Scam letter(s) from Valentina Slepsova to Leandros (Cyprus)

Letter 1
Hello leo
I am very glad, that I have an opportunity to answer your announcement. I think, that you very interesting person and I want to correspond with you and more. I hope, that I shall interest you and I want to receive from you the answer. My name is valya, I live in Ukraine Crimea. SIMFEROPOL/To me of 24 years , my growth of 168 sm, weight of 50 kg. I have attractive appearance and a harmonous figure. I was never married and I have no children, but I can be loving mother. If you search for the true both reliable friend and the careful wife, I would be glad to be her. I very much love animals and the nature, perfectly I prepare for a meal, with pleasure I visit museums and I am interested in art. I very much want to create strong family with the reliable person who is tired from loneliness and is ready to love and be loved. I shall be very happy, if you will be interested with my letter and you write to me the answer to my address I promise to write to you at once and to send my photo. I very much hope, that we shall find common language and our correspondence will pass to more serious attitudes. In hope for a fast reply valya.
Letter 2
I very wait a tvoyo letter write to me what you are so busy
Letter 3
Hello Leo, it is not I do not have problems that for us wide difference age.
I am very glad, that you have found time to answer my letter. For the beginning our acquaintance I shall tell to you more about myself. I was born in the city of Simferopol of Republic of Crimea in the country Ukraine. Since old years Crimea to be glorified by the wines and resorts, such as Yalta. Crimea is the peninsula, surrounded with Black sea. This city is no difficult for finding on a card, Simferopol, its population is made about one million by person . I work in our city in hospital as the dantist. Before it I have finished Medical Institute of the city of Simferopol and have received higher education. I work 9 hours per day, but my work very much to like me. I after work have time that I carried out it with girlfriends. I do not drink alcohol in general and I do not smoke. I try to support a healthy way of life and it to like me.In rainy, boring evenings I like to spend reading the book or listening to music. In music I love everything, but I give preference classical or a jazz. I live one in an one-room apartment but I have the grandmother, mum of my mum who lives in Settlement. I do not want that my husband Ukraine the man was, Because they frequently drink alcohol and do not respect the wives and frequently address with wives roughly. In free time from work I prefer to walk with girlfriends in park on new fresh air. Also I like to prepare various tasty dishes because Russian and Ukrainian kitchen is very various and in a special way am tasty. Firstof all I estimate the truth and fidelity in the person. It seems to me,That if people are dishonest in the attitudes to each other, Between them there may not be no attitudes. I very much want to find such person me, I hope, to which might trust all. In Ukraine I might not findsuch person, I hope, that now I have found It. Write to me about itself, about family, about work and about Hobby. I want to know about all of you, and I hope, that we may be friends And it is more, valya.
Letter 4

Hello my friend,Leandros
Many thanks to you for the answer because I very much hoped to interest you . I want to get acquainted with you closer , therefore first of all I shall tell to you about myself and about the family. A history of my family it is sad and that is why. When to me there were 5 years, my father has thrown my mum for the sake of other family and has left to other woman. My mum very much experienced, because it there was its her unique love. Despite of an act of the father, she continued to love him all life in hope, that father will return. But it has not taken place. Heart of mum has been broken also she continued to live only for the sake of me. She worked as the doctor, giving the work and me the forces, respected her of thefellow worker and simple people. I very much was proud of mum and have gone on her way, becoming the dantist. But the old wound from one-way love tormented mum all life and 5 years back my mum has died. It was the heaviest moment in my life and I have remained one. A difficult minute of me the grandmother supported. I very much love family and I respect Traditions of family, therefore I want to create family with the reliable person, who May support me difficult minutes. I shall pay to the loved person Love and respect. I think, that in family the main love, respect and trust. Only then there will be a convenient and happy family. I have studied the English language at school of 5 years, then in institute of 6 years. I Love the English language and therefore I want better it to teach. I love Ukraine, but I like to study other countries and other cultures, but unfortunately, I never visited other countries. I sometime would like tovisit other countries and it is possible to live there. I very much like to dance, and sometimes I with girlfriends we visit dancing clubs. My loved color green and pink, loved number - 5 I love animals, - especial cats, they - very sensitive creations. I love dogs and I estimate their fidelity. Unfortunately, not all people are capable to fidelity and honesty. In families of my girlfriends not always correct the consent because of misunderstanding each other, therefore the trust first of all is necessary. I want to begin not only the wife, but also both the loved woman and the friend. I want to help the husband in all affairs of family and I think,that my trade will help me with it. I am very glad that I have an opportunity to write to you because your letters inspire me. I did not trust, That it is possible to fall in love through letters, But now I am sure that it probably. I have decided to write to you because the noble and fair person seems to me that you and not begin to deceive me. I ask, that you have not stopped to me to write, because your words bring a lot of pleasure in my lonely life. With the best regards valya.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Leandros.
