Scam letter(s) from Natalia Maslenikova to John (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hello Spike!
Thanks for the answer, I am glad to see your letter. If I am fair did not think, that you will answer, but at heart all the same trusted.
Yesterday to me stood so much to be registered on this site and to understand it, but my female persistence has got the best also to me it it was!))))
You for a long time are registered on a site?
I shall tell a little about myself that you represented with whom you communicate.
My name is Natalia,In February to me 30 years were executed! My birthday on February, 25!
My growth of 168 centimeters at weight of 60 kg. I specified my place of residing on a site, but unfortunately it have not completely understood and
it was necessary to make a mistake! I was born and I live in Russia, in city Yoshkar-Ola, here and I work in firm on installation of satellite TV.
Where do you live also you work? My family is I and two kitties, Murka and Masha.
Unfortunately to me in a life has not had the luck to test tenderness and love of parents because when I was small they have got in failure and were lost.
Me have taken in children's home, and then a boarding school.
There can be due to this I could achieve all, be taught, find work, and continue to live a life which is pleasant to me.
As a whole I am happy and cheerful, very much I love people with sense of humour, kind soul, but the most important, that I appreciate in people, their sincerity, warm-heartedness, honesty!
During free time from work I like to carry out in a circle of the friends, very much I love travel and the nature, all that for me is new, unknown.
Very much I love sports, certainly I do not have certain kind of sports, shall tell I love physical culture: fitness, navigation, tennis to skate and a ski!
Than you like to be engaged and than are fond at leisure? To me I would be desirable to learn more about you, about your family, very inquisitive girl!)))) Excuse, if I set many questions!)))
With this letter I shall send a couple of the photos and I shall be glad to see your photos also.
With impatience I shall wait for your letter tomorrow.
Letter 2
Hello John !
Today has woken up with the first beams of the sun, has slept simply wonderfully, you will not believe, but the reason for this even more pleasantly and is more remarkable, in dream I saw you, we had supper at restaurant, and for a long time for a long time communicated, told about myself, about a life! We were good and pleasant for looking each other in the face!
I would not like to spill out at all but when morning has taken the, it is a pity, but I am happy, that we have got acquainted with you and we write letters, we keep in touch!
Yesterday I all the evening long thought of our acquaintance, it so is romantic and unusual for me, in my life the person to whom I am glad, happy to see letters, and it not dream has appeared, it is a reality!!!
Day was today successful, cheerful, solar, weather simply a class.
On work was has put much, but all were solved quickly and easily, even by the evening there were many forces and I have decided to descend in pool to swim for a while! And now I sit I write to you this letter.
It can will ridiculous, but I would like today at night, in dream, again to see you, it were unforgettable pleasant sensations of heat, tenderness of your voice, tender laughter, care. Than you plan to be engaged tonight how you will spend the evening leisure?
Will show on the TV today a romantic comedy about Christmas, about two young people which have got acquainted in night of Christmas.
After that film, I shall take part souls and I shall lie to sleep, tomorrow at me the day off and will be many free time which I shall lead to the companies of the girlfriends, we shall go to cafe, I shall necessarily tell him about you, I hope you not against!
You such hare!
But most of all I shall wait tomorrow for your letter!
Letter 3
Hello John!
I so am glad to see your letter when I read them I overlook about all affairs and mentally to transfer to you!
Your words are always gentle and force to smile. John, you could leave the phone number that I could call you and communicate, I see you too not against it, unfortunately I have phone on which I can to call, but at me function of reception long-distance and trunk calls is switched - off to not overpay for services of cellular operators! Before I did not need to call anywhere and I did not wait for bells, and now all has exchanged!))))) it is Interesting, what voice at you.
At me is to you of a few questions. You like to listen to what music? What you like to look films what you like to read books?
But why that I am sure you like to look football!)))) It probably passion of all men!
I have more to like to look to a comedy, and it is even better romantic comedies which I looked yesterday, about Christmas! Remarkable film.
From music I prefer everything, under mood. There is time when you listen to slow music and think, when you will dance this slow dance with the favourite person on whom it is possible to nestle, and to thaw in his hands, gently embracing, being turned in dance of feelings!
