Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kuzminih to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my friend!!!
I so am pleased to receive news from you again, it very interestingly for me to learn you in person. I start to know you more, and it is very pleasant for me to have dialogue with you my friend.
I also hope, that too it is interesting to you to study me as the person.
My dear friend, I want to tell to you very important point which has forced me to write to you. 2 years ago when to me there were 27 years I had the guy from ours city about which I already spoke in the previous letter, in general here in Russia I had then still girlfriend Irina with which I always shared the ideas concerning the love to this men. Then she was going to leave abroad and has told to me that I have made the same.
Most of all, she to tell, that the Russian men are not reliable, and on them It is impossible to rely. Also it is impossible to feel like behind them as behind a stone wall, similarly to the protected girl in reliable hands of loved man. But I did not trust in it, and hoped to find happiness here.
Also did not trust words mine girlfriends Irina. But unfortunately her words appeared the fierce truth for me minefriend. Then I not find here it is more any another the man, simply I could not make it after my closest person has not made it that is to change to me with other woman which is much more senior than I... To me hardly suffered it, and still I could go through it and find in myself forces, to write to someone on the internet, in general I have decided to engage seriously search from the Internet and to not want to play game, and to want to find itself the worthy person which can understand in all me and to allow to me all love and care only to me one, simply the Internet is my last hope to find the happiness and unique love in the person. My friend I want tell you to about girlfriend Irina, she still then when I to have attitudes with this person to start to search to itself for someone from the Internet. I thought, that it and in the waste of time, but as appeared, that she to find to herself happiness there, she now lives already in France, in the city of Marseilles about 2 years. Its husband name Jacque and she is happy with it, I too am glad for them, I cannot simply transfer all pleasure for my the girlfriend, approximately 2 months ago she to write to me the telegram from the city of Marseilles to me, she to write in it that at them the son was born, and that that she does not want that I remained here in Russia and to tell to me that I tried to find somebody through the Internet also, and thanking to its words I have decided to try to make it, I do not know, that it will turn out from all it, but nevertheless I think, it is real. Strange, but to its husband 45, and it only 29 years, and not looking on this difference in the age of they could find in the friend the friend that all people on the ground search is a love. I too trust only to men which is more senior than I, I simply to not want, that my history with my first love has repeated again. My friend I do not know, how affairs on the internet are, whether I do not know people find happiness here whether or not, it is very interesting to me to know your ideas on to this occasion, I am good, simple for the first time to use it as I never thought, that it is necessary to me to take advantage of the internet, to search for happiness there. My friend I do not know it, and I hope that I can make it as I seriously to solve it for myself. Probably in the future we shall learn each other more probably also we can do, something for the sake of it, but I think, that we have time to learn in the friend the friend to those people which approach on in love pair of people and to build the happiness together, but while early to think of it, I simply have very strongly reflected while I write to you this letter. It can be named mine the most sincere dreams of the life, it is correct dreams? My dear anyway I all the same shall be to dream to find the happiness here on the Internet. I think, that will suffice to dream.
Now I want to tell to you about my family:
She is my mum Elena. And also my younger sister Masha which else to study in to school, in 6 class, my sister only 12 years, and she already adult girl which can understand people. We frequently talk to it about its affairs at school, and even sometimes I help to do to it the task which to it have set on the house at school of its teacher. My mum the seller of clothes shop, we always share with it impressions after the difficult working day, also we joke in this occasion behind a cup of tea with sugar cookies. My mum has divorced from my father when to me there were 6 years. I since did not see him and almost I do not remember. Mum tries to not speak with me about it and always translates conversation on other theme when I try to ask about him. I heard, that he was the thief and even sat in prison, but i was then the child and i many did not understand. Well, I think, that any more it is not necessary to write about it. Let this remain in the past.
I am glad for our family my friend. Our family lives without what or conflicts, we have very good understanding between each other.
Also I to want tell you, that we live in an apartment with two rooms, it not as abroad, but all the place always suffices us to invite also visitors. I want to tell to you, that I to speak the mum, that I has got acquainted with you my friend... she to understand it and to tell, that I the clever girl and do only as it will be better for my happiness and a further life, she are simply very much concerned with my past with this guy, also wish me only good luck and understanding from loved which person I could name the destiny. My friend I would like to return to the work and to write to you it is more about it as I to tell earlier I work as the hairdresser(female master), in our city people basically only polite and never are not rude to us, but there are also exceptions that spoil mood for all stayed day, but it happens very seldom. I very much would like to learn about your work more, as it is very interesting to me to know as live and people work abroad?
I to want to tell to you still, that never was abroad and to not see that there occurs. My dream still consists in travel in other country, I to want it as well as the small child probably, but nevertheless it is the fact of my dream. My friend I probably have tired you with it, well I shall finish my mail to you, and I shall write to you more tomorrow. I only want to transfer you warm greetings From my family, I hope for your answer soon.
Letter 2
Hello my friend!!!
