Scam letter(s) from Julia Matrosova to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you, Gene!
I am glad, that you have written me the e-mail.
I will tell fairly, for the first time on a site of acquaintances.
And, accordingly, I did not have till now an experience of similar acquaintances.
But your profile has very much interested me and I have dared to write to you.
After all who does not risk, that does not drink champagne ;)
I hope, that we will find the general themes for conversations and our dialogue will be
Pleasant and easy.
To begin with I will a little tell to you about myself.
My name is Yuliya, me of 27 years. But I have not met till now the
The unique person,
With which I would like to fall asleep and wake up.
I understand, that it is banal sounds, but in the person first of all I
I appreciate its internal qualities.
Certainly, I do not deny, that appearance as I play the role, but not
The supporter of a stereotype about that,
That there is an ideal.
All of us live people and at everyone are positive and negative
Question in what qualities are important for you.
It is very important, that with the person it was comfortable and cosy.
That it was not necessary to pretend to be someone and that the person accepted you
Such what you are.
You know, it seems to me, that I the romantic girl.
I trust in love for all life, I trust in sincere and gratuitous happiness.
And I try to conduct that way of life which underlines the positive
You appreciate what qualities in people in general and in the woman in particular?
What woman you would like to see near to yourself? Me it is valid
Interestingly it.
Together with this letter I send you some photos, that
You knew about the one who now writes to you.
I count on your honesty, therefore if I is not nice
To you, of course, you can inform me on it.
But all the same I consider, that the liking arises at first sight.
On it I finish the first letter for you and very much I count
On your answer.
Certainly, I want, that you have told to me about yourself.
I wish you good day and remarkable mood!
Letter 2
Hello Gene
I have just opened the mail box and was glad to see the letter from you.
Certainly, it is a pleasant surprise for me, I admit fairly, I waited for your answer.
This small, but pleasant madness. You the person, about which I practically anything I do not know, but nevertheless I am glad to your attention.
What for me should be the real man? It should be from the big letter "M"
For which it is possible to hope in difficult situations, the pleasant interlocutor.
The person to whom I can present myself
Thanks for those pictures which you have sent me. Now I can see the person,
With which I communicate. It is pleasant to me to see you ;) To tell the truth, I would like,
That such man as you was with me nearby. I search for such man.
In this letter I wish to tell to you about myself. Likely it is interesting to you where I live,
as whom I work, and than I am engaged in this life. But I wish to tell at once to you,
that we with you should not hurry up, because we with you have a lot of time to learn each other.
I hope, that you in it with me will agree.
I wish to tell to you where I live. You likely already guess, that I the Russian woman. I was born
in the city of Orenburg, it is my native land.
There I have finished the Orenburg Agrarian University, Chair of the "know-how" and processing of
production of animal industries, several years ago.
But now I live in the City of Kazan. After the termination I of university I have got a direction for work in this city.
I am pleasant like in this city he very big, it gives the big possibilities for career growth and self-realisation. But there is one minus my close friends and parents remained in Orenburg.
I very much wished to tell to you about myself enough in this letter and I hope, that you have not fallen asleep, while read this message (only a joke)
It will be interesting to me to learn about you too, about your life. I want, that from the very beginning we with you have started to learn each other. After all only so we with you can construct sincere relations. I hope, you will agree, after all for this reason we with you have met in a network.
Now I will finish my letter. I wait for your answer.
And sincere interest Yuliya
Letter 3
Hi, Gene!
As it is pleasant to receive the new letter from you today!
It is very fascinating to read about you and about your life. I am flattered by that you continue to tell to me about yourself. Now I see, that you for certain have histories which you can tell to me in the future.
I said to you in last letter, that I live in Kazan. For certain you have already guessed, that this city is in Russia. It is the remarkable country, very changeable. Here severe winters and hot summer.
Most of all I love late spring when snow has already descended and on trees there are fresh leaflets.
Birds come back from the south and all around as though revives.
The first rains. You know, when I was absolutely small carefree girl I very much liked to run barefoot on pools. Especially when there was a so-called "mushroom" rain is when a rain absolutely small and the sun shines.
And what weather is preferred by you?
But even in the most remarkable weather I work. Because at me responsible enough post - the technologist of dairy manufacture, my schedule not always normal and we work on changes, at night or in the afternoon.
However for our country this frequent phenomenon. And for such large enterprise too.
Our manufacture as the big hours - many small details co-operate with each other and provide qualitative work of all mechanism. And if something goes not so failure will be on all manufacture. And I bear for it responsibility.
My work is interesting to me demands knowledge of the European standards of work with food production.
And the big responsibility.
I have come here right after university and have already received two increases. Now I from the young probationer became the technologist.
You can tell to me everything, that consider it necessary, I am really interested in you.
Especially you very pleasant interlocutor
Wishes of excellent day, good mood.
Letter 4

Hello Gene
Thanks for your letter. It is pleasant to me to receive it from you. It is pleasant to me, that you find for me time to write for me some lines.
It was interesting to me to read about your work. I think, that your work very important. And interesting.
I think, that each trade in this world deserves the place of honour. And as whom the person would not work, it owes to these is proud. My mum has learnt it me, and now it is my vital motto.
And I yours faithfully concern each trade.
In free time from work I like to be engaged in dances.
I have started to be engaged in dances when still went to school.
And when has moved to Kazan, I long could not find dancing studio to continue to be engaged in the favourite hobby. Now I am engaged in east dances, and sometimes the best pupils of our group leave on small concerts to practise this business. And I too few times danced on a small scene.
But unfortunately because of my work at me on it not so it is a lot of time, and now it is a lot of the beginners succeeding in this employment who on it have more than time, accordingly, for them it will be possible something big, than the hobby is simple. I can share with you a photo from our concert, I send you it in this letter. I hope, that you too will tell to me about the hobby.
After all the hobby - it that does not do our life sad, and fills with its vital potential and gives us new forces and positive emotions. And it will be interesting to me, as you fill the life.
And also it will be interesting to me to see yours a photo especially to me important to see your eyes.
Have a good day!
Letter 5
Kind time of days, my nice Gene!
How your mood today?