I write you the letter about the cafe - Internet. I can not write the letter more than once a day, but I shall try to answer all questions. But I would like, if you wrote to me many letters because your letters of me please. Reading your letters, I have a rest from a difficult working day. As I already spoke, I love children but as I never was in a marriage, I have no my children. I think, that children should have the father and mother and that they grew in love. I very much want to marry. I want to meet after work of the husband to prepare it for a meal and to look after it. But now in my life only loneliness and consequently I have decidedto write to you for the first time. But now your letters became my sense.But we should not hurry up in our feelings to not make a mistake. And if we shall decide to connect our lives we should consider all well. But nevertheless it seems to me, that if I shall be together with you, I shall never regret for it. What you do at leisure after work? I like to go after work on park and to observe as the nature varies and to inhale a fresh wind. My girlfriends almost all it is married, but sometimes we go to cinema. I love comedies. And you? Sometimes I visit church, christianity my religion, the belief in the god helps me to trust in my forces. And how you concern to religion? Tomorrow I shall go in settlement to the grandmother. She lives in a small wooden small house about which the garden with trees of apples is located, I to it necessarily shalltell about you, she will be very glad. She will prepare fo r a soup and a duck Who are made in the furnace. They very tasty and fragrant. You probably such did not try. My feelings with each letter to you become stronger and it is more serious. Therefore your letters of steel for me a support and in your letters I find understanding. I very much would want that sometime I have found love in your letters. It seems to me, that we with you two ships at different coast of ocean, and once one ship will come to a coast another.
I send you kiss,valya.
Letter 6
Hello my LOVE Leandros. my pay-envelope of 180 dolor for one month.My heart is beaten more strongly when I receive from you letters. Tonight I shall bakee a tasty pie, I very much like to prepare and want to bake in our first meeting only for you something very much - very much tasty. What you prefer in meal? You like sweet? But I do not eat frequently sweet because I watch the figure. I even for this purpose visit a sports hall two times per one week. but it is not possible and consequently I shall wait for our meeting to talk to you and to look in your eyes. I very much like to read your letters, they bring to me a lot of pleasure and I re-read them on some times. I understand that with each your letter of me attracts to you more and more and more. It seems to me, that I cantrust you, and this main thing. I think, that the trust and understanding are a basis for family attitudes.I know families in which the lie and a deceit destroy family and even love do not rescue a marriage. Sometimes in family someone from spouses does not want to concede in dispute to another and consequently there are scandals. Therefore also it is important find in life with beloved compromises. You probably think, that I very serious person, but it not so. I simply do not want to make the wrong choice of the future husband because I want that my marriage was prolonged all my life and our family would beideal, based on the important principles. But any marriage will not be without the present, passionate and sincere love. At present my feelings more than friendly, but I do not know, that you test to me and consequently I do not want to hurry you with a choice because I know as far as it seriously. In yours words I understand, that you the person of honour and your words warm a heat my soul. It is fine, when knows that in this world to be the person to whom you are not indifferent.I understand, that each of us has past, the habits. But the present love will help us to recollect together good and to overlook bad. One of the important reasons on which people connect the lives is aspiration always to help each other. Only the strong love is capable to involve one person to sit at bed of another or to be pleased with him. It so is pleasant for me to receive your letters and this feeling to not transfer in a word. I finish the letter, in hope to receive from you the answer. With love Valya.
