Scam letter(s) from Olga Smirnova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend;-) How do you do? You know, it is so great that today I was thinking about you and "voila" you have sent me your message! Thank you. There are so many things I would like to tell you about myself, to help you to know me better and may be we can start from friendship:-) As you have already noticed, my name is Yulia and as it is pointed in my profile, I live in a nice and not too big country in Europe - Ukraine. Have you ever been here? I always try to pass this life with a smile on my lips, even it is really not easy, you know, I'm an optimist. I'm active and sportive lady and always care well about my health, may be that's why I work as a nurse;-) I don't know what else to tell, but may be it is now your turn;-) Take care,
hope to get your reply soon;-)
Letter 2
Hi dear Jose! You know, today is so lovely day and also I have received your message, so I have many reasons to have a great mood;-) Thank you for your message and for your picture,you are very handsome man! It is so nice of you to tell me a little about yourself. But I really would love to know much more about you,your family,your hobbies,your friends and many other things you want to share with me:)Also I want to thank you for your compliments,it is so nice of you! Also I want to tell you that unfortunately I Did not ever have any chance to travel abroad though of course I want that much. I dream one day to visit another countries,to know their culture,to meet new people,to feel all the romance of travelling. I think I will need a guide for my travel,do you agree:)? In my last message i have already told you something about myself, but of course it was just a little part of the things and events from my life that i would like to share with you. Maybe I start from some biographical moments;-) So, you know already my name, it is Yulia. I was born and have spent all my life in a nice city of the South part of Ukraine Nikolaev, it is near Black Sea. At present time I'm 27 years old and I will have my next Birthday on the 18th of August, so I'm summer girl and my zodiac sign is Leo, though of course I don't believe much in the horoscopes, I think that each of us build his/her life by his/her own, as it is just our own wish to talk to each other here, do you agree;-)?! Ok, as for my profession, I'm a nurse and I work in one of the hospitals of my city, in the unit of surgery. Before beginning to work in this field, I have finished a medical college. I like my work, though I can't tell that it is easy, but I like to help and care about people. My mother always tells me that i have a very big and kind heart and I really hope so:-) As for my personal life, I'm alone lady for the last two years. I have been married and now I'm divorced without kids. I live in my own apartment in Nikolaev, by the way not far from the apartment of my parents, I'm the only child. You know, my parents are very kind and wonderful people, they care about each other and of course about me. They both still work, father as a worker at the factory and my mother is an accountant at the same factory. I love my parents! Ooops, I have written so much already and you will laugh, but I didn't tell all what I wanted;-) Maybe I'll just add some words about my hobbies, it is first of all sport, I visit regularly gym and also play tennis two times a week. I like to read and i have a big collection of books at home. I love pets, but can't permit myself to keep any of the at home, as I really don't have much time to care about them. Also I enjoy outdoors and to spend time with my friends which I have a lot and hope that from now you are one of them;-) I was very glad to talk to you and now wait for your reply, my dear Jose:-) With best wishes,
your new friend Yulia.
Letter 3
Nice Day to you, my dear Jose! Thank you for finding time and replying to me on my last letter, you are so lovely;-) I understand that you also have many affairs to do from day to day, but I also hope that you will always find some minutes to write me, as you know how much I'm interested in you. I appreciate you much for telling me more about you and your life. I feel very happy to notice so much positive chemistry between you and me and our connection has promising perspectives as we seem to be a compatible matching couple with same desires and aspirations. You seem to have the qualities that make you very desirable and appealing to me...And what lovely words you have told me in your letter,you are real gentleman:)Also I want to thank you for your offer to travel together but I don't have an international passport and without it I'm unable to come abroad, though of course I want to travel much. You know, my dream country is France, i would like one day to visit it. It seems to me it is very beautiful and romantic country. In my last letter i have told you some words about my personal life and also about my bad experience. I hope you don't mind that I didn't tell you more about this situation, as I really didn't want to start our communication from so sad moments of my life;-) Today I have decided to tell you this story, as whatever one may do any way it is a part of my life and I don't want to hide from you anything. I think that you agree with me that unfortunately in the modern world divorces have become a usual thing and people stopped even to try to safe their marriage. As for me, I am the person who always dream to marry once and forever. But unfortunately everything didn't depend just from me, as a couple it is always two persons. Me and my ex-husband have married in three months after our meeting. I didn't want to hurry, but he has taken a decision to marry me and followed this aim. He talked with my parents and made acquaintance with my friends and everybody was fascinated by him. Everything looks like a fairy tale and I considered myself a very happy woman to meet such wonderful and loving man. But it was my mistake, as in some months of our marriage the happiness has come to its end. My ex has started to meet with friends each day and come back home in the late night and always *****. He lived by his own life and we weren't be a family any more. I have done so many things to safe our happiness and our marriage, but it was in vain and one day when he has told me that he has married me just as it should be so in the life - family, kids - and not because he loved me and wanted to spend the whole life with me in love and happiness. Of course after such words I can't stay with this man any more and we divorced. You know, I do not regret about anything, as for me it was just great lesson that i always should listen to my heart and my mind before to make any step in the life. Now after these years of loneliness and when I have rethought everything, I have decided to follow an advice of one of my good friend and to look for my love in the Internet, as i know for sure there is my second part somewhere in this world and may be it is you...:-) So, I have found in the newspaper an announce about a translation company that helps people who wants to meet a man abroad, but don't know English language and don't have any access to the Internet system. Unfortunately it is my story, as I know just some words in English and it is not enough at all for even a simple communication and also I don't have a computer at home. They have helped me to replace my profile and now to communicate with you, I so appreciate them, as without their help my meeting with you was impossible. Oh, as usually my letter is very long and I really hope that you have enough forces to read it till the end and do not fall asleep(just joking:-)!)