I am glad, that our dialogue proceeds also we can learn little bit more about each other with each new letter :)
You cannot imagine as I is glad to receive letters from you. They so live. As though you do not print a harmonous number of beautiful letters. Letters... As it is a pity, that till now we can give each other only letters... But each letter of our dialogue is precious.
You represent, how many the happiness and pleasure brings to us this dialogue? As it is a lot of in these letters. mmmm
Today I wish to tell a little to you about my family.
I the only child of my parents.
I since the childhood observed relations of my parents, I consider, that our family very amicable.
Their relations are for me the sample of creation of a family. In our family always there was a mutual respect, support, the help and understanding. My mum the true keeper of a home, it remarkably cooks food!
It works as the children's doctor, I consider, that it the remarkable expert, children very much love it, she is able to communicate with them.
My daddy is the worthy man. He goes in for sports, runs in the mornings and has no bad habits.
It works in a driving school, its post is called the instructor in driving.
Unfortunately, I have no possibility to meet the parents frequently enough because from Kazan to Orenburg of 722 km, you can imagine such distance? This city is on border of two parts of the world:
Europe and Asia also is famous for manufacture of down scarfs :)
But we try to keep in contact with each other.
As it will be interesting to me to learn about your family, about values and traditions if those are available.
I am always glad to learn about you your histories :)
I wish you successful day, good mood and smiles!
Letter 6
Good day!
At me today high spirits, and at you, Gene? I hope, you in good mood!
How you like to begin the morning?
Easy breakfast? Gymnastics? Shower acceptance? Hot fragrant coffee?
Should admit, I like to have a sleep :)
Therefore in the morning of time at me not so it is a lot of on the affairs. I should wake up in 7 mornings, that
To have time to make toilet, have breakfast. I like to include radio or a favourite disk, that the good
The mood accompanied me from the beginning of day.
And then the road before work if will carry is necessary to me and in transport there will be an empty seat - I like to read the book or the fresh newspaper. Really, I very much like to read, I can not present myself without it. Therefore I try to use any possibility for reading.
You know, that at me not so it is a lot of free time, as it would be desirable. Therefore I study to combine business with pleasure ;)
We are familiar with you time small amount, some days, some letters, but with each letter we learn each other little bit more close.
Gene, today I have caught myself on thought, that I would like to hear your voice. To hear your laughter, intonations of pleasure, surprise. I can read that you wish to tell to me, but to hear it it would be much more pleasant.
There can be you could leave to me the phone number? As soon as I will have a possibility - I will call at once you, it would be remarkable, you so consider? I think, it will make us little bit more close.
Be not surprised, that I speak "if there will be a possibility". So it has turned out, that I do not have phone.
Till now I perfectly did without it. Because I have phone on work. But there is a small problem - on it the international calls, any are blocked. I can communicate with Russia because we have employees in other cities, but in other countries was not present. Till now I as did not have such acquaintances, but thanks to you - have appeared ;)
Therefore unfortunately I leave number to you I can not. But we will necessarily find an exit from this situation, the truth?
You have told to me so many pleasant words, that I certainly smile! Much also it is light I smile.
Thanks you for that pleasure which you to me bear!
I close eyes and deeply I inhale, I am compressed from pleasure so I am happy to read your lines! :)
What do I think of you? I do not wish to speak about loud feelings, words of love for me mean much, I cannot waste them.
I should be assured before I will tell them. You to me are nice, very much!
I rejoice to our virtual meetings as to something big.
You can send me still your pictures? That I looked in your eyes and again smiled :)
On it I will finish the today's letter, I will wait for your answer with stories about you and, I hope, with a phone number ;)
I wish good mood!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Gene!
Today I will not write you the long letter, do not become angry, be magnanimous
Today on work the uttermost blockage and turmoil in all departments. Even it has mentioned us - we should make the report on the done work.
To tell the truth I very much love the service, but these reports me ****. In such days it would not be desirable to come here at all, after all when people hurry up, they become more irritable.
But during this moment I have a stimulus - the letter from you)) the Positive note in my turmoil.
You have left to me your phone number. Means that very soon we with you will speak!
I likely will worry a little when to a smog to speak with you for the first time :)
It is very difficult to me to pick up correct words. You know, words for me mean also I I do not throw them simply so on a wind much. And words about feelings especially.
Because for me feelings very much also are very important. It is a jewelry.
It is pleasant to me to receive your letters, I wait for them, I worry, smile. Joyful sparks in my opinion start to jump.
In the evenings when I houses and at me are not present the Internet, there is no possibility to talk to you, I so would like you to tell much.
For example, I look a film and I would like to discuss it with you. I see the romantic moment and I wish to see expression of your person.
I am confused. Give to me still at least to a few time that I could designate for myself this big and a warm feeling to you.
Well, on it I am compelled to say goodbye today, I wait for your letter, I wait for news from you with the story as there pass your days, evenings and nights.
I hope, you not so play about!
My kisses, embraces.
bye bye!
I wait for our following meeting in a network
Letter 8
Good day, my darling Gene!
I hope today at you good mood!
How there has passed your time from our last letter?
Should admit, for this time I already have had time to become bored of your words))
I did not manage to sleep today, to my huge regret, all the same this report devilishly exhausts,
Yesterday all of us collective were on work till late night, home I have come very got tired and at once have laid down to sleep.
But today to eat than be proud! We have done the big work!
I wish to share with you the plans for today.
Today I go to choose a gift to the girlfriend on birthday which soon comes.
There can be you can advise, what it is possible to present to the girl for its thirtieth anniversary?
Why I ask you council? Because I know, that on the received gift, it is possible to learn character of the person,
Which has presented it:) so be more cautious, I will know you even more:)
By the way, the darling, it is interesting to me, what number you were born, who you on a sign on the zodiac and Gene, How you usually celebrate the birthday?
For certain at you set of friends and all hasten to congratulate you. I am assured of it, therefore
That for me you very interesting interlocutor, I am interested in continuation of dialogue with you,
And I very much like to do surprises, I think, if I could be a number in your birthday that could surprise you.
My last Birthday which on May, 16th we have noted silently enough.
