Scam letter(s) from Melissa Harrington to Robert (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Dear Robert Sorry for my late response , I have just arrived from Barcelona, Spain where I went on an International assignment for the British Government. Jessica had already told me so many great things about you and I bet it, she is so lucky to have such a wonderful person as you. I really cannot wait to meet you in person. I am Jefferey Rice , the president and principal partner Jefferey Rice's .Chambers & Co. here in London with a branch in Jamaica . I am an International attorney of great repute with proven track records and also have been the family attorney of the Brown’s family for over 2 and half decades. My client, Late Donald Brown ,was one of the largest share holders in Shell oil company for years before his death. He also had an oil land in kuwait, housing estate in Korea ,a fabric processing company in Austria and two trunk boxes containing the family treasure of 4.7 million USD deposited with a private courier Parcel Experts & Security Company . As you know, Jessica is still a young lady who needs good guidelines and advice to secure a great future given the amount of asset she has in stock. The instruction left by her Late father, demands an immediate execution of the provisions of the WILL and hand over to Jessica and her soul mate , immediately she finds someone who she loves dearly and wishes to settle down with in holy matrimony, and based on Jessica’s emphasis on your true love for her, I’m willing and ready to act accordingly.
I would want you to tell me some basic things about you.What you do for a living, age and your plans for Jessica . Upon hearing from you, I would intimate you about every detail, in total confidence, all that is involved and the procedure to getting them all cleared at the earliest possible time. I also will appreciate it if you could send me your full names, address and every other basic things you believe I should know about you for crosscheck. Sorry once again for the delay in my response. Thanks as I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Sincerely Jefferey Rice Jefferey K Rice and associates
Lawyers Solicitors and Legal Advisors
315 berrycoombe vale Bodmin ,Cornwall, England,
United Kingdom,PL21 2PH
Website :
Phone number :+ 44 703-198-7833
Letter 2
Dear Robert, I appreciate your concerns for Jessica and your effective response to her needs. I am so impressed with your positive attitude towards helping Jessica and planning to meet her ahead. With your prowess and achievements in life over the years, it is enough to show as a standard that you are really the best for her. I believe Jessica is very lucky to have such a nice and very intelligent man as you for a husband .Really the age is not a barrier what matters most is the love ,care and support you are ready to give. Following my promise to contact you with further details on my client’s WILL as was instructed by my clients daughter, Jessica , you will find below a copy of the WILL just to let you have a copy of what she has as her inheritance and since the instruction left by Jessica’s father demands an immediate execution of the WILL and hand over to her immediately Ann finds someone who she loves dearly and wishes to settle down with in holy matrimony.I am going to call the security company where the money is deposited tomorrow to know what steps we need to take to clear the money as soon as possible without any further delay .I am trully a very busy man and i travel all the time but i will let you know when it is convinient for us to meet ,because busy schedule this week and I will be travelling to Canada where i have another branch office to be able to get other vital documents that will be needed to clear the properties .I will forward your details to the necessary department for proper crosscheck and validation of the details provided.Im still waiting to see a copy of your passport because I will need to attach it with the other paper works.Let me stop here be free to ask me any question and i will be very glad to answer. Thanks as I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience . Sincerely Jefferey Rice Jefferey K Rice and associates
Lawyers Solicitors and Legal Advisors
7 berrycoombe vale Bodmin ,Cornwall, England,
United Kingdom,PL21 2PH
Website :
Phone number : +44 703-198-7833
Letter 3
Robert, I have attached my certificate to this email. Get me a fax number for me to fax my ID Card to you and I will immediately. Thanks. Howard Richards ESQ.
Letter 4

Robert, U bent het fout hier. Ik heb niet gezegd mijn kantoor is niet meer in Londen. Ik zei, Jeffrey's kantoor in Cornwall is verhuisd en is hij niet meer in Londen. Jefferey Rice, de advocaat die u zijn gesprek met voordat ik werd ingevoerd heeft verlaten Londen voor Canada lang geleden. Het telefoonnummer Ik gaf je mijn mobiele telefoonnummer. Vergeet niet, maar ik was op vakantie, ik heb u het telefoonnummer, zodat we kunnen communiceren ik u nodig om te bellen naar mij. Ik ben terug op mijn kantoor aan huis nu en kon je me bellen op al mijn telefoons inclusief vaste lijn en mobiel zijn. Mijn telefoonnummer is van O2 Mobiele telefoon die in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Je kan dit bevestigen. Niet elke mobiele telefoon in Londen begint met 78 of 79. Wat mijn eigen kantoor, ik ben hier in Londen en je hebt mijn adres. Ik ben een beursgenoteerde gecertificeerd advocaat. Volg deze link om uit te vinden., _LONDON/SOLICITOR/HOWARD_RICHARDS___CO_/X9959FCA3CBC34EB091F053D81D2DF2B5 Ik heb niet veel te zeggen dan dat ik heb verheven boven en ik wil dat je een tweede onderzoek naar alles. Nogmaals, mijn kantoor is breed en opengesteld voor u of een van uw onderzoekers. Kom op elk moment en ik zal zeer blij te wonen aan jou. Nogmaals, hier is mijn adres: Howard Richards Esq.
