Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Karl (Germany)

Letter 1

Hallo, dear Carlo
How are you ?
How is the life in Munich?
We have wonderful spring days, everything is blooming already. It is very beautiful, like paradise..
Vielen danke for your letter. It is pleasant for me that you noticed me among hundreds of women:-)
As you know my name is Nadya, I am 23, I live in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan , one of republic of former USSR. My native language is russian. I live with my mother and my cat Mila at present. To my pity, I am alone in the family, and don't have neither brother nor sister. I work as a nurse in local hospital and I like my job.
My intentions are clear, I want to find my love and my future support as my husband and my soulmate with whom I'd like to make family and bring up children. I want to find sincere person , and I don't care about money and his career, as russian proverb says " With beloved even in hut of branches is paradise ". And I keep this line. I'm honest and open-minded person, as though there is always some little mystery inside me. I like my age of young woman, because now a true woman opened inside me:-)
Carlo, I was very pleased with receiving your letter. I'd like to know you more close. I am not interested in writing with several men, so I chose the one, whose letter I liked the most, and it was you. But the main number of letters from men such as "Hi,, **** !", "Hi, sweety, do you like to chat ?" , " Hi, baby , I am looking for penpol" and so on, which I don't like. I consider that a letter must be intersting, especially initial one. Otherwise, how can you attract woman's attention.
I want to be straightforward and sincere with you. This my first letter for you, and after you read it, please, tell me, whether you feel some sympathy for me or not. Because I am not rich woman and if you decide to have correspondence with me, I need you to help me with paying my correspondence charges. My salary is small and I have no computer at home, so I use internet cafe and it is expensive for me, that's why I can write only few letters.
Now I will tell you a little about me.
I like to cook tasty dishes and to taste this dishes too (it don't spoil my slim figure ), in holidays I can allow myself to drink a little bit of fine red wine. I like to make pleasant surprises and when it is on the mutual basis. I like flowers very much, especially roses, it smells so wonderful:-)
When I stay at home -- I'm homelike, when I'm in company I'm good company, when I love---I turn inside out to make my man happy.
I love life and try to live it with interest, and enjoy every minute of my life. I dream to find kind, honest and serious man, who will love me and want to create strong wonderful family, and as to the other things then we always may find compromise:-). I'm romantic by nature and hope to find true,beautiful love. I want to find my only one with whom I want to share my whole life. I don't believe in secrets and I don't believe in the past but I live for the future, I'm positive and I have a very balanced approach on life itself. I can only love one man and consider myself very faithful and reliable.
I believe in love between two people. It doesn't matter how far people live from each other, even if they live in different parts of the world. I feel that somewhere in this big world there is my soulmate, the man who will make me happy with his love and care. I am optimist by nature and in everything I see something beautiful and enjoy every moment of my life. I have a lot of things in my life which make me happy. But in order to be completely happy, I need someone, who will fill the empty place in my soul.
Carlo, maybe some day we may meet in cosy conditions for dinner with candles and sounds of slow and nice music, forgetting about language barrier and other formalities, we just look at each others eyes and then we want that this instant last forever and ever:-)
So you can see from my words that I am romantic person...
On May 9, there will be the great celebration of the victory in 1945 in World War 2. It is very great day for the countries of all the former USSR countries. There will be the parade of victory on Red Square in Moscow, and the salute in the evening, and also many interesting films about war and herouism of those soldiers, who died in the battlefields and innocent people in concentration camps, and touching warm songs, dedicating to war. When you hear all this songs, tears appear in the eyes and heart is aching.. It is very important day for our people and not only for us, but for many other countries, who suffered from fascists.
Well, it proved to be pretty long letter, aren't you tired of me, Carlo?
I am looking forward for your answer with pleasant impatience.
Auf Wiedersehen.
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