How your mood today? I feel perfectly. thanks for your last answer of e-mail, on mine to opinion it is very wonderful that we write each other, the truth? You do not represent as me to like to learn you in the person, I am simply glad to this as the small child. I trust you as a whole when I write to you these lines from mine hearts, I think, that to you it is also interesting to know me. I even could not assume, that to me will be so pleasantly to communicate with you and to learn about you practically all your life. In general I am glad and happy to all this very strongly.
Well my friend I think, that to you will be it is interesting to learn about my enthusiasm as a whole, the truth? I like to listen music of foreign executors. I do not have loved from it, but to me like listen songs in English, me it seems very beautifully, whether the truth my friend,and that be relative your tastes to music, you listened to Russian executors? In general to like me all modern music, I like to listen radio station Europe +, you heard about such, there sing almost all those songs which I like to listen. My friend still to like me to look romantic comedies from foreign directors.
To me very much to like film "Girl Next Door", you looked such, the truth I to not remember names of those people which were removed in it film, but all this my favourite film. My friend what do you like to look at leisure? To me very much it is interesting learn it from you my friend. My dear friend I to want tell still to you all those things about foodstuff which like me most of all: very much to like me a fried potato with a chicken, also I to love almost all kinds of soups. Also I love fried meat on coal, a barbecue. My friend and to like you a chicken, I think, what yes it so is tasty especially then when is hungry. Also I love very strongly a pizza with cheese, it I to be able to prepare very well as me to learn this my mum. I want to tell, that I like almost all fruit and vegetables. And it is especial oranges, bananas and a gentle fruit a banana. You like my tastes on foodstuff, is simple to me very much it would be desirable to know it as in other country have I peep. At me a correct sight on I peep, or it harmful at you. But nevertheless it will be interesting to me to know, how you eat. My friend probably it will be interesting to you to learn from me what hobby at me, I go to club harmonous figures due to what I can support myself the figure. And besides it is very useful for health, it is very good.
In the winter I like to go on a skating rink with my girlfriends, and to go for a drive on skates, it so impresses also it very quickly, you are able to do it, I think that I possible sometime can to learn you to this, it so fascinatingly and will cause warm smile on the person, it so is romantic when two loving the person go for a drive under a moonlight night together on ice. About, the my dear friend I again dream very much. But will suffice, still I want to tell you that I like read, at leisure. To me as well as all women very much to like watch last fashion and on this I to like read female magazines such as Cosmopoliton, you heard about such, it is very good.
My friend probably it is very interesting to you know my dreams, simply I remember it since those times when my girlfriend Irina told about men abroad, I was good to want tell you that my dream to learn drive the automobile, but as we to not have in family of it I be not able to do it, I think, that it also is wonderful as well as fast driving on skates, the truth? By the way, my mum and friends ask about you all time, it is very pleasant for me. I have told mine to mum, that you are very decent person! They are very pleased, that we have dialogue with you. My dear friend, my mum probably trust in destiny and trust that probably once we shall together, and she to wish us only good luck in it, strange probably but I too probably hope for it, but while I want to tell to you, that you become to me as the close friend to heart. For what it is very pleasant for me to have the friend.
I feel it, really. You are so good friend, you can understand me as a good friend to good friend, and I think that it's important thing in the life. I see that you trust me, as I do it with a great pleasure to you, and I think that it's so good thing in our friendship, really? I hope that you understand me, that in my opinion, all people in the world must to understand each other in spiritual plan of a dialogue. Do you agree with me?
Tell me about it, ok?
By the way I want to say to you that believe in God very much, I believe in Jesus, I am a Christian woman as I said you earlier. I like to go to Church. Our City's Church is a very beautiful place, there is a lot of an beautiful icons too, I like this. The priests sing beautiful songs and I like it very much. This so calms my soul when I have a bad mood too.
But now, I want to say to you that your e-mails calms me too when I have a bad mood, I feel it. I want to say to you that some people of our work personal, here in our hairdressing saloon know that we with you write to each other by the Internet. They said me that it's so good for us, they ask me to say to you a friend hello and they, as me, want know more about your country, about your culture.
I want to tell to you that it would be very pleasant for me to speak with you by phone if you not against certainly, you can to leave to me the phone number that I could cause you from Cheboksary post office, you probably are set why from telegraph, but on our family has no constant places of a call as it is very expensive for us. But I promise that I shall make this all efforts to cause you from post office. If you not against certainly.
I shall try to cause you very soon if you give to me this number, I shall try to do it. Also I have asked director of a hairdressinq saloon, to take telephone number of a hairdressinq, but to me refused, to me have told to this call not for the personal purposes, that is very much pity to me.
I also asked the friends to take advantage their phone, but I also was refused, as it is only them, and they do not want to give to me it, but anything I can to do it of telegraph from the city.
My dear friend still I want to tell you, that mine are loved color blue, it is my most favourite color, as it very much calms eyes, you like this color? Well my friend probably on it I shall stop the mail to you, also I hope to see your answer also soon. By the way my mother and friends also transfer to you most kind and warm greetings, also you speak that very much the kind person in the whole, it is very pleasant for me to hear it from them the my dear friend, and to you. yes the my dear friend I nearly have not overlooked, that I cannot cause you at once as it is necessary for me to receive earned payment to do it, I about impatience shall well wait your following letter. Yours it is sincere and respecting your ideas.
