Scam Letter(s) from Olga Pogudina to Keith (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi, my name is Olga, but your name? love has become acquainted with you.
as you see? leave your personal e-mail if canned, would be happy to write about myself. I think you also want to see my pictures? Olga.

Letter 2

Hello, Keith!
Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I am now at work and the risk of being noticed by my boss, who objected to my working hours flirt with men on the Internet.
I think that first of all I have to introduce myself, my name is Olga, I am 27 years old. I think that you have already guessed that I live in Russia, my city of Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region.
Do you know where to find my city? It is located in north-western Russia, near the border with Finland. Thank you for your beautiful photo!
A beautiful city, but boring. Plus ca us almost the whole year round because of the cold northern location. I think that if you are clever, sociable and honest person, we will be able to quickly find a common language.
I am always glad to new acquaintances, but acquaintances through the Internet for me, something new and I do not know if it's working, but try to be.
I am now free from the relationship, so if you want to take care of me, I would be happy:))

I work as editor of the newspaper "Life". I think you can imagine what it is. As journalists, I, I graduated from the faculty of journalism in St. Petersburg.
I studied over 5 years, 2 of 5, I studied English. Although my English is not very good, I hope you will forgive me if I make mistakes in the letter?
Now I live in an apartment of my parents, it is small, but I have enough space. My parents are not with me unfortunately.
Dad died in 2004, my mother went through a year after his father. Incidentally, my father was a Russian, a German mother. They met in Germany when my father was studying there on exchange.

I forgot to ask you, you are not worried that I'm from Russia? I do not know how do you feel about the girls from Russia? Perhaps you were surprised when they saw that I live in Sweden?
All this is explained by the fact that the agency had not taken my Russian address in the registration and I had to do a little trick.
Of course I regret that we now can not go together to have a cup of coffee, due to the distance between us.
But in any event, any distance can be reduced if desired. In general, I think that it's not a problem, and you?

Keith, I hope we will be able to communicate normally. For me, easy to communicate with you, because I am a simple girl and simple. "Without the king's head" - as told my father:))
To me there is not a drop of pathos inherent in many modern girls do not know good or bad?
I just like an open book in front of you, but I must tell you immediately that I ische only serious relationship, marriage, family and all that this should be!
No virtual sex and neither of dirt, I do not accept! I hope you have a real man and will not give all sorts of dirty jokes?
I want to have a serious relationship with foreign men, because I believe that they are more serious and have more lenient attitudes.
I have never been married and I have no children, and that you? Do you have children? Are you married? If you are not married, who handles cases in the home: laundry, cooking and other household items?
I believe that a man without a woman is difficult to cope with all the affairs of the house?
I attached a few of my photos to this letter and I look forward to you the same! Keith, I await your response if it is followed. I wish you good mood and a good day.
Sincerely, Olga!

Letter 3

Keith, You may not want to disappoint me? Very kind of you. I do not want to flatter you, but I was lucky to be with you. Before you do I come across men who are interested in Virtual Sex, or just write me a complete nonsense.
I am almost disappointed, thinking that it's a bad idea to seek love on the Internet believe that it is not really find a good man through the Internet.
You dispelled my doubts, you seem to me perfectly normal and pleasant, I am right? Thank you for your beautiful photos!

Let me tell you about myself a little more, how it is possible to describe in the letter. For me, it is important that you have the representation of me.
I will help you create a physical representation of me. I am not a great growth, my growth 168 cm, while I veshu 48 kg.
I think that I am not a bad figure, is in my genes and I do not have to disappear for hours in the halls of fitness to keep himself in shape.
For me to lead an active life than I do. I love sports, summer, often doing scamper.
In the winter time I can with my friends to go to the rink or go skiing. We in Russia are many good ski resorts.
The most famous resort - it was "Krasnaya Polyana", which is located in the city of Sochi, there will be the winter Olympics in 2014. Perhaps you have heard about this?

Keith, Interesting, but how you spend your spare time? What are you doing? In my free time I like to read books, go to the theater or museum.
I love movies, often with girlfriends go to cinema. And you? I prefer drama or adventure.
I do not like melodrama, no matter how strange! My favorite movie is called "Fountain", it withdrew Darran Aranofski, which is my favorite director.
I love going to the pool, in my childhood I was engaged in swimming. In fact, when my work is my little free time.
If I have a free minute, I spend it in the kitchen, always loved to cook, I say not bad at it.

Life in Russia is unusual, accounting for a lot of work to ensure a smooth stay. I hope you do not think our dialogue unnecessary and inappropriate?
I hope you feel that this will lead to serious results? If you do not trust me, there's no point to continue, but if you believe that this can turn out something more, I will be very happy to continue correspondence.
Good that you like me are free from that, there is nothing to limit us in our communication. I believe that the relationship with a married man will not lead to anything good.

I have over two years trying to find a serious relationship, but because I was looking in Russia, it did not lead to anything real.
My last relationship ended two years ago, they did not have success, I changed my guy with another woman.
Naturally, I immediately severed all ties and do not wish to support them. Frankly, in my life were three men. But I was not lucky.
Recently, a man can not offer anything other than sex, it is sad, but I hope not one of them? I want to believe that you are passionate and gentle man!

In fact, I apsolyutny aptimist, all the failures I have met with a smile and faith in the future. If you smile more often, the world around you smile in response.
If, despite the distance, you are interested in me, then I'm happy. Keith, I have time to bid farewell to you. I hope that tomorrow at lunch, I find your answers to my questions.
By, by, Olga!



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