Scam letter(s) from Julia to Claude (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hello my dear and sweet Claude!!!Honey i am very impressed by you and right now I am thinking about youonly and really want to know you better!! I hope you want the same?
I am so much interested in knowing you better and who knows may be itwill lead to something big and pure? i want it) so if you want thesame (i hope that yes!) we will find each other in this Internet andbring it to the reality!
So, my dear, let's meet. My name is Julia, I am a young girl, wholives in a village Volnovaha, i am 28 years old and still I haven'tfound my love yet..I am very kind, good looking girl who goes in for
sport, it is my profession i am fitness trainer so I always keepmyself in a good shape, the strong health in a strong body, it is mymotto! I am friendly,kind and caring, sensitive, loyal andunderstanding, humorous, fun,secure and true and i want to find
Special, accepting,exciting and wise, truthful and helpful, withhonest pure eyes...Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright man)If to speak about my inner features, I am very simple, easy going girlwho wants to love and be loved in all meanings of this word, will you
help me with this? i hope that yes, because my heart my soul and mybody are longing for real and love fire which is in my soul but i haveno one to give all it!!My sweet, i really hope that you are interested in knowing me better
and who knows may be we are each other's destiny? Let's do it! Pleasewrite me to address
With kisses, waiting for your reply,
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