I very much love children and I dream, when I will have children, with the favourite person with whom it will be possible to create strong family.
Children, this our future, this our happiness, can even it is sense of all our life. At us passes many charitable actions in which our firm takes part.
You know as pleasantly on soul and heart when you give gifts to children from children's homes, looking in their eyes in which the hope is visible,a sparkle of happiness and kindness!
John, I have to you one more question. I shall be possible to name you expensive, lovely???)))
it will be pleasant for me to name you such words!
Letter 4

Hello John!
In this letter I shall try to paint with the working day, I think to you it will be interesting to know it, as well as me your working day!
I wake up in 07:00 mornings, I put to be boiled a teapot, at this time I bring myself to the order, I accept souls, I stack hair.
My breakfast passes watching TV, I like to look news, I like to know everything, that occurs in the world.
Before work the road borrows approximately 30 minutes of walking, from a house I leave at 08:00. The working day begins at 09:00.
A lunch break from 13:00 till during which we have dinner with employees in our dining room which is on a ground floor of our building.
At 18:00 the working day comes to an end, and on road home I come into shop, I buy food stuffs which have ended!))))
And approximately at 19:00 I at home! Here as at all people preparation of a supper, then rest behind which as well as now I write to you the letter begins, and I read yours! So it is good, that now there is an Internet with which help we with you have got acquainted and copied.
I have told about you to the girlfriends as we have got acquainted with you what you good the man, that you like me and I think to you too.
They have answered, that have noticed, how I have exchanged, that I became happier, sparkling, idle time, my mood always at height not looking on complexity in work, weather both many other things! And all this due to you!
They send the regards to you, asked to transfer, that start to be jealous!)))))
Try to write on a regular basis, me it seems to me, that I start to wait your letters every minute during day with huge impatience!
Dear, in this letter I send you one more photo which has been made the last summer in the central recreation park. I hope she to you it is pleasant!
On it I finish the letter with ideas on you John!
Letter 5
Hello dearest John!
I received your answer as usual, and I was so happy from your words again!
John, I want to tell you that your messages became an important part of me and my life, your e-mails help me live, I do not keep boring mood in general, but it arrives there, when - bad weather in the street, where - cold.
But when I receive your warm messages, I forget about bad mood at once, I have a smile on my face and magnificent mood from your e-mail.
I can not without your messages now, John you can see that I am writing to you so long inform e-mail independently, because I want it, we know we are very direct.
I thought that it is so important for us John, realy John?
My favorite season, summer as it is very short. I like summer very!
This is possible in the summer weeckend hold in nature, on the banks of the river!
You know that our Russian forest beautiful?
There is a beautifull pines and birches basically in our woods.
Also through this wood proceeds the small river, this place - so real romanticism, believe me John!
how you spend your holidays? Tell me, okay? This will be interesting for me.
Dear John, as my friends to ask me about you is all the time:) I tell them that you are a very good person, I also want to tell you that some my girlfriends envy me slightly because I found so good man as you have Internet .
But I did not ask for their envy of any my attention.
I want to tell you, John, that I will think about you all the more, perhaps on my arrival to you John, I feel that our relationship - more than a friendship, realy John.???
I feel that my heart and soul, because I can not without your e-pochtf now.
Well, John, to this end, my message to you, as usual warmth greetings from my family to you! Your Natalya
Letter 6
Hello my dear John!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I am sorry that some days could not answer your these letters!
I was far from my city on business trip on work and had no my computer! And on this could not answer you!
I with impatience wait for your letter!
Sweet kiss!
Yours Natalya!
Letter 7
Hello my dearest John!
I want to tell you that as usual and usual, happy way of
Your response to my last e-mail! I think about you all day. I am waiting for your warm messages for me to John, I want to tell you that now I can not without you and your so feelings sends an e-mail my John. You send an e-mail is so important for me, this is - part of my life is - my source of pleasure to my life, I want to say to you that the appearance of your John. is the best part of my lonely life now, your message gives me great happiness and pleasure in my life John. Believe me, that I say that my words I certainly understand that it is - a very big and big words.
My feelings to you make sense! During our correspondence to you I can tell you that we now have some features in our relations.
