Letter(s) from Svetlana to Martin (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my nice foreign friend;-)

Thank you much for writing to me today and giving your e-mail address to me, I'm very glad that we have already so much confidence in each other. I know that my profile didn't tell you much about me and my messages weren't too 'talkative' and i want to correct this and to tell you a little about myself. You know already that I'm from Ukraine, exactly from the South part Ukraine, my age is 29 years and I'm full of desire to met my life partner. Telling more, I'm a teacher of piano in the musical school. I have been married and about three years ago I have been divorced. I don't have kids and I live in my own place with a funny and nice friend Kesha, he is a parrot. My friends have presented it to me on one of my birthday. I don't know what else to tell now, may be you will show me an example and will tell me more about yourself, your past and present life in the next time.

Now I want to wish you nice day,
waiting for your letter,
your also nice foreign friend Sveta;-)

Letter 2

Hello Martin! Thank you for writing! I'm really happy today! And I have really have reasons today feel like this, as it is a lucky day for me! I really do not want it to end... Firstly, I've received an e - mail from you, that is so pleasing and wonderful! And also at work we've decided the problem that has been on for the last week and it's so good! As you know, I'm a piano teacher and I work at the art school for kids. So, at work we have had a serious problem with the electricity, telling the truth it was in such terribly condition in some rooms and it was necessary to repair it as soon as possible, as you know the electricity is very serious thing. And today our boss has finally solved this problem and now we all are in safety. Sorry for making you bored with all that stuff, but I've been concerned about it! My nice friend, I'm really pleased to hear from you! Thank you for taking your time to reply to me. It's always very nice to get acquainted with people whom you've liked. I'm interested just in everything concerning you and I'm happy to be able to know you as a person.

Now I feel that I need to give you more information about me:-) So, I'm Svetlana (that is my full name) or Sveta for short. I live in Nikolaev, that is a nice town especially in summer and it is located in the South of Ukraine. I'm 29 years old and I'm a piano teacher. My favorite composer is Chopin. I'm found of music, art and sport. My favorite time pass is to visit art galleries and exhibitions, to listen to music and to play myself, to practice sports like tennis and fitness classes, meeting my friends. My family is my parents, I'm a single child. My Mom is a nurse and my father is an engineer. I live alone in the rented flat with my nice pet - Kesha, it's a parrot. I do not have kids, but I was married for 3 years and now I'm divorced for more than one year already. I'll tell you more about that if you'd like.

I understand that our communication will continue step by step, but I'm so impatient to learn just everything concerning you! It'd be my pleasure if you always share with me your stories and memories, all your news and events! I'm truly interested in getting acquainted with you much more better!

I guess that's all for now and I hope I haven't disappoint you in any way and that in future we'll find a lot in common. Also, i'll be waiting impatiently for the photos you've told me about, it'd be really great to get them! Thank you in advance!

I hope that your day was as lucky as mine today!
Buy, your Sveta.