Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kuzminih to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love Chris. I am very glad that you want to meet me! I very seriously concern to you, you very much like me as in soul and externally. I think you that who to me is necessary, you very romantic and interesting person. I want to spend time near to you walking under a hand.. Restaurants, a casino or other entertaining institutions are not necessary for me, we can walk simply along the street, I shall closely listen to your histories. My feelings and intentions it is sincere in relation to you, I am absolute sure in the feelings. You are necessary for me also I want to you, I want that you have embraced me strong at a meeting and to know that you me like. I very much would like to visit at you on a visit, I want to arrive to you, to learn you we approach to each other even closer because as I think we, but we can make final decisions only after a meeting. I already descended in travel agency and have learned how much is the passport, the visa and the ticket. That I and Alina could arrive to you, it to be necessary for us 1800 USD. It is not convenient for me to ask you money, but I just now have really estimated in what sum to me there will be this trip, it is the big sum of money for me. I was not capable to pay its itself, I count on you and me important your opinion in this occasion. I think, that you will understand all correctly. I have explained all fairly and count on your answer. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Your perfect Anna.
Letter 2
Hello Chris Happy Valentines day to you! In our country, this holiday not so is popular as in your country. But all the same many people mark it. Alina to me has told that at school they will have holiday. There will be a box in which all interested persons will put cards with wishes. Yesterday I helped to do cards Alina. Today when I saw off in school she very much worried. How in your country I shall mark this holiday?
I wait for your letter. Anna P.S. You have sent me too the letter, I to you have told that to me is necessary 1800 USD to arrive to you.
Letter 3
Hello Chris Dear I all has understood, but probably you have badly understood me. At me is not present 1800 USD to arrive to you. If you think that you cannot send money to me, these are nonsenses. Because I called in embassy USA and to me have told that you can send without problems to me money. For example, you can use Western Union. How are you? What weather at you? Now at me the sun, temperature -8C shines. I wait for your letter. Anna
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