Have sat with girlfriends in cafe, have talked about all on light as it is accepted at girls.
I very much love such evenings.
And you Gene? You love the noisy companies or prefer a solitude?
On it I say goodbye to you, regretfully, to our following meeting. I hope,
That tomorrow I can begin with perusal of your letter, you know, I am always glad to it.
My relations and kisses.
I wish successful day!
Yours Yuliya
Letter 9
I welcome, my dear Gene!
If you knew, how it is pleasant to receive your letters!
Each time as I see the letter from you, I smile. You feel it?
At me today quiet enough mood, you know, such mood,
When it would be desirable to do something for a cosiness of own house.
Probably today I will bake Russian pancakes. You tried them?
Thin, lacy fritters, mmmmm, you cannot imagine as it is tasty!
They can be dipped in honey or sour cream. The most tasty - with red caviar, of course, in it nobody doubts!
And you like to prepare? What your favourite dish?
It is considered what to prepare in family should the woman, after all it it the keeper of the centre,
But I consider, that the man at a plate and in an apron looks effectively enough.
After all thereby it shows the care.
I have presented, as you make a breakfast for me...
You know, I really would like to see it once
Now I know date of your birth and accordingly a zodiac sign. In the mornings on radio
I intuitively will pay attention now to a horoscope per day not only for myself,
But also for you as. You trust in horoscopes, by the way?
When I have learnt date of your birth, it became interesting to me, that astrologists can tell about your sign on the zodiac.
I have found its characteristic. You know, I liked the description the AQUARIUS. If it is interesting to you, you can read it more low:
Character pensive, nature impressionable.
The first of the planets, patronising the Aquarius, - Saturn, dooms him to humility to destiny which not always happens happy.
This planet of sad memoirs, melancholies or unfulfilled hopes.
The Aquarius involves with the humanity.
He understands another's grief, uses the best efforts to help the companion who has got to a trouble.
In each Aquarius there is something from the inventor, the person absorbed by idea of improvement.
Pedantry is alien to each Aquarius, he hates criticism.
Yes, I think yours birthday happens a beautiful holiday. But the most important thing -
That this day and all event pleased you, after all birthday happens time
In a year and it there should be the best day! Only your day!
Probably sometime I will bring to you a pie that you have blown on it
Candles and on your holiday we will eat this pie together
You know, today I have asked a question... And what hands at you? For certain your hands -
The softest and gentle I would like to take your palm,
To feel it warmly... Oh, something I have got to talking!
Has written you it and was confused, but nevertheless, I want, that you knew it, my dear.
I look forward your answer, I wish good mood!
I miss to the following letter.
Yours Yuliya
I kiss you in both cheeks.
Letter 10
My dear Gene, I am glad, that our dialogue proceeds and grows
You know, last night I have put too much salt in soup which prepared. My girlfriend who tried
It has asked - whether I have fallen in love?
I do not know as in your country, but in Russia there is such sign - if the girl puts in something salt much,
As I - mean yesterday at it there was a beloved...
And I have reflected... Tell, there can be it our letters?
After all I really even more often think of you. I begin the day with thought on you, I think of that,
What dreams dreamt today you... I hasten for work as soon as possible to open the
Mail box and to check up - whether there is a message from you? And when I especially look well also to me
My reflexion in a mirror is pleasant - I think that now there would be the best moment that you could see me..
I am afraid to think that here there was that I searched earlier... It seems, mine
Heart lives now not only under the guidance of reason... It seems, one has lodged in my heart
The man to whom I now write this letter))
My dear, I worry, when I speak you it. I hope, that my arising feelings as are mutual,
That you wish to feel me as. To feel as our hearts fight in one rhythm...
Gene Well here and still something new, that I learn about you. Your favourite food.
Interestingly, I for you could prepare it so that after you will try,
You could tell: "I am more tasty anything in a life did not try!"
I would be glad to prepare for you something, that is pleasant to you))
Today at us on work again small turmoil, should arrive check, after all you know,
That I work with a foodstuff, and for food it is necessary to observe all qualities.
Therefore to sit on a place to me it is not necessary.
The darling, on it I finish the letter, and I give you a slice of the heart, please, protect it!))
My kisses, yours Yuliya

Letter 11
My Greetings Gene!
Congratulate me, favourite, check behind!
Be not surprised, that so quickly, after all for certain you understand, that manufacture at us not small,
But also checks come the big structure. Especially this time we were on the ball! To carp to check there was nothing.
Now at me quiet labour everyday life again begins, now I again can write to you when it will want
And how many it will want, it became for me the important employment, thoughts on you occupy more and more time
I began to miss on you even then when I read the letter from you...
Probably my girlfriend was not mistaken that time also I the truth has fallen in love...
Gene I am happy, that my feeling to you is mutual. Now I can tell to you without fear: I love you...
It is surprising for me most, after all experience of similar acquaintance at me for the first time. And to tell the truth,
Earlier I not up to the end believed, that to me will carry... But the destiny is favourable to me. From first attempt,
At first sight on your profile still then - good luck accompanies me. I have met you.
The remarkable man. Such which wished to see near to itself always.
I have received your letter. I read it and I sing under a nose to myself tender songs. I smile.
It so is healthy - to receive letters from you, to feel you and your emotions and to give you parts of.
I understand, that the Internet, the monitor and the keyboard cannot transfer everything,
cannot fill that dialogue when people get acquainted in a reality instead of so.
But I very much want, that you felt my relation to you. How I love you and as you to me are expensive.
As that we have found each other among one million other possible meetings is important for me.
I am happy to it. And you, my dear? Tell, you are glad, what we-it we? What have we met each other, instead of someone else?
I would like to feel your aroma...
Tell, you use perfumery water? If yes, tell, than your cologne smells.
I wish to know about you as much as possible.
It is a pity, that I do not have possibility to spend a palm on your cheek and to feel your bristle,
To tousle your hair or simply to embrace.
I try to think about something the friend, I so would like to write you the intelligible letter,
That at us the conversation has turned out... But I have given in to the feelings and emotions.
I hope, you will not become angry about me for it))
On it I will finish the letter, differently you will definitively occupy my thoughts today,
And I need to work still and the fresh brain is necessary.
