Scam letter(s) from Margarita Stepanova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi, Patrice. How are you?
Its very important for me to write to you now, cause you answer on myfirst letter.You are interesting for me and I want to create strongfriendship and later maybe something more...I hope you want the samelike me. OK, I am starting to write about me. My name is Margarita,but all people around me like to call me Rita=) My Birthday is on 13of July in 1987. And now I am 21 years old.Summer its the most beautiful season for me cause I have Birthday.Also in summer can go to the nature for picnics with friends and have a lot of fun there. I live with my parents in Lvov region.I have twin sister. She is 21 years old like me and her name isDarina. That's why I am not sad never cause she is like energiser=)In my city is very interesting and beautiful. There are a lot ofsights, monuments and nice places of view.I study in College in my town on Ecology. Its my last year in theCollege. Its very interesting profession cause its about nature andcare about it. I study English in College on extra lessons, I like itvery much. And its good cause I can write you letters by myself)I am friendly girl and I have a lot of friends and I spend with themall my free time. But I still can't find man for me with love and careabout me. So I decided to find my love here in Internet. So I amregistered on this site and start correspond with you. I hope infuture we will be able to create strong relationship.I don't have computer at home so I will go to Internet cafe and answeron your letters. I will try to do this every day.Have you ever been in my country? Please tell me more about yourcountry and city where do you live. Its very interesting for me. Alsotell me more about your self and about your usual days.Do you have questions for me? Ask about everything, don't be shine) I will be happy to answer on your questions.
Waiting for your answer and have a good day,
Letter 2
Hi my Darling! Good day to you!
I am in a good mood! I hope you too! I wish you that all bad days goaway and you will be happy. I will try to do this!Now I will talk to you about my hobbies. I think you are guessed thatI like spend my free time with my friends. We go to the cinema,theatres, swimming pool, shopping, often we come to someone and makethere pyjamas party with pizza and movies. And what about you? Do youlike spend you free time with your friends? When I am alone at home I like to read interesting books. My favoritegenre it's fantasy, adventures and of cause novels. My favorite bookis "Gone by the wind" by Margaret Mitchel. After reading book I sawfilm and it was very interesting. I liked actors in this film verymuch. I like Johnny Depp and "Pirates of the Caribbean sea"and other film with him. From actresses I like Cameron Dias and SheronStoun. Also I like listening music romantic or classic when I want to relaxor very fast music when I want to jump. I like country rock! Myfavorite singer is Christina Aguilera and Madonna. What Is yourfavorite Actor? Book? Singer? Sometimes when I have romantic mood I can write poems. In Russian Ican do this well but in English not good)))I collected magnets on my refrigerator, I like to do this cause whenI coming to my Kitchen I see a lot of colors on refrigerator and feelmyself very happy! I like to paint by colours, I try to paint my parents and friends andthen I gift them their portraits. I hope that one day I will pain you.Sometimes I paint cartoons of my friends)))I feel my self happy when I know that all is all right with my familyand my friends. When I understand that tomorrow will be so nice like today when Iwrite a letter to you. I am being sad when I see homeless pets, I usually try to feed themwhen I go from home. Also I don't like when people lie and say thatthey don't think about in real. I like people who is open to anotherpeople and can help to somebody unknown on the street. And when peoplesmile to you=) What do you like in people or not like??? What do you need for feeling yourself happy?I think that is all about my hobbies. I will be very happy to findnew topic to discus!Yes I put makeup on my lips and eyes.I like to be dressed in short black dress, I think its very ****)
Of cause I am care about my body for stay beautiful.
I am very romantic and I hope you will have time to know this=)
A lot of kisses to you and be care!
Your Jule.
