Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Gadylgaraeva to Wayne (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Hello my love Wayne.
Thank you for your photo. I like your photo very much. Thank you very much for the letter, it is snowing here today and it is rather cold here, I can tell that such kind of weather is close to my thoughts and to what I am feeling now. I know it is sound very sad and may look like I am telling about the saddest day of my life, but I am a bad mood now, I am praying we are together and sadly I am still so far from you. I am dreaming we are together as soon as possible and it what I am wishing when I see the falling star and I even think sometimes that all the stars what could help me with my wishes are already fallen (smile). My lovely Wayne I have very good news.
Tomorrow I will get my international passport. As I wrote to you visa with the medical insurance costs $550. My love, I need money start to make the visa now. You can help me with visa? I am dreaming of you much now and wishing we are together very soon. I am closing here for now. Kissing you tenderly and will be waiting for the answer from you as soon as possible.
Forever yours Katya
Letter 2

Hello sweet Wayne.
Thank you very much for the letter, I am glad reading it today. I am sorry I was not able to answer you until now. My lovely Wayne, I work much now to have money for trip to you in January. I make extra work and I have earned money for the visa now. I have driver's license and passport. I hope that you can help me with tickets to you. I hope that we shall together soon. The weather here came colder today. So I do not have a very good mood now. And I am still dreaming we are together really soon, I hope it will come true and only this hope helps me feel a bit better. We are talking for a long time and it seems like we have told each other almost everything we could tell being so far. And when we are together we will have so many chances to talk to each other about anything we wish. I liked talking to you, but I will not have the chance to make it really soon, sorry. And it makes me really sad too. I hope it will be soon and we are together at last a soon as possible. I am kissing you softly and waiting for the letter from you with impatience.
Forever yours Katya
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