Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Singh (India)

Letter 1
Hi dear !!!
It was pleasant for me to receive yours which answer I very much waited.
I very much would like to find second half on the Internet of that person with which
I could construct ours with it the future ours with it family.
As I think, that you the interesting person and me would be desirable to learn more about you.
Describe to me please itself what you the person you can as to tell to me what at you there are characters.
I can describe myself as little bit loyal person as I gentle quiet and careful.
My girlfriends speak me, that with me it is easy because I the simple person and my simplicity am made
In mine the general with them because I not a complex and as it will be very pleasant for me to talk to you.
Well I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn a little about me.
As you already know my name is Ekaterina. To me of 28 years I from Russia.
As I live in beautiful and small city Cheboksary in which only 550.000 inhabitants!
She to be in 230 Kilometers from the remarkable and beautiful city of Kazan.
My growth of 165 centimeters my weight of 52 kg. At me fair-haired hair by nature,
My color of eyes green - blue and my girlfriends speak that at me very beautiful eyes.
When I am angry they there are completely green, when I quiet that they blue.
As tell to me about that place where do you live???
I hope, what I have a little interested you???
I very much would like further to continue to speak with you
On the Internet and I shall wait for your letter tomorrow.
You can name me as my friends Katya:)!!!
Letter 2
Hello my friend. Today it was very pleasant for me to receive your answer to my letter And I am glad, that ours with you acquaintance will have continuation. You understand my city there there is no also I tried to be registered under Cheboksary. The Same I was registered and at me alas it has turned out nothing! With your letter which I have received today from you I have learned a little It is more about you and I am very glad to this and know I was glad to know, that we Are a little similar with you and consequently my interest to you has increased Therefore I would like to know more about you. I very much want to continue conversation With you on the Internet and I hope, what you as want it??? I hope, that you can well understand my English language though I for a long time Did not practise, but I think, that it I was not too bad is glad, that practically with The childhood I began to study it and at school practically I learned 5 years his ambassador That I have continued to study it in college and now I can write on it certainly Not ideally but if you understand me means at me there were good teachers. Now I would like to tell about the to small family and most The main participation in mine lives was accepted by my mum which well was engaged My formation and she tried to impart since the childhood to me aspiration To knowledge I am very glad that she could to impart to me it. As in mine To family the important part I the grandmother and the grandfather because played the majority Summertime I carried out at them and I helped them on a facilities now I am at them not so frequently, but nevertheless time I try to arrive to a month to them And to please them with something. Since the early childhood I do not have father because It has left and has thrown us together with mum such occurs all over the world. Practically all love and tears. I seem too emotional??? I would like to learn you and I as would like to know about your family and your friends???? I hope, that from this letter you have much more learned about me and about that what I the person I hope, that you can frequently write to me I is ready to give to you the answer each new day. With love Katya!!!
Letter 3
Hello dear!!! My dear I so miss you and 2 days I wait for your answer. Why you do not write to me or at you something happens??? How at you an affair? I hope, what all is good? How at you weather? At me today all is wonderful and good also it thanking you and to your letter. Today I would like to tell little bit more to you about myself and about that than I am engaged To be exact about my work and my hobbies at leisure. My work borrows the most part of my life because I work from 8-10 Hours per day and I work in small shop. Today at me very difficult day on work was and at me have got today such Captious buyers so they chose to themselves furniture in current practically About 4 hours so I arranged with him lecture on practically all furniture which him have liked, But nevertheless I could pick up him good furniture and they were very glad so today were Not such and easy day:) I like my work and as my employees therefore, That the majority of them of the girl and as some from them my girlfriends. As during free time from work I like to be engaged as sports meets And simple hobbies I like to read books before dream and I like to observe cinema I like different genres of cinema starting from a comedy and finishing horrors. Last time when we went to cinema together with my girlfriends we observed Hotel the Grand piano probably you heard film about this film and he to me has liked those, That in him many special effects and very good music, but film was not so Good because in him there was no sense. When I come home that I very much I like to indulge myself and to be going myself, something tasty This my most favourite hobby and at me was the good teacher because my grandmother prepared Simply wonderfully and I took the majority of recipes from her. I like to prepare as salads so And meat dishes, but the most good, that at me turn out it meat pies, cheese and as spicy pies. I like to prepare for pies from fruits of fruit of anyone. I hope, that once I can treat you One of my dishes and I am sure, that they very much will like you. As I would like to learn from you when your birthday??? What zodiac at you and as your full name??? On it my letter will end I hope, that it was pleasant to you a little and now you know little bit more about me. I hope to receive your letter tomorrow. Your princess Katya!
Letter 4

Hi my fine. I am simply very pleased to receive today your letter. I hope, what in you all is good? In me today simply remarkable day. Today I am very tired at me there were many works, But when I have seen your letter that my mood have risen I am very glad, that we could get acquainted with you on the Internet And I am glad, that we have found there each other. Today I shall tell about myself little bit more and I think, that it will be interesting to you My birthday on August, 10 and I on a sign on the zodiac the Lion. The summer to me is pleasant to spend time together with my grandmother for City in its small small house there simply remarkable nature. How many I would not try, but at me it is impossible to wake up there early probably therefore, That fresh air influences me positively and I sleep at some o''clock longer. I like after dream and a small breakfast to have small jog and walk, but In the majority I like to have driving on a bicycle. In the winter I love skating or a ski I remember my very first time when The girlfriend learned me to skate and it it was simply surprising. For the first time I rose on them, but I could not stand long time because My legs did not obey me and went in the different parties, but my girlfriend has helped me To rise then has pushed me and I have gone since that time I love skating. It would be very interesting to me to learn about that place where do you live???? Tell to me more about him I is sure, that in your country and in those places where you were There was a lot of surprising about what I would like to learn from you???? Now I shall finish today my letter, but I hope, that tomorrow I shall receive your letter in which I learn a lot of interesting about you and about To your country. With love Katya!
Letter 5
Hi my lovely!!!
I hope, what I can name you so?
Today I was very glad to receive your answer and I liked your story.
I and did not look before at young men because I did not want it.
I as would like to tell about that place where I live. And my city not such big in him about 850.000 person and as I to you Spoke he to be on distance in 280 kilometers from big Where number is much more than city of Kazan than in our city. Though our city and is great, but at us many trees are very beautiful and in him Unique city for me where virginity of a wood is not broken In the summer I very much like to go together with my girlfriends behind mushrooms or To arrange picnic on one of lakes and our region about 10 large reservoirs and lakes. As I like to collect berries and which mushrooms every year it happens very much. Hunting at us is forbidden because now very difficultly to restore a population as birds And a wild animal. Once I collected a wild raspberry and when we came rather far into a wood That by my legs was run by a hare I at first very much was frightened but then when has seen as he I run in far that was very glad to see him it is a pity, that at me was not then a photo I with pleasure would photograph him. In my city it is strongly advanced the industry of manufacture of different production and at us about 5 large The state factories which produce furniture rubber and as another. As at us construction of machines and our factory one of the biggest which is strongly advanced as make and collect domestic machines. I hope, that you liked mine the story about my city and he has liked you If you have any questions to me that I shall be glad to answer them I shall wait for your letter my prince. Your princess Katya!!!
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