Letter(s) from Olga to Federico (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend!

It was nice for me to get your letter today and to know that you are interested in me and want to know a bit more. I want the same from you but I will start... Of course I am interested in learning more about you and of course I want to tell you that it will be really wonderful if you can send to me some more information and of course I hope that you will sendto me also some of your pictures!
So my name is Olga or you can call me just Olya. I am from the eastern part of Ukraine and I was born in a small town which is called Kamishnoe. I don't know if you have ever heard about it. There is nothing to tell you about my native city but I like it of course very much. I was born on the 10 th of September. I have finished the Pedagogical Institute and now I work as primary teacher! of course I can tell you that I like my work very much as from the early childhood I was dreaming about this occupation but the only bad fact is that the salary is very low. But I am so fond of kids. I like to spend time with them as they are very different and it is very interesting to watch them. I hope that it will be interesting for you to read about my work.
As for my hobbies I like sports a lot and also I like to spend my time with friends and relatives as I believe it is very important.. By the way in my next letter I will tell you a bit about my family. Hope that you will be interested in this))) And now it is your turn... I will be waiting for your answer...

yours new friend Olya.

PS. By the way I have attached some pictures of me. Hope that you will find them beautiful and you will have the wish to know me closer...

Letter 2

Hello dear!

It was wonderful to get your letter again) You know I was thinking if you still interested in me and if you write to me a letter and of course when I saw it i was more them happy. But I want to be honest with you as I forgot to tell you in my last letter that I use the service of translation firm as I don't know that language. I learned it at school but I forgot everything and of course i will be happy to learn the language as i understand it is very important! But dear I really hope this won't stand between us... Of course agree with you that we need to know each other better and to see where it will lead but I hope that this will be wonderful and of course I want to know more about you and also some of your pictures!
Today I will tell you a bit more about my family! So I am from ordinary one but very nice and I hope that in the future you will be able to meet my relatives! I am the only child in my family! you know in my childhood I was happy if this fact but now i understand it is better to have someone) My parents are alive and they live together very happy! They are on pension now and they are not able to work because of there health and of course I try to help them as much as it is possible as you can imagine the pension we have in Ukraine. my mother had heart attack not very long ago and that is why she needs lots of medicines but I can tell you that I am proud of my parents! they were all the time happy and never sad! I always wanted to have such a family))) I really hope that you will have the chance to met them. Do you want to know something more?
I will end for now and you know I think next time I will tell you about the drama I had in my life as I think we don't need to have secrets from each other. What is your opinion? I will be waiting for your answer.

yours Olya)

Letter 3

Hello my sweetheart!

It is really wonderful to have the communication with you and of course want to tell you that I feel you are closer to me with every world! I am very happy of this fact and I hope that you feel the same! So as for my life it is normal but you know as you really became very close to me I need to tell you that I had a tragedy in my life! It is hard to tell me about this but I decided it is better not to have any secrets between us and i hope that you will agree with me. So I need to tell you that I met a man 4 years ago and I thought that time that everyone is honest!!! He was telling me that he loved me and I believed in this. he promised me that we would get married and we would be living happily all the time))) But then I became pregnant and I told my beloved about this. She was afraid of this and and he told me that it is not for him and he was not ready to this. He left me without any disappointed and you can imagine how i felt them.. I told my parents about this and they told me that I need to born this may be but you can imagine how nervous i was and I lost my babe!!! It is hard for me to tell about this and i really hope that you will understand this! Even now my eyes are full of tears... And you know only now I decided to try my happiness again and that is why it is very important for me to have honesty and trust! It was really very hard for me to believe in people again. But I believe that you are my destiny))) I hope that you were not tired of this and of course I really wanted to share this will this. Now you now lots about me and I hope that this will help you to feel closer and of course I will be waiting for your answer as it is very important for me...

with love, Olga.

Letter 4

hello my sweetheart!

how are you? as usual I was very happy to get your letter but unfortunately I feel very bad and I have really awful news((( I want to tell you that you became really very close to me and of course it is hard to imagine my day without you! But as you know I used the firm and yesterday my father had heart attack so now all the money I will need for the medicines! I know that you will understand me but I don't know what to do... I want to have the correspondence with you a lot and of course I don't know how to live without you! I need you support, your kind words a lot... It is really hard times for me and I want you to be close to me... May be the miracle will happen?
I will end for now as I need to go to the hospital to my father but I will be praying for us... I love you!!!! I will never forget you and I hope that may be we will be able to continue...

with love, yours forever Olga.

Letter 5

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your letter. Please read the attached document very carefully and give us your answer as soon as possible as your lady is waiting for this. Have a nice day.