Letter 3
Hello my Sweet heart)
I was very glad to received today your letter.Today I want to talk more about my family. As you know I live with my parents Mihail and Ludmila and twin sister Darina. I like my family cause we live very friendly and we knowthat we can help to each other in difficult moments. When I am at homeI feel myself safety. I cant imagine if I live in family where everyday parents quarrel witheach other. Or in family where only one parent. I want to know that Iam leaving in full family and where you can feel care and love. So Iwant to create my future family with my beloved man like mine. Do youwant the same??? My Mother work pediatrician. She helps to a lot of children everyday. She is very beautiful and kind woman. Sometimes I come to her andhelp to make child don't cry on receiving. She know a lot ofpeople in our town cause they very often say her to come and viewtheir children. I think it's very good to be like her. Do you agreewith me?? My father is a teacher of Russian languages and literature in seniorschool. So why I started to write and read very earlier. He likes hisjob so he never wanted to change it.Every day my father after work come to my Mom's work and they togethergo to home. I like to see how they still love each other after longyears together. Sometimes I think that their love grow and blossomwith every day. In the morning they makes coffee to bed to each other. Every holiday father gift to my Mom flowers and she happy ofthis. I think it's very uncommonly and I see something like that. Andwhat you think about this? Do you think like me?My sister study on Ecology with me, so we are always together and help to each other with study=)Well, I think now you know enough about my family. If you wantsomething else about this side of my life you may to ask me about it.
I want to be open with you and sincere for our future relationship.
I hope you will like my photos!Kiss and hugs to you,
Letter 4

Hi Dear, Patrice. I am so glad to talk with you so I feel that you are understand meand I can compared to you. I know that we can talk on all topics causeI feel you are very close to me and I can tell you my inmost about mylast relations. I will tell you... I have one relationship and all was very nice andlike in fairy-tale. He was one of the most handsome boys in ourcollege. All girls running follow him. And one day he looked at me andsay I want to be with you my Princess. And from that day we start ourrelations. I was very happy, he gift me flowers every day and come to my home and we together go to college. Some of my friend girls envy to me. Andone day I saw how he kissed my friend girl and gift her flowers. I wasvery sad cause I loose two people at ones. I couldn't say him what Ithink about him cause I am very shy girl I simply stopped talk withhim. After that my heart was broken and I afraid to start new relation in my town cause it's very small and I am very cautious now with newtrucks. So I think in Internet more easier to express your feeling andfind person who really interested in you like in person not in like agirl for one night. Now I know how it's difficult to feelfaithlessness. So why I don't to fell this again and I never wouldn'tto feel this to my future relationship. I know that is very badfeelings!I felt myself so bad and devastated and I step aside fromthis very long time. So I am here to find good and right man, may belike you) I think that in your country man treat to woman very niceand with care. My parents say they will be agree with my design If they will seethat I am happy. First of all my best friend and adviser it's myMother. I say to her that I correspond with very good and interestingman. And she don't object to my find man in Internet. Of cause It'll be very difficult to change country and traditions,leave my friends and family. But I am sure that my future beloved mancan to fill up all this emptiness with his love and care about me. What do you think about this??? Did you say to your parents and friends that we are correspond? Have a nice day and be care.
Kisses, Your Rita.
Letter 5
Hello my Darling! How are you?
Your letters make me happy. Every day I get up and thinking only about that moment when I will read your new letter. With every letter I feel that we are closer and closer to each other. I am so glad to tell you all my secrets and feelings.It's wonderful. Thank you that you are inthis world. Imagine yesterday I met my school friend Nataly. We were best friendsfrom 1st form. And always help to each other in study. I like most ofall Russian literature and language. I always read all books and learnby heart poems. And Nataly likes Chemistry and physics. She could stayafter lessons and make some chemical analysis with teacher. And alwaysgo to competition by chemistry and took only first places. I did thisonly in literature))) Now she is living in other city far from my town. And yesterday shecalled me and say that she come to my town and we decided to go tocafe and talking about our life. We didn't see each other two yearscause she met good guy and they were very happy. They met on thecompetitions of chemistry) in another city of Ukraine, where this guy living now. They fell in love from first their meet. But they live indifferent cities so this guy decided to marry. Nataly of cause agreeand she moved to his city. And now they are stay happy with every daycause they live together. I asked her Was it difficult to leave yourparents and friends, your native town? And she said that it wasdifficult at first but his family met her very friendly and did allthat she feel herself like at home. And of cause this guy always nextto her and care about she. And I think that if I need to move my townfor my love and only man, I think I will be ready. Cause when I saw mybest friends I understand that love is very important in this world...Do you think so?? Do you have best friends? And did you tell them about us and about our correspondence? What are they say about this?