I will dream of you before a dream, promise to me to dream today, ok?
My kisses.
Yours Yuliya
Letter 12
Hi, favourite Gene!
How you? What dreams you saw today?
That time, when I have asked to dream you to me - you and have not dreamt, it is a pity...
By the way, today in a dream my childhood dreamt me.
You will allow, I a little bit will tell to you about the memoirs?
Every summer parents brought me to village to the grandmother.
You know, in Russia till now there are villages with wooden houses in which heat the furnace, and in a kitchen garden at
Houses grow up vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, a potato... As berries there grow, and from these berries cook jam.
My grandmother lived in such house.
In a shed at the house the grandmother held a cow as she had hens.
I liked to bathe in the river, in its cool water...
Why I now about it recollect? Because in my memory the most gentle kind and sincere memoirs now emerge.
And it is remarkable. When I read the letter, I plunge into fine thoughts and remarkable memoirs...
In dreams of the future... I like to dream of the future...
I very much like to dream and think of desires... And you like to dream? I think, that men and women are a little various and sometimes you would like to be adult and serious:)
but I never will believe, that the person does not have dream... Tell to me about the dream...
It so is interesting to me, so grasps and carries away to think of what you dream:) to represent, that we together.
You tell to me very severe things, it is awful, that to you the similar was necessary to go through.
I do not represent, that I would make, if it would appear in such situation. And you the good fellow, you trust in people.
Correctly, I consider, that kindly always wins harm, it is as though banal did not sound. Concerning that it there were girls from Russia.
I wish to tell to you, that Russian people actually very opened, happy and generous. Simply those individuals came across to you not.
I consider, what distinctive line of the Russian person as time is his soul width, understand me? You knew in a reality of Russian people?
At our people very tempered characters.
In any case, that I can tell to you about myself. I have written to you to develop relations and who knows what will be further, the truth?
Understand, to me 29 and I too would like to be happy, to have a family, children. I would like to find love of the life one and for all life.
I have an example for imitation - mine the grandmother and the grandfather. Here where rather happy family!
And I think, what the person who saw in the life such cannot simply want something smaller, understand?
Now I will finish my letter, and I will go to be engaged in affairs on work, it seems the signal about malfunctions in system has arrived. I need to check up it:) I hope, that anything serious...
One million kisses for you.
My relations.
your Yuliya
Letter 13
As it is healthy, that you have not forgotten about me and have paid attention to the new letter for me))
I again speak to you hello my honey Gene!
I very much would like to tell more precisely - good morning or kind night, for example, but I never
I do not know, during what time you will read my letter.
My plans for the future. I would like to have a happy and strong family, it would be desirable to have children. It would be desirable to be favourite, and to meet that person to whom I can present the love.
I dream about cosy family evenings, suppers and breakfasts, I would like to make the most tasty breakfasts for my children, and my husband. I wish to go to the cinema sometimes, and to look a film to embrace with gentle both lovely, and my beloved.
I know, that now my heart is completely opened for the relation, and I very much to believe, that we have found you each other... And once we can be together.
At our age there are highlights and it is not not enough of them, we have the right to own choice in a life and we have the right to an error.
I never asked you that you love from earlier
Alcoholic production. Certainly, it is a provocative question, but present, if we
With you for the first time had together supper, you would choose what drink?
There can be it there will be a wine? Red either white? Dry or sweet?
There can be a solemn champagne?
Consider, that I do not use a hard liquor and the more so I am not capable much
To drink. The wine glass - is no more.
Probably, you at all do not drink alcohol and in that case we will drink coffee or fruit juice?
It is really interesting to me to learn your taste, as thus I can learn as you imagine if could have supper together...
My dear, I regret, but I should finish this letter, for certain you as
Should distract for the affairs. But tomorrow I will open mail and again I will see the letter from you, after all so?
My kisses.
Sincerely I love you.
Letter 14
My darling Gene, hello!
As always, I would like to ask you first of all how you have spent your time between our messages each other.
Should admit, I missed.
Today I very much hurried up, tried to come before first of all to make all important issues,
Which needed to be made first of all. And first of all as soon as I was released - I write to you.
You know, in my head new imaginations. Tell, when we will meet, we will dance our dance?
I speak not about slow dance in which people are simply trampled down having nestled to each other.
I speak about music... mmm... An easy samba, thin notes, easy waves of a melody...
Our shone eyes and playful movements... mmm? :)
Where now and where you... We so it is far, but I wish to be with you.
In the mornings awakenings... Tell, it is pleasant to you, when the girl carries your shirts?
I would like to walk on the house in your shirt. Barefoot on a floor. Is sweet to stretch, slightly to hop... mmm?
In my last letter for you I said that we could have supper together sometime...
Asked you to present this situation...
So, my dear...
At me so it is a lot of emotions so it is a lot of feelings so would like to tell you much...
Very much it would be desirable to tell to you as I LOVE YOU looking directly to you in eyes, to see your reaction, to kiss you...
To hear your words and at last to feel your desired aroma...
My dear, I have made the decision.
I wish to arrive to you.
I wish to be with you, to make to you a breakfast...
To walk on streets of your city. I very much would like to look places memorable for you.
Not about what the guide could tell, and your favourite. A favourite place for the pedestrian walks, for example.
I would like to see as you live, to get acquainted with your close people.
And at last I consider, that it would be valid the important step for us.
After all both of us search serious relations, both of us would like to love and be favourite.
I hope, that you against my desire will not go to you. In that case I start to enquire.
You do not represent. As it was terrible to say me to you all that is written above.
But nevertheless, I think to us it is necessary to risk.
I very much love you and you occupy practically all my thoughts.
I love you and I wish to be a number, to feel heat of your skin and to catch your breath.
I will finish the letter.
I wait for your answer.
Madly I miss.
I love.
Yours Yuliya
Letter 15
My dear Gene
Thanks for your letter, I so worried to read your answer because for me now there has come very important and responsible step to ours with you relations because me to be valid it would be desirable near to you, and only with you.