Letter 7
Hello my love Leandros,
I sit in front of the screen, hasty I collect the necessary words. At work the female part of collective good-natured guesses, that it for the mysterious gentleman at me has appeared. Simply now I am not late after work as earlier, and quickly I am going and I escape in the cafe - Internet. The truth, now I do n ot feel lonely. Now I have you and your letters.Now it seems to me, that the world not too bad. And all this because in my life you have appeared.You became for me a ray of light which gives hope. With hope I for the first time have written to you and now my hopes come true. If the person will cease in what to trust and hope his life becomes very grey. You with me agree? But now already it seems to me, that I write to you letters not only with hope, but also with love. From love to not hide anywhere, but also I do not want to be hidden. I am very glad to this new, earlier not to feeling known to me from which there is a unusual raising of mood and mysterious sensation in a ******, is especial when I receive from you letters. But most of all I would like, that you were with me beside that I might nestle on your ****** as the wounded bird. But I do not want that you listened to my problems. Write to nme that disturbs you? Whether you like to receive my letters? May be to you not interestingly read my feelings, but I write you all and I want that you knew about me all. You like to dance? I from the childhood like to dance. Still I like to read history which come to an end well. I hope, that our attitudes too will be good. Today at work I received the salary. I have received 800 grivna. It approximately 180 US dollars. It may seem to you ridiculous, but on this money I live the whole month, I pay 200 grivna for an apartment. Unfortunately, medical the worker in Ukraine is not appreciated Highly, notwithstanding what they are necessary. If I when have arrived to your countre, I would earn much more and might care level with the husband of family. I hope, that you not against if your wife will work. But while we should not hurry up, because we should be sure in the feelings. Today we have fine weather and the sun shines, I very much love sunny days when beams of the sun get in windows. I recollect my working day, my small patients cheerfully blink and accept survey for amusing game. These are the most important words which I want to tell you today. I shall wait from you for the letter MY LOVE. Your valya.
Letter 8
Greetings my love Leandros! I write a letter in the internet of cafe and in kompyutere I inserted not it a photo it by chance got not my the photo you understand me!!! You do not imagine, what pleasure bring to me your letters. I want to see your new photos, please came to me your new photo that I could put it on my working letter. I have asked in the Cafe - Internet that your letter have made through the printer and it now always with me. From your letters I receive a charge of energy for all day. I want to know about you more and more and more. What you did last night? When you write to me letters? I write you letters usually in the evening, after work, but sometimes I have time to write to you letters in the afternoon. Nea?aui in the afternoon I feel, that me pull to you more and more and more, I can not live without your letters any more. For me you seem an ideal, surpassing all. Now in met he desire to love and be loved grows. I want to bring to you of happiness. And what you test to me? I want, that your feelings to me were stronger than friendship. I want to admit to you. It seems to me, that I am in love in you. But yi?ioo you to be with me fair and to not deceive me. I do not want tolose happiness which I test now, knowing, that you soon will read my letter and write to me the answer.At night I long can not sleep, I all think of you. Todayin the morning I have risen early to go in church and to ask about us. I asked that you were healthy also we shortly have seen each other. I want that you knew, that you always in my heart and Ialways think of you. May be, I seem to you too naive and romantic, but I do not understand, that with me. I believe that it is possible to fall in love with persons, and thus to time to see it. But be sure, that if we sometime shall be together, I shall be to you always devoted and tenderness.To me the me aning of the lifeis open... And because of what? Not who not when has not understood it if I have explained.. Though if to me it have told it earlier - I would not believe... Thought - LOVE - what nonsense... She is not present... But it not so... One only the feeling has changed my life... Only one... All ideas began only about one person... To you... In each dream only that secret and secret, what not when not who has not approved, except for us two... But I have found the most important not only the love, she too has found her in me... And what can be finer than mutual love? Love which can all... But sometimes there come minutes when you think - whether and love it in general - but these are silly minutes... The Love she is.. Each breath and each exhalation is filled with any pleasant action - not as earlier... All bad - in a fog and all good prospers around... The Problem that you are far... And from it it becomes sad... The Different countries... But it will not **** love... I LOVE YOU!!! ALWAYS!!! TOGETHER!!! I know, that I shall like only one person who will be my husband. It seems to me, that you do not have lacks but if they are, I shall love all the same you. I would like that we sat next in the long w inter evenings and talked about everything, about news, about life, about people. And in the summer we would walk in park and ate ice-cream. Today I leave you tomorrow to return, to read your letters.. Your valya.