Letter 3
Hello my most dear friend!!!
Thanks for your new pictures. It was very pleasant for me to observe them. Me pleases, that you can send to me your pictures as you nice the man and me it is pleasant to observe you.
I so am happy to receive news from you again and again. Today I had bad mood.
Also except for that today, I had to serve very bad client in our hairdressing.
He tried to embrace me and spoke different offensive words. But then the police has thrown out him on street. My mood was awful after that. But when I have seen your letter on a computer, my mood at once has improved. I do not worry any more because of it.
Most dear, I see, that we are interested the friend in the friend and we learn more about us. I think, that it is so good for us with you, in fact it so is pleasant to have such friend as you.
My life became better after I to write to you. I feel that you can understand me, and this friendship much means for me very much, as your electronic mails bring to me only pleasure and a smile on the person. My dear friend, I see, that you trust to me and I do too most with the big interest to you, as for me I was very important to trust it to you, differently would not write to you as I do it with big pleasure to you the my dear friend.
I so am glad, that I have such pleasant dialogue with you. And I think, that all people on earth should trust in dialogue on distance in the spiritual plan of dialogue. I think, that it is very important part of our friendship.
Tell to me, that you consider in this occasion. Well?
In my opinion you have the majority of qualities which I search in the man.
And I hope that our attitudes may grow. Still I to want to tell to you about my dreams. My dreams simple. I to you already told about them. I want to be happy and to make happy on the Earth of the person liked by me. I to want to have the family. My family may and there will be no the idealest in this world but I to want to have family and it to be happy. You see what at me plain dreams. I for the present have not found that happiness which I search. Probably it is you.
For my 28 years of life I to save up what potential of tenderness and kind feelings which am not spent yet and I wait for the person towhich shall devote all of.
What to search you in the woman? Still I to want with you today will talk about that as I see a role of the woman in family. In my opinion neither husband nor the wife should not feel that their rights are restrained. In Russia of the woman are brought up so they should care of family more. All family problems lay on the woman. She should care of children prepare for food, erase, keep the house in clean. I am brought up in the same spirit. I to consider that the woman should hold keys from family. But also the man should her help very seriously. On the first place for the woman there should be a family.
Russian women are able to combine both work and family and everywhere to be irreplaceable. Therefore here the woman also works and conducts family.
I think that it correctly and am ready to make all that my future family was happy.
How you treat to this question?
Also I want to tell to you, that my colleagues know, that I communicate with you, they have told to me, that it is so good for me to communicate with you. They constantly ask me about your country, but I do not know, that to them to answer, they want to know as earn hairdressers in your country, so it is interesting to them to know it, I think, that they simply want to compare the earned payment Russia and your country the my dear friend. I understand them as they know, that in Russia it on much less than at you, and to all this they constantly transfer you warm greetings, I understand them, it so is interesting to communicate with the person from other country.
My dear friend, also I want to ask you your full name and your home address on any unforeseen case also. Please, send me it, okey?
I want to tell to you, that at us in Russia very bad service with mail, once Jacque has sent Irina a gift on postmail, and the gift has not reached Irina. It has been stolen. It so is shame and it is a pity, that at us in Russia have very much bad service with it, but nevertheless I never did not begin to use it if I do not know, it is reliable whether or not. I think, that is not necessary to use it, as I trust e-mail more than post mail. But nevertheless I shall leave to you my home address and mine full name:
Ekaterina Averina,
Karla Marksa 45 str., apartment 77
Cheboksary, Republic Chuvashiya,
Russia, 428000
Write down this address on a paper, so on any vital case, I think, that it is necessary to have the address of the friend. I so want to hear your voice, it as is very much important for me the my dear friend. I very much hope, that I can soon do it. Probably on it I shall finish my letter to you. Answer me soon, well in general I shall wait from you news as soon as possible, it is well mine? As well as always greetings from my parents, and my friends! My and best embrace of friends to you.
Sincerely yours the dear friend,
Letter 4

Greetings my love!!! I am very glad to see your letter. I can tell to you that I there do. I do not deny that that I there am. I not whom not when did not deceive! Simply I wanted to find to myself love and have made registration on a site. I was written by one young man and has sent me his photo. But it to me has not liked me and I would write to it that it did not write to me more as it does not interest me as my future love. On what it has answered and has told to me, that we would be even friends. I have agreed also we began to correspond as friends some time. But it was persevering and again the beginnings to me to suggest to be with it and to arrive to it in the USA, I again have refused also it have told to me that it to me will make so I not when I can not find the love on the Internet if I shall give up to it.
But I cannot live and speak a word of love to which person I do not like and to which I do not have not what feelings. And it has told that I can look one site and have sent me his electronic address. I have gone there and have seen that it is the black list of Russian girls. I very much was upset in this occasion and more I wrote to it when. I have changed my post address and I very much am afraid for that that I will be written still by such maniac. I hope for you my lovely prince. So because of this person all my dreams concerning us fall. It was right, that I can find here whom as one person and it you was necessary for me. But also you now do not trust me. Write to me that you think of it. I do not know as to be farther. I shall wait from you for news. With love and on always your Ekaterina.
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