Gene I am happy, I have read your words and now I understand, that you divide my feelings and we can be together, it will be the big step for us, and I am happy, that small steps we with you will go on a meeting to each other.
And it so is remarkable, that we will be together.
Soon, my dear, we will look at this moon together...
To enjoy evening aromas, to speak about something and to us even will be to keep silent about what, you agree?
We will look against each other, to smile and... I think you feel the same, as I.
It after all so, the truth, my native?
You and I... Between us as though there is a magic thread. It lasts from my heart in yours.
I grieve for you, my dear. I would like to nestle on you, to inhale your aroma and...
It is more than anything for happiness it is not necessary. Only you nearby and your embraces.
You as I hurry time as I ask him to run faster to our meeting with you would know.
It so is intolerable long...
It is so much hours, minutes and seconds... And so long it is necessary to wait...
I look at the watch constantly as though it will help somehow.
You know, I live from one dream to another...
Because I will wake up and there will be a new day. And I will be even closer to you.
I love you, my dear. Very much I love. I miss.
As I also promised to you I have made some steps to you towards and was in travel agency, they will help me with it because I a little that to a smog to make without their help, I hope, that they will qualitatively perform the work, and I will responsibly concerns to them
To requirements and councils. The most important thing what I required is a passport for travel abroad, and I am glad, that once I have received it, and he has period of validity till 2012:) this most important thing what I will require, they have told, that it is the most important document.
While preparation for my trip for you and our meeting will not occupy from me a lot of time, and I can continue to work:)
I have started to represent our meeting... As in a film the main heroine (I)
runs towards to the protagonist of a film whom she very much loves and waits...
And all it so is romantic and beautiful. The slowed down actions, wave hair to attack...
And actually in me, in my heart there is such feeling, that I know you very much for a long time... Simply once we have left...
And now we have received chance again will meet.
It is fine to feel it...
I love you...
your Yuliya
Letter 16
My dear Gene
Thanks for your letter, I so worried to read your answer because for me now there has come very important and responsible step to ours with you relations because me to be valid it would be desirable near to you, and only with you.
Gene I am happy, I have read your words and now I understand, that you divide my feelings and we can be together, it will be the big step for us, and I am happy, that small steps we with you will go on a meeting to each other.
And it so is remarkable, that we will be together.
Soon, my dear, we will look at this moon together...
To enjoy evening aromas, to speak about something and to us even will be to keep silent about what, you agree?
We will look against each other, to smile and... I think you feel the same, as I.
It after all so, the truth, my native?
You and I... Between us as though there is a magic thread. It lasts from my heart in yours.
I grieve for you, my dear. I would like to nestle on you, to inhale your aroma and...
It is more than anything for happiness it is not necessary. Only you nearby and your embraces.
You as I hurry time as I ask him to run faster to our meeting with you would know.
It so is intolerable long...
It is so much hours, minutes and seconds... And so long it is necessary to wait...
I look at the watch constantly as though it will help somehow.
You know, I live from one dream to another...
Because I will wake up and there will be a new day. And I will be even closer to you.
I love you, my dear. Very much I love. I miss.
As I also promised to you I have made some steps to you towards and was in travel agency, they will help me with it because I a little that to a smog to make without their help, I hope, that they will qualitatively perform the work, and I will responsibly concerns to them
To requirements and councils. The most important thing what I required is a passport for travel abroad, and I am glad, that once I have received it, and he has period of validity till 2012:) this most important thing what I will require, they have told, that it is the most important document.
While preparation for my trip for you and our meeting will not occupy from me a lot of time, and I can continue to work:)
I have started to represent our meeting... As in a film the main heroine (I)
runs towards to the protagonist of a film whom she very much loves and waits...
And all it so is romantic and beautiful. The slowed down actions, wave hair to attack...
And actually in me, in my heart there is such feeling, that I know you very much for a long time... Simply once we have left...
And now we have received chance again will meet.
It is fine to feel it...
I love you...
your Yuliya
Letter 17
Hello my most sweet man Gene
I am happy to read your mood today...
Remarkable mood, remarkable day and you at me the most remarkable,
As to me has carried, that I have met you... To tell more precisely, that we have met you.
I write you the letter and I listen to a remarkable song... It seems old,
And you likely very well know it and many times heard, I would like, that when
You read my letter, you have included this song and have felt my mood...
I love you. I miss on you very much.
I have such desire strong strong you to embrace... And never you to release...
Mmmmm.... As it is a lot of at me my thoughts on you... Without you, I as in desert,
In the afternoon of heat, at the nights a cold... But when we with you will meet all will be differently.
All will change, and want? Want I will present to you a lot of happiness. I wish to share
With you happiness... To give you my smile every morning. And certainly I want
To feel reciprocity. But I think, that with it at us with you never will be problems.
oh... I was today in travel agency, have carried it some documents,
Again nearly has not forgotten to inform you on it. They will issue to me insurance of my trip,
Also have told, that if I wish to receive the visa more likely I should go to embassy itself,
They will prepare to me for this purpose documents and with them I go to Moscow on interview.
I will inform you when all will be ready, and I will need to go to Moscow.
Once, last autumn I was in Moscow some hours,
It is the big city. It is glad, that I need to return there.
Today I called to my parents to Orenburg. Also has informed them such important news,
That soon I will go to you, while only on a visit, likely for a month. I thought,
That mum will be afraid to release me in other country, but it was glad...
Also has told to be happy, it is necessary to risk.
Has wished our with you of good luck, and has transferred you greetings, and wishes of the big happiness:)
Now I will finish my letter, and still today I have written the statement on a vacation,
I need to carry to its my director, for the signature. I hope, that he will not be against.
I will inform you on it.
One million my kisses.
Letter 18
Hello my paradise Gene!
My dear, my arrival comes nearer to you also I do new steps for this purpose...
I hope, that you will support me during these actions, that I will see
Your support and to know, that you wait for this meeting not less, than I.
I hope, that it will not be disappointment. Certainly, it is necessary to trust in all only good and to hope for it.
Tell, I can count on your support? After all it is really serious step
In our relations which is not deprived some share of risk.
I want Gene...
To fall asleep in your hands, to wake up from your warm breath.