Meeting in person is necessary for us. You agree with me, my John?
I think that if we are to have some time to live together, we understand very
In our relations and only then be willing to take serious and responsible steps In life!
Meeting in person in the future. If you say so. You have the big blow of my words?
From your posts, I see that we - not indifferent to each other John, I hope that you will agree with me
My John, Is this for real? I hope that you feel to me that great sense to me, my John. Also last night I asked God, I thank him that we found each other my John, I closed my eyes and saw the presence of God. He saw me, and I saw it,
He told me that I'll be the happiest woman, because I found you,
You - my future man John. Also, in the eyes of God, that he shouted,
I think that it - very happy for us my John. I shouted to
John, Because it is - so happiness for us that we can be together soon, what we can to have a normal family, I so want it my John, because I can, to be one of my John,
Do you have or do you write with any other women my John??? This is so important for me
I John, I hope that you will understand me. I want to tell you that I do not write with any other men, if not for you, my John. I do not want another man! We must trust each another in that, well, my beloved?
You have been at the forefront of my life than my work. I love you John and I can without you, my favorite, and I decided that I must near with you my John. This is - so necessary for me my John. I love you John!
By the way, I will try to learn my dear about the necessary documents for my future coming to you my John, because I know from my friends
I will need foreign passport and visa as I will try learn about this during the immediate future. My favorite, I expect that you have the desire of our meeting my love. I so you want my love, I love you, and I yearn without you awfully John. I will wait for your mutual warmth of electronic mail. As usual, the heat congratulations from me, my family to you. All my warmth kisses, Natalya
Letter 8
Hello, my love and my gentle John!
It is a pity to me that you do not presence close to me, we would send you John!
Honey, I love you, and I am very melancholy without you. I'm suffering from the fact that you have now is not close to me.
I am very worried about you John! When I, you wrote me a letter for the first time, I realized that you're the man of which I dreamed all life. You that the knight on a white horse. Your words penetrated me to a depth of my soul.
I like the bird who escaped from the cell. You have caused to my heart beat, which is that you more often.
I so want to see you feel about your high temperature and skip with you all in the world. Every night I lozhus to sleep, thinking only of the you also, I can not sleep. We shared with thousands of miles away, but I feel your presence, you, like an angel - keeper, who saves me. When I do not get your answer, something broken in my breast, and it seems to me that what goes in the ground from under my feet. My whole life was boring and sulfur, while I have not found that those who changed my life, have happy hours of my life. I waited for you the whole eternity, and finally it was a miracle! I am grateful for this miracle to the fate that has helped us find each other in this big world.
I do dream of our meeting, I especially would like to meet you. For you I am ready to offer everything to be with you.
I would fall asleep in your strong embrace and feel the sweet taste of your lips, and every morning wake from, I think it's about this man, without which my life is just not a sense. I think that girls should not go or that idea.
All initiatives must come from man. I am very strong you have to kiss your tender lips !!!!!
My dear angel, I'm sorry, but I have the misfortune to happen today. Robbers on the street stole my cell phone.
And so I very sad because in the very near future, I wanted to call you.
dear, I do not know what to do, and now I can call you, it may take some time until I gained money for a new mobile phone.
But I promise you that I will do everything that would call you, I want to hear your voice !!!!!
I will wait for your letter and is absent at you !!!!!!!!
Your loving future wife Natalya
Letter 9
Hello, my people, my most expensive John!
How are you doing? doing so wonderful, my honey!
I imagine our meeting very much. The first time we meet probably at the airport. When I think of our meeting, I want to come to you even more, as soon as possible. The idea on our meeting Let me sleep. I constantly think about you.
Probably on the first day of our meeting I will have tears. It
Will the tears of pleasure. I can not restrict me. You for me already as the native people. .
Our meeting will give us a lot, as I prepared for our meeting very much. I want to be your most beautiful
And attractive! I want to charm you forever! I will take with me the beautiful clothes! I wish that you could not tear your eyes away from me and just stared at me! On the first day we met, I would like it, we were only together.
I want to be with you again and again, and only then I will be ready to meet your friends and relatives.