I am waiting for your answer, Dear.
with love your Rita.
Letter 6
Hi my Dear! How are you today?
I hope you are fine and in a god mood!)
Thank you for your last letter it was so tender and exciting. When Iread your letters I feel that you are next to me and I feel your breath on my neck. And I understand it's so good and wonderful we met here in Internet. It's chance one on a million. I think it's gift from heaven that we are together here... What do you think about this???Today in the morning I went to college by bus and there played verybeautiful and romantic song by radio. During song play I dreamed about us and imagine our walking together. We are hold each other, hug and talking very easy and go down the street toward to park. There webought ice cream and sit on the bench. there are a lot of trees andflowers and air was so clear that we feel giddy from this and from our feelings to each other. Sun is smiling to us and we are smiling too! All people were very happy cause it's was begin of spring and allin nature were blooming and smell very tasty...When became dark we went to cafe and had there romantic dinner anddance slow. People around us was smiling cause they understand we areHappy together. Do you like to dance???It's was so nice dream that I was crying when I understood it was onlydream. But I am very happy that I have so beautiful dreams about manwho is important for me. I think that this dream come truth for us and one day we will go for a walk together. Do you want this so much like me??? I simply want that you know about this my dream. And if you have you rown dream about us, tell me about this!
Sorry but I don't have long black boots only white=)
With love and hugs,
your Rita.
Letter 7
Hello My Sweet!!!
How are you today? I hope all is all right!I am very fine and happy to read all you letters. When I read them Ifeel you, your heart, your soul, your tender to me. I am so excitedcause first in my life I feel I am needed and loved and somebody isthinking about me and care. Now I am feeling that I am not alone inthis world I have person who is worry about me. When you came to mylife all is changed to better way. Now that even bad weather looks forme very nice and all problems I can decide cause I know you aresomewhere in this world and thinking about me. And this make me veryhappy. You are my reason for future life. Before I met you I didn't understand how it be in love with person whois far from me. I thought that is can be real only in fairy-tails andnovels. but now I know it's happened with me like in with actress inthe film and I can go far away from my town. Although not go but flyon the wings of our feelings. Your letters make me like a bird. I wantto dance and fly when i read them... I haven't had such a feelingbefore. Dear I want you to know that I ready to the next step in ourrelationship. All this time we only corresponded but I understand thatmy feelings are truth and pure. I know it's very difficult to sayabout truth love before our meeting in real life and so why I ready tomeet with you. I want to look in your eyes and feel your touches on myskin. Also I hope that our meeting will make us happy! What can yousay about this??? Do you agree with me? I have never been abroad before so I can go to the travel agency in mytown and ask them about what documents I need to come to you and howlong it will take to get papers and when I can see you in real! Idon't want to decide this important thing with out your thought aboutall this. I think we must decide all things together for our futurerelationship. I will waiting for your letter with emotion and in worry about youranswer. Kiss you Darling,
your Rita.
Letter 8
Hello my Love,
Sorry for my later response but on this weekends I went with my sisterto my Grandma to the village and there we helped her around the houseand garden)I hope your weekends was very good?I never have been abroad and I don't know what I need for this.So I went to travel agency and told with them and now I know what documentsI need for traveling to you.At first I need international passport, its cost 150 USD. When i willhave passport I must to get visa to your country, Its cost 235 USD - this is tourist visa and I will be able to stay in your country about 3 months. And for visa I need medical insurance it costs 185USD.In total it'll be 570 USD and all documents will be readyin 3 weeks after pay.You know I am a student and I can't find so much money for my travel to you. I hope you will help me with this problem. You must understand how much it's important for us both if we are meet in real life. I am waitingfor your answer. We must to decide this question very fast cause Iwant to see you very much? you are my heart you are my soul=) I miss you very much all this 3 days)
Kiss you million times and be care my love,
your Rita.
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