Scam letter(s) from Dilyara Shagimardanova to Pablo (Uruguay)

Letter 1
Are you a men of my dream? I really hope so.
Thats why i decided to write you a letter. It is really wonderful, that we have an opportunity to communicate over the Internet, just imagine if we have to write letters to each other, send them by post and wait for the answer for a long time. It will be really awful:-)))) But if tecnological progress give us the chance to avoid this long expectation i believe that it is good possibility for people to find their beloved.
Okey, i think you wonder why i am here, right??? Well, i decided to write you a letter!!!! Yes, yes, i liked what i knew about you and i do wish my first letter to you will be romantic and sharming, because i am a romantic and affectionate girl!! But i think you will find out it a little bit latter:-)) Just tease you :-)
So how to start??? I should tell you something....oh, i will start form my work!!! It is rather serious profession. Can you guess it?
No, i am not a lawyer. And not an engeneer. Worse!!! )))) Give up? OK, i would not load off your mind any more. I am a dentist... I hope your knees don't tremble when you hear this word ))) And what about you? What do you do for living? Do you like your job? As for me, i am fond of my work. But when i was a child i dreamt to become stewardess. Do you have any dream in childhood? Did it come true?
Now i try to imagine your character. What kind of person are you? I think you are self-confident, reliable man with good sense of humour. Am i right? Please, tell me this in your letter. Also i am interested what features of character do you prefer to see in your girlfriend? Maybe, i am a princess you are dreaming about all your life. By the way, do you believe in miracle? Possibly, this miracle is, that we have finally found each other?
What else about myself? I am rather sociable person, so i have a lot of aquaintances and a couple of devoted friends. By the way, during my life i notice, that I am often attracted with people, whose character is opposite to my. And if i write you a letter it means that your character cames quite unlike with my own, and i am very interested in your opinion about this question. Do you agree with the proverb: "Opposite meets"? Okey, okey, i am not sure but i hope that i am right!!!:-)))
Okey, i see that i chat a lot!!! And i think that now it is your turn to tell me something about yourself!!! I have a great number of questions for you, but i don't want to scare you from the first letter:-))))
So i do think that i should finish my letter!
I hope it was not too boring for you, but now you know something about a woman, who maybe...maybe can become your soul mate...Actually who knows, who knows!!!!;-)
Still i hope that you will answer me!!
So will I find a letter from you tomorrow? )))))
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