You have first becomes to you directly our meeting? You potseluete me to the airport for the first time? I wish that you gave me flowers and kissed me. I like to kiss, and I also want to give you my kisses and hugs!
Tomorrow afternoon, I want to visit a travel company, so that would know all the details of travel to you. I hope that you are against this. As soon as I know, I will be talking about it you, my love.
John, I will endeavor to take all things as possible
Coming soon on our encounter. I promise you that! I am already beginning to languish without you.
I would sincerely hope that you will never deceive me. I have to you will go with a pure heart.
I will be your visitor, and I wish that you looked upon me kindly. Okay?
Not so long ago I heard on television, it's now a lot of men are invited to a woman in another country and then selects all the documents.
A woman can not keep someone - or the country, and then a person does with a woman
I know that you will never deceive me. I really trust a woman. I do not want that my heart was broken.
I'm looking for just my luck, and I never harmed anyone. I think that we deserve to be happy.
We continue to talk about you in our family. Yesterday evening we entered the cafe with friends, and we also talked about you.
All very happy with our relationship! Everyone wants to regret that our relations are not in love, and we were happy.
I said that I will go New Zealand and have a meeting with you in person. I think I
issue and the desire to have good luck! Everything is taken care of me! "I am pleased that I have good friends!
What friends say you? They will be happy to meet me also? I wish that when you arrive, your friends and relatives
Favorite me. This is very important for me! I think I have a modest and decent woman. I hope that everything will be okay!
Letter 10
Hello! my love John!
I am very happy to receive your letter today. I waited for today is to write to you as soon as possible. Also, it was very interesting to me to receive your letter.
My work today passes well enough. But I really, I think about you. I now check such pleasant feelings. When I began to write to you, I do not think I would have to check these feelings. With each other letter which I wrote to you my all more to evaluate our love.
I trust you. I do think that the present love will consist of the following components. These are:
1. A physical inclination. I you have a physical tendency. You have to me a physical inclination?
2. Confidence. I trust you completely. I know that you're a good man. I hope that you trust me also. From the first letter that I wanted, that between us was trust.
3. Understanding. I think I understand your purpose in life. I know what you want. We both want a family and be happy. Our goals are the same!
4. The sense of responsibility. I will never cause you pain. I will be always faithful to you. I will never deceive you.
I wish that you have never offended me. I can give you part of my heart and soul. If you could stop my heart, that you would have realized that my heart is very pure and it is open to you.
Please do not fool me at any time and do not break my heart. Okay?
Today I have a fairly good news to us. I found the information, and this will help us in our future!
My John, I have found the time, and I entered the travel agency, and I spoke from ladies who very well explained it all to me.
Lady told me once that it is quite difficult to get a visa. There are several types of visas.
She explained to me that if you take all things correctly it will be possible to have a meeting soon. But I will not speak now about the timing, when do I get all documents ready.
So, I say to you now that it is necessary for us to do to be together. To my misfortune, I can not get a visa in our city.
To obtain a visa for me, it will be necessary to go to Moscow. Lady in agency explained me that the embassy of your country of Russia is only available in some cities. The town closest to me is Moscow.
In other words, I must go to Moscow to contact the embassy for visa New Zealand. I have already determined the type of visa that is necessary for me.
Since my first visit would be brief, I will probably go in as a tourist New Zealand and I get a tourist visa.
This for us is the best way. It requires less time to get a tourist visa, and that a smaller amount of money will be equally important to cost.
This visa is drawn to as a B-2 and is valid for 3 months after I arrive at your country. This visa will cost for me approximately 150 dollars.
Cost of visa will also include various taxes. If it were not for my visa, I will require a passport. I do not have my passport and consequently I have to get a passport. John, You already know that I have not traveled outside of Russia and consequently I do not have my passport. What do I get a passport, to require in 100 dollars.
Lady also explained me that New Zealand transmit only healthy people. I think I have a very healthy woman. I am at work passed a medical board and said to me that all is good. I am healthy! But in any case to the embassy New Zealand I should pass Medical board.
Will be required from me additional 50 dollars. Also, it is necessary for me to fill in a questionnaire.
