Letter(s) from Alexandra Fedan to John (USA)

Letter 1

hi my dear

Is very glad to receive your letter! How you? Thanks for a photo, they very beautiful, especially there where we there together, I a photo have put this on a mobile phone)))))

I am glad to news that you plan to lead the holiday in Nikolaev, I think that we shall perfectly spend time, even it is better than first time, we shall eat on the sea, I with impatience wait for this moment...

You for me very close and noble the man, and I very much appreciate it in you))))
excuse for a question, you spoke that you can send for me money when you will arrive to America, you will make it? Or to you it is dear? I very much wish to pass a rate of procedures on care of a body.

kisses and hugs

your Lesya

Letter 2

hi my love!

It is very pleasant to receive your letters! Thanks for care, I to you very well concern and with impatience I wait for ours with you of a meeting)))).

Yes, I wish to go to Crimea, but still exact date of holiday I do not know (((, I think it there will be an end of May or the beginning of June. I when learn precisely at once I shall inform you my favourite)))

yes if you to me want that that to buy, I shall be glad, confident at you good taste. Which you have specified those sizes in the letter correct)))

I in monday have entered the name on procedures on a body if to you it is not complex, smear to send money in the beginning of week?

Thanks my address: the city of Nikolaev, Karpenko's street 20. The APARTMENT 57

kisses and hugs

i am very wait you

your Lesya

Letter 3

my dear!

Thank you for an anxiety, you also save itself, in Ukraine there are not cases of disease and in the USA I heard many cases((((( be very exact...

how are you, how at work?

I spoke with a boss, he said that I can take a holiday in the middle of June, somewhere after June, 15

yes, thank you if can went please to me money, because now I am forced very to save, for us already very warmly and I can not itself purchase a shoe and clothes on a summer, I need it to purchase because for us already + 20, and I have nothing to dress(((

kisses and hugs

it for you....

Letter 4


I am very glad to receive your letters! How you? I hope at you all well!! You very remarkable the man!!!

I talked to the boss, it has told that will precisely tell in 2 weeks, and most likely that since June, 15th it will be possible to take holiday))))

thanks you big for care and that that I can hope for you, you could send today money because we will have then days off. And at me time will go and choose clothes and footwear, I do not wish to order on the Internet because I wish to choose itself and to measure what approached, and on the Internet so will not choose (((and still I go on rates of English, therefore your and financial help is necessary to me.


Letter 5

hi my love!!

Well, I shall not take Katya, I have other translator. Very good, it precisely is pleasant to you))), I called today Maxim, it have told that can bring me to the airport and meet you and will help us to take the car in rent.
You do not experience all it will be good. You will reserve to yourself an apartment or to me it to make???
i am miss you and very wait you
kisses and hugs

Letter 6

my love...

Yes. I shall well wait for you on June, 12th, I shall arrive you to meet in the airport to Odessa and we together we shall eat to Nikolaev. You asked that better an apartment or hotel, I do not know as you it will be better solve itself, but the apartment will be cheaper, if you will want an apartment I can find and reserve to you))))

thanks, for money, I need to pay for lessons of English...
i am wait you
kisses and hugs

Letter 7

hi my dear!

Was very glad to hear your voice today))) I hope at you all well...

I wished to lead the birthday with my girlfriends at restaurant, I wish you to ask, if you can 400 or 500 dollars send me please, I hope it for you not so expensev.

I with impatience wait for you and our meeting