To sit, having drawn in under themselves feet and to look, how you prepare.
To look a film, having put a **** to you at a ******.
To inhale your smell, such fresh and warm, having been absorbed in your neck.
To take your an arm, leaving on street.
To fall asleep, having put a head to you on knees and feeling as you tips of fingers drive to me on a back.
To go with you along the street, a hand in a hand, sometimes compressing fingers that you to me have warmed them.
As the cat to compress cams, sticking nails in a palm not to scratch you.
To examine your smile in a dream, a silhouette of your such children's face, yours
Such correct nouse and kind eyes with long eyelashes.
To approach and embrace you, having felt as you kiss my hair.
Standing nearby to feel, how you strong-strong nestle on me because has got tired,
And all complexities to us to pass together easier.
To nestle a cheek on your cheek.
To feed you with an orange from hands.
To listen, as you breathe to me in an ear.
To **** at you that you have turned and has kissed me.
To lay under your hand, choking, but not daring to move not to wake you.
To wake up from your kiss, such gentle, warm and morning.
Recollecting you to feel, how tips of fingers grow cold.
To know, that under your T-short there is a secret known only to you and me.
To be assured that between us never there will be another. It be simple cannot. I know.
To fall asleep in your T-short, feeling your smell.
To die of tenderness, falling in your embraces.
And you want?
Small news about my trip to you, today I have received the medical
Insurance for a trip, and my agency has sent the demand for registration of my visa to you...
I already for her have paid. Soon soon we with you will together!!!
I am happy, I am madly happy.
Now I will gather to go to Moscow, there I need to pass
Interview in embassy and I think, that all will be good, I certainly worry,
Also I want, that you supported me and were a number. I wish to feel your care...
And attention also I ask you to be at this time to me especially attentive.
At me thoughts are confused and I not seem I can inform you the most important news in any way.
As it is difficult now so it is necessary for you to inform my native Gene much
I wrote to you, that yesterday I have written the statement on work on a vacation, everything is all right,
Tomorrow we will talk to him, and he will sign my statement:)
I am happy, I believe, that you to me were really presented by destiny. I will try
Tomorrow to write all in detail. Today it is very difficult for making.
Only yours Yuliya
You understand, I wish to know, that you wait for me...
I love you.
Letter 19
Hello my darling Gene
How your mood? How there has passed your day? I hope. What was all remarkable?
Today I will try to write to you the letter which will contain a maximum of the information on my trip to you.
I have thought and have decided, that to you it too is important for knowing.
So, yesterday I have handed in the statement with the request to receive a vacation, today my boss has signed it, and officially with I will be in holiday, since June, 9th and at least month at us will be for our happiness, for our love and tenderness... I will be all for you... Everything, to last section, to last drop and last centimetre.
I think, that this time with you will suffice us, that will get acquainted and to get used to each other, to construct plans for the future, and easier to be together and I nearby as we want it and we dream.
Today my travel agency has given me tickets to Moscow, the day after tomorrow I will leave to Moscow and I have one day to prepare for this trip. And I have to you some questions.
I think, that your address is necessarily necessary to me, whether a little that can occur, I go to the unfamiliar country, is absolute one,
And it is natural that I worry and I worry. Gene I ask write me the full name and the address.
And the name of the international airport where I will arrive and where you can meet me.
Still I am am excited with a question as I learn you at the airport? I know, about it still early to speak, but how I learn you?
Likely we need to think up a prearranged signal. Give at you in hands there will be flowers, only not roses because roses often give to beloveds, my small whim will receive that especial. Well? I think, that you will think up it:) what flowers to present to me at a meeting.
And one more very important question. What to me to take with itself? What things can be necessary for me. Tell to me about weather which is expected the next month. Where we will go?
What places to visit? Cafe? A cinema? Restaurant? Or evenings we will spend houses?
I do not know that to me to take, I am absolutely lost.
In day I need to leave to Moscow and before departure I wish to receive this information that at me was less excitements.
Now I will finish the letter, and I will ask to answer you to me more likely, the information is necessary to me and I need to collect suitcases already.
All so quickly occurs:) but I am happy, that every day I on one step to you become closer.
All my love and relations.
I give you one million my kisses.
your Yuliya
Letter 20
Hello Dear Gene!
Thanks for your letter, today I prepared for my trip but have collected not all things, and have come to read your letter because I wish to know, that it is necessary for me to take with myself.
My darling, thanks, that you worry for me and give to my advice, that from things to me tiresomely to take with yourself, these are the most valuable councils which are now necessary to me.
And still I wished to write down your address in my notebook that he was at me and in case of what I could take advantage of this information.
I ask you not to be surprised to it, you should understand, that situations happen different and I should feel as more as possible easy. The truth, favourite? :)
My dear Gene that you have written thanks to me data which I asked from you, I will write down them, and I will always store at myself so to me it will be easier also my heart will be quiet:)
When I know, that to a situation swagger-mazhoronoj where to me to go and for whom to search.
You should understand, that I worry, and I go to completely not familiar country for me.
Fine!! I very much liked your idea as we will meet at the airport and as we can learn each other, you from me the most original man, and I very much appreciate in you it.
Today I finish gathering of suitcases and tomorrow evening by train I will go to Moscow.
A little I worry, but my heart feels, that all will be good, and soon we with you will together, and we will be happy. I will inform you on all details, I think, that it for you too is important.
I will write to you as I will be in Moscow and when I will find the computer connected to the Internet. I ask not to worry to you I, I will make it as soon as possible.
I yet do not know, where I will stop in Moscow, but I do not think.
That it will be hotel, I need to save money for the ticket to you.
By the way I still know, how many he will cost, but I learn about it already in Moscow, I have decided to buy the ticket directly, without the aid of travel agency so will be cheaper for me.
It has rendered me the big help at an initial stage of reception of the visa.
Now I will finish my letter, one million times I kiss you,
know, that soon we with you will together.
All my love and relations.
your Yuliya
Letter 21
Hello my dear Gene
Thanks for your letter. Now I write you my letter from Moscow, I have arrived here yesterday and her could find the cafe Internet to inform you these important news.
