Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kuzminih to Danny (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend!!!
I have found your profile on relatieplanet you to me very much have liked. I wish to learn you better. My name is Olga. What to say?
Really, do not know what can I tell about myself to person who I even have never seen... But I'll try. To me 32 years. I have a daughter.
her name Alina. To her of 7 years. I like to go to cinema, to listen to music. I like music. I play on a piano. My friends speak about me, that I the interesting and cheerful person. I send you the photo. I hope that I have interested you. I shall wait yours for the letter.
Letter 2
Hello Doei I am very happy to meet you on the internet. and begin correspondence.
I hope that our correspondence can result not only in letters, but it will be possible to remain friends all through life. Who knows!!!!!!!
Who knows!!!!!!! I am called Olga and I am 32 years old. I was born on July, 4, 1973. I live in Russia. I live near Vladivostok. But I was born in in another city in the North of Russia. My parents have died several years ago.
My daddy was the military pilot. My mum was the teacher. Due to the trade of the father I was in many cities of Russia, we had to move frequently from city in city. My daddy died in 1995. My mum dies in 1997. For me it is very hard to recollect it. I do not want to tell about it much. I hope, you will understand me. I still have grandmother who lives in village. She is 150 kilometers from the city.
In the summer we frequently go to her. Is it a problem for you that I am from Russia?

I have a daughter whom I call Alina. Alina gives meaning to my life.
Alina now six years, and she studies in the first class. Alina’s birthday is on May 16, 2000. This the most expensive, that at me is. I love my daughter very much and I spend all my free time with her. We live together. I met my husband 8 years ago. His name is Denis. I had to divorce him because he saw many other women and he left me. I could not suffer it.
Especially as our daughter grew up. I did not want Alina to be near such a father. Alina knows her father, but she does not want to see him because she does not have a good impression of him. Now Denis lives in the other city. After the divorce he has not wished Alina happy birthday. After the divorce, I could find no man to have a serious relationship.
For me it was very difficult to trust in the man. And I did not see in those men, that me surrounded the one of whom I could grow fond. But as they say - “ time treats ”. And consequently I have tried to find love on the Internet. This my first experience.
I have finished 11 grades of school and attended Vladivostok University. I have finished music school. I play on a piano. My job is a manager. I work in the big supermarket as the senior manager. My work is to watch over many people (workers). I supervise 150 people.
It is very responsible work. This work is pleasant for me. I should work much. At leisure I am completely engaged with Alina. I help her to study foreign languages. She very talented girl. She studies at music school. All this is pleasant for her. (She enjoys these things very much.). My hobby is collecting figurines. I enjoy this very much. Dancing men, women, dogs, cats and so on. They are charming for me. I like to listen to all types of music. But most of all I like to play music on the piano. Sometimes Alina and I play together on the piano. I think that I shall finish this letter. Ask questions, I will answer them with pleasure. I want to tell you That our relations must be based on trust and respect for our feelings for each other. I hope you will understand that now it is difficult for me to begin new relations. But I shall try. I wait for your letter Yours faithfully, Olga
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