P.S. I send a photo from work...
Letter 9
Hi my pleasant love !
My love, I hope, your businesses it is good? I am happy from love! Beautifully as well as our love, pure and Innocent. As though I wanted now to be with you. Know I is ready to do all, That I can, that you were happy! I know, that our love is strong also To this any obstacles are not awful. You agree with me? I am very pleased to read your words of love. I feel too most! Present, today in dream I Arrived to you by the plane! And you met me at the airport. It is such it was pleasant and gently! When I have woken up, my heart Was strongly beaten with happiness. As ? I would want, that it was by the validity! Today at work I all day thought of my dream. Willows to my head the idea was born, I do not know, whether it is pleasant to you really. Probably you will Consider me silly. Probably you know, that I should receive the visa to arrive to you. For this purpose I should go in Kiev and money is necessary for me to make the visa. It is inconvenient to me to ask you concerning the help, therefore forgive Me, if something not so. I have counted up, that to me to arrive in Kiev and to do the visa, it is necessary 270 $. But I really have no such money. Therefore it is a shame to me to ask you to me to help with money. I understand, that for you it is the too large Money, but if you will help me, I could arrive to you in one month. What you think of it? - very much of shame to me to ask you Money, but I need in meeting with you. Understand me, it is necessary for me to hear your vote, your words concerning love. Only, so I can trust, that our attitudes are real, instead of fairy tale. I know, that you also it is required. Please, to help me and to give me chance to show you, That I really love you. I ask, that you thought above than my offer, for us it - Very important - step in our attitudes. Forgive me, if you do not divide with me of my feelings and desires. The people sometimes can not all Write each other, sometimes words and - not necessary..., close man Necessary simply about... Especially When it is bad, especially, when about anyone - not a gift... And it is more so, When I need in you, as never.... As now... My work has stopped to bring pleasure, because between us cost of obstacles. I want to clean them, please to help me! I with hope shall wait yours The answer, that it was, simply, the closest man knows, that you for me,
And I very much love you Valya.
Letter 10
I so am glad that soon you and I shall reach together my dream! Today I in bank to learn as you can send me money. I was told by the employees of bank, that the most reliable and fast way to send and to receive money, is system of remittances Western Union. Has appeared, that it is very simple system. To me have explained, that for this purpose you should find in the city bank, where there is a system Western Union. You will send money to my complete name and address, then you will give control number from 10 figures, which you should inform me. Then I with this number, your complete name and address to go to receive money. But to send money, you should know my information.
my address;
my name slepsova valentina
24-3,puskina street,
Simferopol city,
As well I should know about you the information yours a complete name and address. I think, that it is simple also you without effort can send me money.

Letter 11
Hello my love Leandros! I am very glad that you can to help me with arrival to you. I can not wait this moment, I want that it happened as soon as possible... To me it is lonely without you in this city, you are necessary for me, your words, your tenderness and kisses are necessary for me. I believe in that that I soon shall arrive to you and in our life all will change for the better. That day when I shall see you will be the happiest in my life. I miss on you. You are unusually gentle an your words, your tenderness and kisses are necessary for me. I believe in that that I soon shall arrive to you and in our life all will change for the better. That day when I shall see you will be the happiest in my life. I miss on you. You are unusually gentle and not talkative. Someone up to you was eloquent both much and frequently spoke about the feelings, but behind words there was a lie, calculation, egoism, can the emotions corresponding to the moment - Therefore when you speak how to you has carried to meet me as the evening lead{carried out} without me is aimless and empty, I strain and I build the Chinese wall Actually if there were no your words, the wall would be even longer and higher! Your words do not tell lies, when are lit at a meeting with me and instead of watching{keeping up} action on the screen you ook at my structure and smile my reaction. In reply to it you have written to me the letter - I answer. I so have become bored{have missed} under normal human attitudes{relations}, without rattling passions, without mutual claims, without jealousy, hysterics and lie. And as I answer: Miss! On yours I Shall miss! ¦, so I speak you: Love me! For me it is very valuable and it is important, your love as air, I again live valya!