And you likely worried, and I so am guilty to you, that could not write to you earlier.
Moscow - the big city, and it is difficult to me to be guided here. Other underground, other people. But I do not need to be here long and I think, that all will pass remarkably.
I have arrived this morning, and in the morning I was in embassy and I wish to inform you, that everything is all right, and soon my visa will be ready.
I did not begin to stop in hotel, my neigbour in a train, she is Muscovite and has allowed to rent to me in its apartment a room and she does not ask for it many money, all develops well:) it is cheaper, than to live in hotel, I will save money for the ticket.
Tomorrow again I will go to embassy, I learn, how there are affairs, they have told, that I do not need to wait long because all my documents are perfectly in order.
And I will receive the tourist visa.
Certainly, I will inform at once you on such important event in ours with you lives.
I will try to call or I will write the letter.
One million my kisses for you.
Yours Yuliya
Letter 22
My dear Gene!
Thanks for your letter, I am glad it to receive today.
At me for you very good news, this morning I was in embassy and have received my visa which we so long waited, it is fine, that all so has well turned out, and tomorrow I can already go to the airport and buy tickets to you!
It will be the biggest day in my life, I cannot believe!!! We with you soon will together, this most important event in my life!! I so am happy.
Tomorrow I will already know day and time of ours with you meetings and at once I will inform you on it, I very much want, that there has more likely come tomorrow because now I wish to be more likely with you and then I will be the happiest woman, and will try to make you the happiest man!!! I promise to you, that when we will be together I will make you the happiest.
I am happy, happy, happy!! :)))!
I wish to have a rest, near to you, it is convenient to settle down on a sofa and to put a head to you on a knee. To talk to you, or to look a good film.
To plan our future, to dream, fall asleep... And if I fall asleep at you in a lap you can carry me on a bed, is gentle cover a plaid and kiss me on a cheek...
And it could be remarkable.
I will wake up from your kiss as the princess, both strong you I will embrace and then we with you will be captured by a passion wave, we will make love...
your Yuliya
Letter 23
My dear Gene
Thanks for your letter, I am glad it to receive today.
And today I am especially glad and happy.
In this letter I send you the most important information which we should receive in the end of my preparation.
You likely guess, that I have bought today the ticket to you. And I hope, that it will be not difficult to you to meet me at this time at the airport.
Because you should understand, that I come to the unfamiliar country and I go only to you...
I so wish to see you more likely, it seems we waited this moment with you the whole eternity, and here I can write to you when I can arrive to you. Start: on June, 16th, 14:40 DME Domodedovo ?/p AA159 the Boeing 767
Arrival: on June, 16th, 16:30 ORD O'Hare Intl Arpt, the Terminal: 5 American
Change: ORD O'Hare Intl Arpt, there is no airport change
Start: on June, 16th, 19:30 ORD O'Hare Intl Arpt, the Terminal: 3 AA695 Douglas ??-80
Arrival: on June, 16th, 21:28 ABQ Albuquerque Intl Arpt American I very much love you, both very much and very soon we will meet you, only it is necessary to wait some days.
This time I will remain in Moscow and to wait day of my start, I can spend with advantage this time and for example choose for me gifts:)
And you have gifts for me?
All my love and kisses. I wait for your fast reply.
your Yuliya
Letter 24
My Dear Gene
Today I have gone to the airport because I wished to talk to the customs control.
Because I have two gifts for you, whether also I wanted I can ask to take it with myself.
I have gathered and have gone to the airport, and I did not hurry up, because we still have time for my flight.
I have arrived to the airport, and at once have gone to the customs control.
There there were people in shape, and I have decided to talk to them.
They have asked to show them my tickets and the visa, I have shown to them because I do not have problems with it.
More many questions have then followed, for what purpose I take off, in what hotel I stop, when my ticket back, I wish to visit what places in your country.
I have told, that I do not have reserved hotel in your country, that I am am waited by my man who will meet me at the airport and I will remain with him. They have told to me, that thousand people take off from the country and very often remain, as illegal inhabitants. I have told, that I will return back, here my work and my native.
But they have answered me very strictly, that each tourist who takes off from the country, should have at itself the sum of money, it will be the proof of that it does not remain hungry in another's country and it will have a place where to spend the night and consequently tourists, should have at themselves money when take off from the country.
They have told to me, that each tourist should have at itself 1500 dollars for a month of residing in another's country.
I have appeared now in very difficult situation, and I should solve now this problem.
It is very difficult for me because I have paid full cost of the ticket and the visa, and now it has appeared absolutely without money.
I in very difficult position now.
Also I do not know where to me now to search for an exit from a situation.
Because I still had only a few days that all to be in time because I very much on you miss, and very much wish to be with you nearby.
I have thought, you can can help me with this sum of money, I will show it at customs and when I will arrive to you I will return to you back because I do not know where to me to find so much money and to whom to address for the help.
I very much hope, that you will not throw me in such heavy position and will not throw me one.
I very much hope for your fast reply.
Yours Yuliya
Letter 25
I wish to speak with you! By phone. Today more recently I went in post-office and called to you my dear.
But unfortunately you have not answered.
I was upset because it was valid important for me to talk to you now and to hear your favourite voice.
I have left to you my vocal message. I hope that all will be as it should be and you can hear it.
I have news, I had an idea of the decision of our challenge.
You know my dear, today I went to bank and in bank the adviser has explained to me that there is a point the western union, it is a way of remittance.
He has told to me that it is very reliable and fast way of remittance. The most reliable.
I think that you also can take advantage of this service my dear.
The adviser also has told to me that you could send money, 1500 dollars in the help for us, you will require my data.
They here:
Yuliya Matrosova
He has told that it is the most necessary data that you could send money and I could receive them without problems in any point of the western union.
Also that I could receive money to me your data are necessary. And a confidential code.
My honey, I hope that you can help us in with the decision of this problem and I can fly at once to you because then I will not test problems with customs and as soon as I will arrive to you, to my beloved I will return at once you this money.
I wish be only with you my pleasure! I will be assured that the destiny is favourable to us and by means of this service we can meet.
It is our life buoy my darling Gene!
