Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Antipina to Christian (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello Christian,
Many thanks for your letter. To me it is very pleasant, that you do not forget
To write to me. I am always very happy, when I can see your new
The letter. I am very happy, that could find such good man in
The Internet. Fairly to tell, earlier I not so trusted dialogue in
The Internet. But now I am very happy that I have decided to take advantage
The Internet also could find such person as you. I am very happy,
That the Internet has given the chance to us to communicate, not looking at that that us
Divide thousand kilometres. It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you.
I understand that about everyone the letter all of us can learn each other more.
And I start to understand that you that person to whom I can trust. And
For me it is very pleasant.
As I very much would would like talk with you by phone. For me would be
It is very pleasant to hear your voice and it is simple talk with you. But to
To regret now I do not have phone. At me was mobile
Phone, but at me it have stolen when I went in the morning for work in
Public transport. I at all have not noticed as it have occurred. When I
Has come for work, I have seen that my bag has been cut. I have looked
In the bag also has understood that at me is not present in phone and purse bag.
I has handed in the statement in militia, but to me have told that to them every day
Many people with the same problems and most likely they come
Can make nothing. In Russia the militia works very badly and to
To regret in Russia the criminality is very developed. Now I do not have money
To buy new phone and consequently to me to have to do without
Phone. I can give you only a phone number on work. But it is
Whether used for emergency calls and I do not know you can phone to
This number because most likely it does not accept the international
Calls. It is number (36742) 37105. But I am very happy that we can
To communicate with the help of the Internet. In each letter we can more and more and
It is more to learn each other. But I consider, that we can well learn
Each other, only if we are always sincere in our letters.
We should not be afraid to tell each other in the letters on ours
Dreams. How you consider? You agree with me? I am very happy that we
Have started to communicate as very good friends. Now I consider you
Such person. The person with which to me it is very interesting and pleasant
To communicate. The person to which I can trust. And I very much hope ours
Relations will outgrow in more serious. Certainly I understand that very much
It is difficult to think of more serious relations when we are so
Far apart. But it not seems to me that it can become
Barrier. I hope that in the future we can carry out our meeting.
It would seem to me very remarkably. I am very happy that you
As seriously concern our acquaintance. I am very happy that
Our dreams somehow coincide.
Probably I have a little tired you with the letter. Well, probably on it
I will finish the letter. I with the big impatience will wait for yours
Yours Ekaterina.

P.S.: as I would like to give you my home address:
country: Russia
zip code: 424020
street: Drelevsky
house: 16
department: 46
Ekaterina Antipina
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