Letter 12
My love Leandros!
I thank you for your help, I have received money. Now I can go to kiev to do the visa, and at once I shall learn the price of the ticket. Please, write to me the name of the international airport, which is about you, that I could know how many it will to cost. My things are already assembled and tomorrow I shall go in kiev, is absolutely speed we shall be happy, and one nothing will separate us. I so am happy! From one idea on our close meeting at me the head is turned! I shall write you the day after tomorrow, when I shall arrive in kiev. Please, write to me that I asked and write to me, whether you are happy, what soon you will embrace and to kiss me? I shall wait for your answer and I shall answer you already from kiev.
I love you!!!!!!!
Letter 13
Hello my love Leandros!!!
My love, I is happy that I have an opportunity this day to write to you the letter, which will warm to you soul. I write you the letter from heart of my native land, from capital of Kiev. I have arrived here and was slightly surprised, as far as Kiev differs from my city. Here such chaos! To me very much I here is lonely also I want to be faster with you! Today I have given back the documents for the visa. Me have told, that the visa to me will give out only at presence of money on the ticket. I have learned, that my ticket will cost 1150 $. It is not a problem for you? Please, tell me, when you can to me help with this sum of money, that I could calculate day of my arrival to you. As soon as you are capable me to help, send to me money through Western Union also. I so am glad, me have told, that my visa will be ready in 3 weeks, after I shall have money to the ticket! You are happy?
Letter 14
Hello mu Love Leandros.I wait for you where you.
Letter 15
Hello my love Leandros. will wait Monday your help. In this letter I would like to tell to you about the dream. My dream - it to arrive to you and is with you together. During our correspondence I have grown fond of you, and each your letter fills my heart with happiness. I think of you constantly, I present our meeting. I am grateful to destiny, that she has enabled us to get acquainted. As it is fine when two persons like each other. My soul sings with happiness, she is filled with the purest and tender feeling. Dreaming about us with you, I know, that together we can overcome all. A hand about a hand we shall live in the fine country of love. What it is necessary to two in love? You and I have found each other, And I hope that we soon shall meet. As I am glad to that you have appeared in my life. It does not happen minutes, that I would not think of you, where you, that with you... Because actually I Ordinary the woman from flesh and blood, also I want to live simply, simply to like, Simply to be near to loved... It is just necessary to trust and love, then The most unreal dreams are executed.. In fact if the Person trusts in a miracle, miracles really start to occur, and in a daily life. The present Person is simply obliged to trust in miracles. Thanks you, my dear, for remarkable letters, for tenderness and love... Thanks for feelings which you have for me, it is compensated in me by infinite love which beats a key from my heart, and I would like, that you were a number... When virtuality becomes a reality, you will feel it. At me all is normal. Affairs go normally, work too. Life is in full swing. If today you still try to take pleasure in her tomorrow already you try to not lose this ability. That the life did not become ordinary. In fact all of us aspire to the adjusted, precisely certain life. To us have prepared for destiny: school - institute - family - work. All these categories became determining and directing our life. On the everything else did not remain to time. The life hollows monotony, selecting ideas and feelings. Earlier I would not like to try anew. More truly on new. It was terrible. In fact speak, that you get used to loneliness. So could take place, you have not appeared yet and all in me have changed. The person whom I love also which where very far which I though never and did not see, but is very expensive to you. My hot heart will eternally serve you as an inviolable sanctuary, and never neither to destiny, nor people to not expel you therefrom. She is based upon the firm basis created from advantage and virtues. To it to not be lost in immortal soul, to it to lean on the past more uselessly, the hope soon to see about to feel you in itself gives to it of force for an eternal life in the future - Let all your dreams will come true, I want that your life was pleasant, in every respect, that vital your way was in the pleasure, surrounded quiet and long happiness with that whom you have selected. To take care!
