Scam letter(s) from Anna to Claude (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Thanks for your interest, I am glad that the man such you has become interested in me, you look nice. I will be glad to learn you moreclose. You can write me on my personal address. Please send somephotos with you and a few info about you and your life. I will answeryou with the same. I wait news from you.
Letter 2
Hello Claude!
I am glad to see mail from you.
The Internet will help us to learn a little each other. I know that it not the best way for acquaintance, but I have decided to try. I already adult girl and long time had no relations with the man and consequently I have decided to try to find the prince in the Internet, the prince from other country, not similar to the Russian alcoholic. At the very beginning of our acquaintance, I would like to warn you that I will not write you the letters long time. I count on a fast meeting because I already heard about men who write letters to girls for the sake of an entertainment much.
I would like to set to you some questions. You search for what qualities in the girl? I should know, whether I possess similar qualities. What is the time you are in searches of the partner in the Internet? Why you search for the girl in Russia? I think that it is enough these questions for the first letter, I do not wish to fill up you with questions.
Now it is a little about me. To me of 25 years. My birthday of 9/1/1983. My growth of 173 sm, my weight of 53 kg. I live in the city of Saratov. It is a city in a midland of Russia, on distance of 800 km from Moscow. I live with girlfriends in rented apartment! I have ended veterinary technical school. I work as the veterinary surgeon. The translator is not required to me to read and translate letters, I in perfection know English but to write you the letter, to me to have to use the translator. I the formed, cheerful, intellectual girl. I very much like to read books, to visit cinemas and to communicate with friends. And as I am able to cook well food, to it I was learnt by my mum since the childhood. Every morning I run that my figure remained same beautiful and harmonous, I wish to look beautiful and to have good health to the extreme old age. If to you something interests about me and my hobbies you should not hesitate, you can ask me about everything, and I with pleasure will answer you any your question. I will wait for your letter.
Letter 3
Hello Claude!
Thanks for your letter.
It was interesting to me to learn more about you, thanks that you have answered my questions, it has given me more representation about you and your relation to a life. I liked your answers and I think that the man with similar views quite corresponds to me and consequently we can continue our correspondence.
I think that important for both of us will study more about character each other. I would like to write to you more about the values to lives and how I see ideal family. For me an overall objective is creation of strong family in which there will be no conflicts because of jealousy, the big use of alcohol, not understanding. You the jealous man? It is interesting to me to know it. For me that jealous man who is jealous the girl of all without any reasons. Personally I not jealous, and I wish to tell at once that me distinguishes from many girls such quality, as fidelity. I am brought well up and never I will give an occasion to jealousy to the husband. Probably, you interests, whether career in a life is for me important? And I wish to tell to you that was not present. Yes, certainly I can work, and, most likely I will do it if I find the man in other country, but only from its consent because I consider that there is more attention I I should give to a family and children. I very much love and I wish to have children. You wish to have children?
I think what enough to write for today, because mail it only symbols which we print on a paper blank leaf, and I know what to read them not so interestingly, how to communicate with each other in a real life, transferring each other gestures, emotions, pleasure, sorrow, happiness, passion, tenderness, uncountable quantity of sensations! Therefore I finish, and I hope that my letter will be worthy your attention.
Anna yours faithfully
Letter 4

Hello Claude!
Thanks for your mail.
In the today's letter, I would like to tell to you a little about my family. My parents live near to Saratov. In a small city, under name Balashov. As you already know, I have mother, the father and the younger brother. My younger brother leaves school in this year and should arrive soon to Saratov for study at institute. My daddy works as the engineer, at the enterprise for energy developments. My mum is without work now because it had not so long ago operation and while it cannot work because should have a few rest and time for recovery of health. My parents sometimes visit me in Saratov. We remarkably spend time together. But it is a pity that they cannot do it often that the daddy has a lot of work. My younger brother as sometimes comes to me on a visit, and we with it visit cinemas, theatres, discos, I use the best efforts, that it was interesting to it with me though I am more senior it. It the clever guy and I think that it will be easy to it to study at institute with its abilities to study. I think that it is quite enough of it, that you knew about my family. I as would like to learn about your family. Write to me about them in the following letter. It will give me more representation about you. I will wait for your answer tomorrow.
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