Scam letter(s) from Sherry Elvis to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
How are you doing? and i hope you having a nice time since we have met. I must confess to you am having a nice and been happy like i have never did Before. your in my every thought and I need you so much. I had never dreamed I would find my true love half a world away but everything I've been searching for my whole life I have found in you my eyes there could be no other man in the world more handsome to me than you and I pray Darling one day you will give me the gift of being my husband. i find someone caring in my life. I find a man Full Of Passion That is Not Easy to Find.So Honey About My Flight informations that was the next thing i want us to plan about.. Honey Last week i was told by my traveller agent that i will need Just $1300 for my flight ticket and i need to come and pay it now so that i can get booked . But i have a little problem with that.All i have now is just $600 and i still need about $700 to complete that... So Love I Know that you truely Love me and i can't wait for mae to get back to the State to meet you...So I will need your assistant about that.. Tell me Like how much you can come up with and also if you can come up with all that will be very nice and I will Apprecuative and I promise i will never Let you Down..Darling i will always Cherish and Care for you...I know you've said we could do foolish things while in love, but you know what? With you I wouldn't mind being a fool for the rest of my life. I love you so much and I know you love me too. I know that others looking into our relationship might think that we're saying too many foolish things too soon but they just don't know how we feel about each other. There's nothing foolish about the things I've told you, I meant every word I said. I love you and for you and D. I would do anything, I love you both so much. Today I promise you that I would do anything in my power to make you a great person, outstanding father and loving husband. I LOVE YOU!!
So My Love Get back to me and tell me what you can do about it and also i will like you to let me have your phone number so that i can Give you a call .You're the world to me there's no one quite like you.You 're the one I love,the one I want to touch.I give you my heart,and I need you so much.Offer me your sweet care,fill me with your wonderful light,soothe my aching heart,and hold me through the night.Your deep emotion within Like an old familiar song like the comfort of a friend.When you're near,I'll lost to thoughts of love as you touch me with a magic that's as grand as stars above..I want to hold your hand.I hunger for your kiss.Offer me sweet tidings of true love's tender bliss.I promise our love shall soar,carried on the wings of a dove.So give me your heart,and bless me with your love..So Love i will be expecting your mail back soon.
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