letter I understand that we become more close to each other.
I want to tell to you that my feelings and words concerning you always were sincerely.
I want that between us there was not simply a friendship. I want to tell to you that I feel.
I have understood that I love you!!! It is uneasy to me to speak it because I spoke nobody of it.
I am ready to speak you these words again and again!!!
And now I understand that it is true love. It I searched for all life.
So to be bad far from you.
I want to be near to you. I would like that you have strong embraced me and have kissed.
I want that you have told that you love me, I cannot live without you.
I have understood that my searches of the man are finished, anybody because I have you is not necessary for me.
I want to begin a life where there is no place to a deceit.
I want to see the world where there are only you and I and we are happy because we together.
Our happiness in our hands and is very important to estimate it.
I shall make all that it was good you, I shall surround you with care and love.
To me it was necessary to tell to you, I cannot live more than one, I LOVE YOU!!!
I very much want to be near to you Tim!!! To look in your eyes... To kiss your lips...
And silently to whisper: I LOVE YOU!!!
I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Yours Elena.
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