Advocaten advocaten en juridische adviseurs
Howard Richards Chambers & Co
125 High Holborn, Camden, GT. Londen, Engeland,
Verenigd Koninkrijk, WC1V 6QA
Business E-mail:
Persoonlijke mail:
Telefoonnummer: +44 75 23 71 48 07
Bedankt voor uw begrip. Howard Richards Esq.
Letter 5
Robert, You are getting it wrong here. I did not say my office is no more in London. I said, Jeffrey’s office in Cornwall has moved and he is not more in London. Jefferey Rice, the attorney you have been talking to before I was introduced has left London for Canada long time ago. The phone number I gave you is my mobile phone number. Remember, while I was on holiday, I sent you the phone number so that we could communicate I case you needed to call me. I am back at my home office now and you could call me to all my phones including Land line and mobile. My phone number is from O2 Mobile phone issued in the UK. You could confirm this. Not every mobile phone in London starts with 78 or 79. As for my own office, I am here in London and you have my address. I am a listed certified attorney. Follow this link to find out.,_LONDON/SOLICITOR/HOWARD_RICHARDS___CO_/X9959FCA3CBC34EB091F053D81D2DF2B5 I have not much to say than all that I have raised above and I would want you to do a second investigation into all of it. Once again, my office is wide and opened to you or any of your investigators. Come in anytime and I will be very happy to attend to you. Once again, here is my address: Howard Richards ESQ.
Lawyers Solicitors and Legal Advisors
Howard Richards Chambers & Co.
125 High Holborn, Camden, Gt. London, England,
United Kingdom, WC1V 6QA
Business Email:
Personal mail:
Phone Number: +44 75 23 71 48 07
Thanks for your understanding. Howard Richards ESQ.
Letter 6
Hi Robert, How are you doing today. Once again, it really was nice meeting you yesterday and I really appreciate all you have been doing for Jessica. I was able to pick up the forms for the other documents including the Affidavit of Claim this morning so that, when you arrive on Thursday, we would be able to finalize and submit all of them officially in person. Just as discussed, I have contacted the security company requesting them to allow us an opportunity to confirm the content of the Vault before finalizing the transaction of having it released to us and they have agreed to meet us on Thursday. I will get further details on the timing to you. However, they confirmed that the Vault is presently located at their Dijon DeliveryTLX Centre and that they would have to transport it to Paris which is about 340km from Paris and which will attract a sum of ?3,100. That covers the Safe keeping and Delivery Charges. Based on this, I will advise that when coming, please bring with you in person, the sum of money mentioned above to enable us have the opportunity to confirm and pay for the delivery of the Vault containing the funds. We would confirm the content of the Vault and pay them. I will call you to further explain to you all I have written here. Have a great day and looking forward to meeting you here in Paris tomorrow. Best Regards, Howard Richards ESQ.
Letter 7
Robert: I must confess that I am not impressed with the way you are handling this situation. I have been here in Paris for 4 days now and unfortunately for me, I have misplaced my wallet and other luggage. I took my time, I travelled more than 350km to meet you in Holland 2 days ago and yet, you are still questioning my authenticity. I do not like this at all. I have abandoned my office for 4 days now, only to find myself here in Paris just for you and Jessica. You requested for my meeting you in Holland and I did travel to meet you. I left London and visited you in Holland. I am not sure of what other thing you want Robert. Regarding the address of the security company, I have to bring it to your notice that Parcel Securities International’s address is restricted to non-diplomats or to non accredited members of their organization.
When you arrive here in Paris, before we are taken to their address to take delivery of the luggage’s, they will have to meet with us first for an official meeting to give us a temporary diplomatic pass which will authorize us entrance to their storage facility for the clearance of the Vault containing the funds. I think they are doing this as a security measure to guarantee the safety of their various clients luggage’s and consignment with their company. This same measure was followed at the time of deposit of the luggage by Jessica’s father before the security company relocated to their new office. Please, let me know if you will meet me here in Paris tomorrow as it is important I know to enable me decide on what next to do. I do not want to waste any more time here. The security company also confirmed our meeting for 10:00am tomorrow; please endeavor to be here by then. Call me to let me know immediately you have confirmed you will be coming and when you arrive Paris, you have my phone number, call me to enable me meet you at the train station on arrival. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Howard Richards ESQ.
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