Have a nice day,
yours Yulia.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jose! How it is really nice each time to see your message in my mail box and I'm always so curious to know what you have written to me this time that at first I look through all your letter and then reread it more detail, as I do not want to miss anything from it:-) You know, I didn't even ever think that it is possible to be as much attracted to a person whom you know just for some short time and only though the correspondence. But now I know that it is the truth and may be it is even a time to believe in the love form the first sight;-) By the way, do you believe in it?! Darling, I appreciate you much for your understanding and support about my experience in the life. You know, I think that any experience that we get during the life is necessary for us, as it helps us do not make the same mistakes and wrong steps in the future. My dear Jose, yesterday I have had so nice evening in my family circle, me, my aunt and my cousin(by the way i send you a picture of him and me), we all have gathered for a dinner at the place of my parents. I like such evening and when I was little we have had them a lot, but unfortunately now we gather not often. We all shared with each other our news and I have told about you and our meeting in the Internet. I really hope you don't mind that I have told about our communication to my family;-) You can even imagine how much questions I have been asked and one more time I see how my family is curious;-) So, I have shared with them how we have met and of course have told about you and my big attraction to you. When the curiosity was satisfied, they all have told me how much they are happy for me and now wish to meet you one day. I have so wonderful family and they always support me in anything. Our meeting is not occasional, as we can give each other the completion of the past or begin together the new future. Each of us has the answers to the saved up questions of one another. Our wisdom will multiply twice and our ******* will share as much. I know well I need you, I want to be with you all my life. I don't afraid to start a new life, our common life! You are the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I know that I didn't tell you that before, but I'm very-very attracted to you and our communication for me is much more than just friendship.
I hope you understand what I'm trying to tell you... I need to share honestly with you all what I have in my mind and already in my soul. I send you many kisses with best wishes to spend great day;-)
Yours Yulia.
Letter 5
Hello, my darling Jose! As always I want to thank you for your nice letter,your warm compliments!You know,my parents send greeting for you too and for your question about pretenders of my heart I must to say that I meet many peoples but for now You only one man of my life and only for you I write my letters,laughing and feel good emotion... Every your letter touches my heart and my soul and I can't live without them any more! I count hours and minutes till I'll come to the agency to read you wonderful letter! All your words about me are so kind and nice. They always fill me with warmth and love! Darling, I want to tell to the whole world how much I'm happy to meet you on my life road! As for the phone, of course it will be great to hear each other's voices and to tell to each other "Hello", but unfortunately at the present time it is impossible, as I don't have a cell phone. Some weeks ago I have sold my old phone, as it worked already bad. Now I'm going to buy another one, that is much better and I gather money for it. As soon as I'll buy it, I'll send you my phone number and we will talk:-) Before our acquaintance, I was living an ordinary life. Every day I went at the work and did just ordinary things that we all do in a daily life. Sometimes I have met with my friends. But any way all the time I have felt loneliness and futility inside me. Very often I dreamed about my happy future with my beloved man. But now all my dreams have realized, because I have met you, my darling! You are tender and careful, cheerful and cute! You have kind and hot heart! I can describe you at one word - YOU ARE WONDERFUL! I feel that I'm falling in love with the best man in the world! When I have received your first letter, my heart has trembled! And then I have thought that may be it was a sign and you are my fortune! And now with every your letter I understand more and more that you are man of my dreams! You are in my heart and in my mind! My darling, I believe that the story about true love exists and it could be our story! Thanks to you I have forgotten what is solitude! You have melted ice in my heart and now there is rage river! My heart is like a volcano, which have waked up after many years of sleep! It's excellent to love! Life is filling of bright and vivid colors! I'm happy and I want to share this feeling with the whole world. You know all the time I dream about you and me and how it could be wonderful to be just now together, to look into each other's eyes, to laugh, to kiss..! I'm so excited because of my dreams and I know for sure that you are the only who could make me very happy woman. You have already done this, though we didn't even met each other in a real life. But now we have the most important - each other and future that we could make our common future! Yesterday, I was told at my work that I have changed. And nobody can understand what had happened. I have only said them that destiny has presented me a gift, on which I was waiting all my life! My darling, you have made me the happiest woman in the world and I have only one desire, to be with you! You are always in my thoughts and I hope to receive your reply soon! Yours forever,
Letter 6
Dear Sir, Please, allow us to notify you that the lady you have corresponded with is unable to reply your last e-mail for the reason that her contract with our bureau is over. We are translation bureau "Universe" and our service contains providing translation of your correspondence and also computer and Internet access to your lady. When the contract is fulfilled again, your correspondence will be continued. We have notified your lady concerning the statement of her contract as well. We will be glad to assist you and your lady further. If you might be interested in our service, would you, please, inform us through the e-mail and we will forward you all the information concerning our service. The e-mail address of our bureau is Faithfully,
Translation bureau "Universe".
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