Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Claude (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear friend Claude! I am really happy that we have such a wonderful opportunity to meet each other in the Internet, don’t you think so? I should admit that it is always really difficult to start a meeting, especially when you do not see a person face to face. I hope that you won’t be disapprointed with our meeting. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Tatyana, but all my friends prefer calling me Tanya. I am a very straightforward and purposeful woman. I like to achieve my aims and sometimes my obstinacy helps to cope with all the obstacles. I am a very passionate Lady - my heart is full of tenderness and love and I really want to give all these emotions to my Mr. “Right”. Are you ready to become my dear man? :) I am 165 cm tall, my weight is 52 kg. The combination of blond hair and dark brown eyes won’t leave you indifferent.:) They say that sometimes it is enough to look at the eyes to fall in love with a person. Have you ever experienced such things? :))) My astrological sign is Gemini. I was born on the 1st of June 1979. Being a very passionate person I live in the world of dreams and secret desires. I am ready to devote all my life to my dear man and make all his wishes be realized. I like variety in everything – in sexual life as well as in everyday routine. So, be sure, you will never be bored with me. I am a very energetic and adventurous person who is ready to surprise my beloved with pleasant things. I like to cook and you will always be spoiled with delicious dished of Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. Have you ever tasted Ukrainian borsch and golubtci? Believe me, you will be impressed, I promise. :))) I was born in a small Ukrainian town Slavyanoserbsk. My parents gave me a very good education and now I work as fitness trainer. My family is not very big. I am the only child in the family and that is why my parents wanted to see in me a girl who should realize all their dreams. My Mum wanted me to dance well and that is why I devoted 7 years to dances. As for my father, he wanted to see me as a professional sportswoman and as a result I attended sports school for 5 years. As you can guess I combined the wishes of my parents and have chosen a profession which is connected with sport and dances. I am here because I want to find a very kind, sincere and loyal man. I really want to have a happy family and to give all my love to my dear husband. I want the man to respect me and be my soul-mate and best friend. He should be determined and energetic, easy-going and open-minded. I do not need a prince on a white horse who puts the whole world to my feet. I just want him to make me happy. From my part, I am going to turn his life into a fairy-tale. By the way, I am here not to play games. I am serious in my intentions and expect the same from you, my dear friend. So, my dear, if you see a soul-mate in me, please, do not hesitate to write to me. I really want to get to know you better. And even now I am sure that our conversation will turn into something special. Are you intrigued? Please, tell me more about you – your interests and hobbies. I would be greatly appreciated if you write to me. I send you my friendly kiss and hug Your Tanya
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