Name: Marta Graham
Age: 28
Name: Helina Brices
Age: 32
Name: Maria
Age: 27
Name: Julie Todd
Age: 35
Name: Maria Pustovalova
Age: 25
Name: Susan Martins
Age: 30
Name: Joselyn
Age: 33
Name: Valerie Dumoine
Age: 36
Name: Olga Hadar
Age: 31
Name: Sandy Jay
Age: 28
Name: Daria
Age: 35
Name: Julia
Age: 27
Name: Evgenia Medvedeva
Age: 28
Name: Cassandra Owen
Age: 35
Name: Monica
Age: 26

Scam letter(s) from Jessica Michael to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Bob,
About 3;00pm yesterday, I had a call from Fedex informing me that Mariam called them and that she is on her way to Fedex to collect the package. I also went there with other colleagues of mine. We were able to arrest Mariam and one other guy by name Abdul Rahman. The lady we arrested happened to have her real name as Mariam Kassim but not the one you thought she is. She confessed to us that the one behind all this scam is by name Kwame Atta. Abdul Rahman then led us to the house of Kwame Atta. We managed to arrest Kwame Atta who has been posing as Mariam Kassim all this while. He told us that the reason why he used the name Mariam Kassim was because a friend advised him to use a name that in case he succeded in collecting money from you he could get someone with the same name to collect the money, that was why he used her friend Mariam Kassim's name and that he has been scamming you alone. Kwame Atta has his full name as Ebenezer Kwame Attah Dadzie, he claims to be 18yrs old. he confessed having collected an amount of usd$11,000.00 and also claims to have spent all, but I dont believe it. He confessed that he changes his voice to that of a female anytime you called. He again confessed having spoken to you as Tanko, Mariam's uncle and the doctor at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. He also said that all that he told about the immigration, the visa and the accident were all lies. Ebenezer Kwame Atta Dadzie(Mariam kassim), Mariam Kassim and Abdul Rahman are in Police custody assisting investigation.
I will forward thier pictures to you in a couple of hours time.
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