Scam Letter(s) from Olga Tihomirova to Joel (USA)

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Letter 1

Hola,it is me here again, i wrote you before,as you remember, i am glad to get your response this evening.
if the distance could be a problem ?
because it is about me, i live not in USA,but in Ukraine, Kiev is the name of my city, it is the capital of Ukraine.
There was no opportunity to indicate my country on YAHOOPERSONALS.
How do you find my English ? i can speak it also.
I know Ukraine and English and i plan to start Spanish soon, now i know only one word in Spanish,it is HOLA.
Well,let me introduce myself, I have just start to run Internet and send few messages on YAHOOPERSONALS, i see few response and all men asked me for virtual sex or something like that,but you did not, i hope you are not about it,are you ?
Well,My name is Irina and i am 28 years old and my birthday is 22nd of June.
What is about you ?
Am i too youth for you ? :)
(i mean if you feel comfortable, with lady that younger than you)
by the way i like men older than me.
I am slim and cute,5'6 tall and 110 lbs weight.
I have no kids.I got throw divorce last year and it hurt me so deep,now i live alone.
From that moment i got a lot of admires, but no one interested me enough.why ? Because i was not ready to start relations and now i feel that it is time.
I am looking for long-term relations, if you feel the same way,we could try to correspond, but it is all new for me,so you should be patient.
Tell me something about your family,job, plans for future, feel free to ask questions,i am open woman and have nothing to hide.
I am a doctor(dentist) and i have been working for clinic during the last 5 years, i have never been to US, but i have been to Turkey,Thailand, Egypt and Tunis.
Do you like to travel ? i do.
do you have an economic crises there ?
what is your favorite season ?

let me know if you have yours pictures to share with me




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