Registration of all my data and filling out opinion polls require 75 dollars. As you already you can see that it is necessary to take many things that enter into your country. I expected that. I thought that it would not just visit New Zealand.
But I must say that the meeting is more important. I am ready to take all the things that come to New Zealand. Obviously, all difficulties will be overcome by me in Moscow.
Incidentally, I also thought about staying in Moscow. I live in Moscow some time while my documents are ready.
My favorite, I must tell you that I, while could not say exactly how I will be soon ready my documents that I could arrive at New Zealand. This probably requires approximately 2-4 weeks before I can get my visa and passport. I want to tell you that I remain in Moscow approximately 5-6 days and then to the house, I will wait, while my documents are ready. You understand that? This device will cost extra.
Yes, I think that my trip requires a lot of money. We must take those steps anyway. I want to tell you this
I have already completely It is ready to go to Moscow and to take all things at our meeting. I promise you that I will give all my strength, taking all things, as soon as possible. Beloved, I do not think that my first visit to you would be long.
I should in any case, to return home. If things will be dealt between us, I would like to change my visa and stay with you forever! What do you think about this?
My John, now, let me sum up my expenses to our meeting. For example, my documents will take approximately 375 dollars.
Also to me to be pay100 dollars at work. It is already 100 dollars to our meeting. This is the most part!
John, I also want to tell you that without your help, I can not arrive at New Zealand. I will certainly try, but I'm not sure.
If we take into account cost of residing and also cost of all documents and expenses for movement on Moscow and Moscow, I think it will be necessary for me at the most minimum of approximately 650 dollars. It a lot of money for me. I am sure that it is - a lot of money for you. But this - the obvious and real prices, and we should pay it. I wish that we share that value.
I want to tell you about this because I like to say something immediately. Of course this is not so convenient for me to talk with you about money.
Especially, to ask you for help, but I am compelled it to do. I think it would be fair if we share, it is my documents and other costs. I would like to ask you that you sent me approximately 450 dollars.
I mean, that might be unexpected expenses, but it is not so. If you help me 500 dollars I think that would have required all things with documents enough. Of course, I promise you, I'll take the economy.
Believe me, I am able to take the money and save. Living in Russia I heard it. $ 500 is - many of the money.
You will help with this, John? I will even try to save some money for my living. I will be forced to live in a hotel in Moscow because I have no more place where I can, I will stay.
I am a strong woman and I find in me a direct effort to take all things to our happiness.
My John, I would hope very much, that you are able to help me with money for documents and other expenses.
I would hope that at you it was good news of our meeting. I do not want it, we were prevented by money. In our life Money plays a big role. But I do not want the money put a barrier in our relationship.
Excuse me please, I sproshenny you for help. I think that is true. Another question. How can I get your money?
Also, it is necessary for us to think about it. Again, this is - a disgrace to me to ask you for help. I will be probably one of the happiest women in the world, if we unite soon our hearts. No, I have to not rush very quickly!
I want to come to you and live with you some time! We should have some time together to continue our relationship further. I think that you understand all the urgency of our meeting.
I also learned how you can make a transfer of money, as between us is very great distance is best to use a system of remittances Western Union.
I will give you the address of the bank in the city of Yoshkar-Ola. I can get your money there. It will be necessary for you to identify the following information:
Name Natalya
Surname Maslenikova
Bank Name: Wneshtorbank.
Address: Vashskya house 8
Call: +7 (8362) 426931
Postal Code: 424000
City Yoshkar-Ola
I must also tell you, Dad gave me the number of control transfer. These were 10 pieces, I would hope that we will all things, as soon as possible. And when I to get them to me, it was necessary to write to me from where Pope them to send. Therefore I to ask you to send me your home address as for me it will be necessary, in fact, I must know where I go to you. I talked to my director, and I will have a vacation, it is to visit New Zealand. I can take
All things here and now it is only necessary to solve the thing with the money. I'm going to hope for you. I know that you not materialistic person and you will not regret money for our meeting. There are things on the job and more importantly, than money. This is - like love and family, and we must not forget about it.
Okay, now I will close this letter. I will wait from you good news soon. Take all the things soon.
Only you, Natalya!
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