Scam letter(s) from Rose Collins to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
hello richard, Thanks for the Heart warming reply and i am sorry for my late response.I like all that i have read about you and i really cant wait to Read More from you, i was very happy when i saw your profile,and am really interested in talking to you and i Hope this Communication will Continue and Lead us to the Next Level? how are things going over there, my Name is rose collins,i was born in in delray beach,florida. I am 5.9ft,light brown Hair,I would like to tell you more about my last relationship.I was hurt with a man in the states, i caught him sleeping with my best friend so he broke my heart and sent me away from the house.I was really sick about the whole issue because I really Loved him with all my heart and I never believe that our relationship would never last because i gave him my heart and he Betrayed me by sleeping with my best friend.So a little more about me I have a kind sense of humor,Outgoing type,Laid Back,Communicative and love to laugh and to make that special someone laugh also. I am very sincere in finding true love for a life time and am a very loyal Lady . I do not drink or do any drugs. I am very easy going,Down to Earth and have a great sense of humor. I am also a very deeply passionately romantic Lady but can be with only that one in which I will share all life with, I am 28yrs old Got no kid . I love to listen to music.I am free and love fishing so much and also love playing basketball and swimming.Do you like going to The Beach?Well When i was in the states, i love going there.I Lost my dad when i was 19yrs old so my mom remarried to an Old man in Nigeria so i have been in Nigeria for about a month now just Visiting my mom for sometime,have Fun with her take her shopping,spend sometime with her.I work as a hair stylist in a beauty shop.I am looking for a serious relationship I love children and believe they are like precious flowers of the world. I also like animals too and music. I like so much to list all.What I am seeking in long term is marriage based on Love, mutual respect, and understanding. That is how I see the future. My goal in life is to be married and have a happy family in a home filled with love. Also for you to be my best friend, to share everything with,as well as passionate lover.
I know that not everything in life can be perfect all the time, but I am willing to always do my best for my future Man.He will always be my first priority. I am very,very sincere in finding my partner in life and i Hope the Distance wont Scare you away.My Mom use to say one word..(Measure my Love and Not the Distance).I believe in that Word and i can also relocate for my Love,i will stop here.I rather not bore you with too many words and please do tell me More about yourself.Hope to hear from you soon and warm Hugs to you.I would like to see some pictures of you and those are some of mine.Please write soon.
I care
Now i am looking forward to meet the man of my life, and get along to live happily forever with him and get a good home,i want someone that can entrust my love in his hands..i wouldn't like to get along with a man that will play on my feelings or cheat on me in anyway of my it has happened to me before and it really hurt me lots inside of me..well i would just like to know more and more about it,if possible,i will get a man of my life that God has sent to me in this world, someone that we are destiny to be together, i will be very greatful to see him in my life someday,and i will be very trustful in him and i am going to respect him, on that...and i have the faith in God in my life very well that the man i will see in my life ,i am going to teach him the way of God very well to show that we are going to live together in this life world, the man i will see in my life ,i am going to give him what they called love from above...i still look forward to receive your word of life too so i can know you better in life, ...take care of yourself and have a wonderful and joyful day ahead...and may good God blessed u in anyway of your life . i am waiting to read from you soon
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