Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Borodich to Glen (Scotland)

Letter 1
Hey, my sweet!
Are you a dreamer?
Do you know that to dream a dream is to awaken your inner self?
Your wants, your desires, your passions are given life.
If you meet someone in whose presence you feel a desire to achieve,
such person is worthy of your love, and is awakening love in your heart.
Time is nothing. The desire to love is everything.
As for me I'm a woman which desires to love!
And I really hope to find my beloved one in the Internet.
Why here? Because I don't like limits of the country where I live. The Internet is endless and there are much more chances to find love!
Once someone told me you trap yourself sometimes by thinking desire and need is love. He was right. Love is something far more precious, but something far more fragile. Hold on to it too tightly and it will crumble in your fingers. Hold it too loosely and the wind might **** it away and shatter it on the cold ground. Listen to the voice in your heart but be absolutely sure the voice comes from there.
I'm a passionate woman and I love not only to dream but to make my dreams come true! If you are ready to do it with me then write me! Kiss you, Svetlana.
Letter 2
Hi, dear! It was a little surprise for me to see your letter in my mail box today!
But it was a pleasant surprise:-) Today I came to the Internet cafe with my friend Anna.
We are always together. Besides she is also writing to a foreigner, he is from France.
She has already visited him in Paris and though she is not telling me everything it seems to me that he made her a proposal to marry him. I only hope they will success in their relations and will be happy! To tell you the truth their story has inspired me to look for my love in the Internet.
She told me so many beautiful words about Jean (its his name) so now I have a good impression about foreigners:-) Hope I will be lucky in my search.
As for me I live in Dobropillya that’s in the west of Ukraine. I live with my parents.
They are simple hard-working people. Unfortunately I don’t have any brothers or sisters but I’m not lonely.
I have many good friends! I’m not dating with a lot of men ‘cause I prefer to date with one and to be faithful to him.
But now I’m single. I had a few love stories but it was not what I want from relations. I don’t demand a lot from my man. I just want him to be sincere and honest with me, to give me a comfort in difficult situations.
Now I‘m working as a manager in the company that produces lingerie for women.
Its pretty god job though I’m not earning a lot of money. But anyway its not my goal in life.
I’m a tender woman and its not my duty to earn money. From the childhood my parents have been telling me that it’s a man who has to earn money for his family. It was a good lesson for me.
Like each woman on this planet I like shopping:-) I can do it 24/7:-) I like good music, good interesting people, positive communication. I like sports but I’m too lazy to wake up every morning at 5am in order to run. I prefer fitness in the evening.
Do you love life? I love it more than anything ‘cause it gives me a lot of possibilities and happiness!
And I wish to spend my life with a man of my dreams!
Would you like to be that man? You have all the chances:-)
Kiss you tenderly waiting for your answer! Sveta.
Letter 3
My dear, you can’t even imagine how happy I am to receive your new e-mail!
You know, the weather here is nice and sunny today! But the Internet cafe is in about 30 minutes from my home by bus but I was so eager to know if you wrote me something so I decided to go there. And I’m glad that I followed a voice of my intuition ‘cause now I’m reading and answering your letter! My life is becoming more interesting and bright when I hear from you! It’s always so exciting! I want to become more than just friends with you, I want to build strong and beautiful relations based on feelings and trust. I’m too tired of being lonely and I want to love and to be loved! Do you want it?
Once my mother told me that I’m compared with a soft and fluffy cat:))) I’m living with my parents in a small flat in outskirts of the town. You know, I also like sports, especially swimming and running, I’m waking up every morning at 5:30 in order to make a run. And what about you? Do you like any kinds of sports? I think that each person has to have an inner dream! When we have a dream it means that we’re alive! I’m dreaming to have a house full of flowers and light! I’m dreaming about living there with my beloved! I want to prepare him delicious breakfasts and dinners, to bring him a cup of coffee in bed early mornings! I want to wake him up with a sweet kiss...
I don’t want my bed to be cold; I want to hug my beloved every night…I imagine us hugging near the fire place on a woolen blanket…We are listening to romantic music and kissing… Isn’t it wonderful?
And I imagine and dreaming about it every day. I believe that this happy day will come and we will be together with him. Do you believe in it?
Anyway I wish you a good day and I will be impatiently waiting for your next letter! Its always a pleasure for me to hear from you, my dear ***! Bye-bye, many kisses, Sveta!
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