I look forward to hearing from you
I miss on you
Yours Yuliya
Letter 26
Hello my honey Gene
how are you my dear? How are you today?
I am right now in Internet cafe and have just read your letter. Today I could not sleep well at night... I thought. Too much sad thoughts in my head therefore I could not fall asleep long.
Today good weather in the street. The sun shines...) Today excellent weather!!!! And consequently I have pensive mood and it seems to me that we can overcome together all obstacles and curtail all mountains for the sake of our meeting!!!!
As I love you my dear!
I have read your letter and I wish to wish your of good luck my dear and I very much hope that it will work and very soon literally one of these days I can go to the airport and buy my ticket again and already in the near future we will be with you together!
Favourite, but in your letter mistrust to me is felt... The darling as you cannot understand, that you is very necessary to me. You understand, what I risk even more than you in this situation? Why you doubt me? I do not doubt you. I trust in our love, I believe, that you will not betray me and we will be happy. You represent. If I as doubted you? To me now and the truth difficultly because there was this shock situation with the customs control and you test me it... Favourite, I ask you, trust me. As I trust you. I have done the big way to meet you, I have made all and did not ask you to make something for me, I consider, that I am reliable.
Well, I will answer your questions, I hope, you will be satisfied by all information which you will read.
My full name - Matrosova Yuliya Sergeevna
My address:
Republic Tatarstan
The city of Kazan
Index: 420132
Street Adoratskogo 29
P.O.Box 26
ZIP: 533
(Only for help transfer through points of the western union the minimum of data is required to you. Certainly, if you wish to know it - I am always glad to inform you interesting about me)
Further you set questions which suggest an idea me that you did not read attentively my letters to you... After all I have told to you about everything about what could. I live in the city of Kazan, I have got there on distribution after the termination of university which I finished in the city of Orenburg in which remained to live my parents. My daddy call Sergey, my mum call Galina. Not looking that my daddy works as the instructor in driving (I wrote to you about it as), I am not able to drive the car and I do not have permission to it.
At me responsible enough post - the technologist of dairy manufacture, I think, you represent, that it for activity.
Here it is a university site in which I studied if it is interesting to you, you can look it:
I studied on chair of the "know-how" and processing of production of animal industries
I as sent you photos which have been made at me on work. It were photos old - when I had a practice at university and new. All photos which I sent you, are made in a current of last year.
Concerning phones - besides you did not read attentively my letters. Favourite, you know about me so much... I wrote to you about all. About the birthday (I will remind, I was born on May, 16th, 1981), you know that I like to do in the mornings where I work, my hobby (east dances), know my favourite dish, you saw photos of my parents. Favourite of that you are afraid? I now one in big, another's city. But I keep belief in us! In our feelings and in our future! Though to me here it is really terrible, I do not have anybody close here. So your support, your help is necessary to me!
To tell the truth, I am very upset by your message... I love you, my relation to you is extremely sincere! I have decided to risk to be near to you... Why so? Please, re-read my letters, I to you have told all... All. There there are answers to all your questions.
I will put those photos which are close to your questions to this letter. A photo with parents, on work, with the best girlfriend (about which I as wrote to you and asked council what to present on birthday, to it 30 years) were executed.
I madly love you, you my native and close man. Gene! And I am ready to speak all life to you it! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Also I miss...
I will wait with alarm of your news and with trembling of your messages
Letter 27
My darling, you know, that I to you descend! Check up itself! And me do not dare then more to touch! I, hoping to find love, was registered on a site of acquaintances... I thanked the god that it has sent me you. For our happiness. I have sincerely grown fond of you. Has grown fond so, that has decided to risk to arrive to you. To meet you... In spite of the fact that I never, you hear, NEVER such resolute actions undertook. All the same from time immemorial was considered, that the man should do the first steps. But I have fallen in love without memory! I took holiday... I could spend this holiday with parents who live so far from me. But is not present, I have gone to Moscow to make everything, to take off to you... Has bought tickets. I did not ask from you uniform cent! Did not ask copecks! Asked nothing. I wanted, that you saw, how strongly I love you and as my desire of our meeting is great. I did all. And as soon as has faced a problem - you became so **** to conduct. Tell, I needed to address for the help to someone to another, instead of to you? And how I will know, what in the future you always will be a number and never will give me in insult? I the woman! And the man you! Also what I see? You sit there, in the house, not moving anywhere from a place and laugh over me. To you all the same, that I here sob at night. Every day I run on a city in search of Internet cafe or possibility to find money. And you do not trust me! Yes I in that case should not trust it to you! You have rested, to you I am more important money, than. And whence I know, how many girls left here so abroad, and them there sold in slavery to souteneurs. How many girls have not returned! If I began not to trust you, to you it would be pleasant? You have disappointed me. I believed, that you the real man. The strong. The man who will always protect and will substitute the strong shoulder in a trouble. But is not present, you have appeared petty. You trample down my feelings the mistrust. You know about me all and wish to know more. You ask the address of my parents. And the address of your parents you do not name. Friends. And your friends? Who from us knows more about each other? In my opinion you know about me all. You the player! You have played with my feelings. Give the god to you of happiness. I hope you you will learn to love sincerely the person and you can once make someone happy.
Letter 28
Has put at all that I cannot give you 5-10 minutes of time for any detective. If I could not find for you time, I would not be going to fly at all to you. Business in your total mistrust to me. What sense to me to deceive you if I have given you all heart? I at all do not know this detective, I do not represent, that it for the person. For that matter, suddenly it the maniac or just it the bad person? How you cannot Understand it? Your phrase "have the money. You should do what the people with money ask you kindly to do." Very much offends me. Such feeling, that you wish to buy me. Do not try to buy that I and so I will give to you for nothing. The thin thread between us shivers as a guitar string. I ask you, play accurately, for the sake of love which can be rescued... Give we will place all points over "i" though it and you and me is unpleasant. I so have got tired without your warmth, and you do not feel it even. You think of yourself too much, of the money and do not think at all that I worry here one, in another's city. You do not understand my fears and fears. Really you do not see itself, what it you pull down our love? Obvious to you it is not clear. You do to me by painfully it. It is boundless painfully.
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