Letter 16
Hi my love Leandros. Your letter has calmed my heart. I was difficult for believing that which man I love to me does not trust and does not understand me. But I hope that now between us there will be no misunderstanding. Because we like each other. When you have written to me that do not trust me, it seemed that my life has terminated but I trusted in a miracle. Both it happened also you have believed me. Now I want to tell you that I love you and you are necessary to me. As to money I shall explain to you. 250Y for me are necessary to make the visa e documents . I hope now you me have understood and trust me. Know that I love you.for me little money remained me to live to Monday. then I ride home.
Letter 17
Hello Leandros. I gave to read our the letter in that I ride in kipr to you in pasol'stve it was said me well we will give a visa you tourist they are necessary money. I ask you to help me as soon as possible, because I can not without you of any day any more, Please, tell when you can to me help? I can not sit on a place, when I think, that for our meeting it is necessary much to make, and I sit without movement. Tell you too, as well as I, think of our meeting constantly? I am very glad to receive from you the letters each day. They give me hope for our speed occurring. I can not present the life, if ours meeting not to be. My heart belongs only to you both each minute and second I think only of us and ours no?a?a. Today I shall go with the girlfriends by the sea and I would like, that you were with me, and our love would be same huge, as this sea. But I feel, that it soon will come true also we at last we shall be together. I want, that we have remained with you alone together, only you, I, and love connecting us. From passion for us the head will be turned, and our love will raise us in a palate... But it only dreams. I and you we know, that our occurring depends only on us, and we should do everything, that she was held. Because I know, that we are created the friend for the friend and we should be together. Only then all dreams will come true.
Letter 18
I arrived home in simferopol'. in kievi I am very expensive a ticket stands in simferopol' 60$ and .hoteln one night stands 50$ expensive. to eat in cues 1 day 20-40 $ I wait your letter
Letter 19
Unique and to the best on the ground.I do not understand what as it was said you but I was in an embassy and said that as I will have money they give good to arrive in your kipr I wait your help $. I I do not know what for write this letter. Probably it is terrible,hurt and hard for me. Probably I regret myself too strongly - to me already all the same. But I cannot without you. This letter for you not very important becomes possible, but I write it only for you! For ours with you the love is one more hope... There is one small fire! It has not faded... If I shall not come... Never in a life I shall hear I shall see you... My God as it is hurt now! You have finally lost belief in me... Though you also do not speak by it.. All the same it is visible... For this week I shall not hear any tender word from you.. Words about love.. To me it is terrible!!! To me it is very terrible, that I more never can see you...... Only one day... And it can turn all or is simple **** two hearts which fought in a unison each other earlier!... Now I sit, I write this letter, and you where that there... You where that are far.. You will be all the same far from me!... And so will be and tomorrow.. .. Again the same grey persons - all without you has no anybody sense, the world - an empty place when a beside there is no you... I am afraid to go to bed, I know a pain will be thrown over me with new force on parts... But I all the same shall come, believe whether or not, I shall come on evil to all circumstances, only what there will be our meeting?! What will you tell to me? What shall I tell to you?... But it already cannot be guessed...... Week full of a cold, meeknesses and tears... About which you besides do not learn some tears.. I love you... The truth Is a pity that there is no to sense from my words which I wrote to you, there is no caress, heat of kisses. I know to you in fact not all the same.. .. But even this week you all the same every second will be with me, in my soul, in my verses, in each movement, in each person who will pass by - Untilthen while I again shall not make you the. Again....- Love, I shall come, only you wait for me, necessarily wait there Was very little I already almost with you... I love you!.. That's all.. More I shall add nothing... I shall wait and trust..
Letter 20
you can to me send 4.500 .evro I will rotin to them that I have money I as I will arrive will give these money of tol'ka you will take on a ticket 2- how long to wait will I be permission invitation visa from you ? 3- I very got tired from this history . I want to you let us do 1- variant he quickly will be I will rotin money of 4.500 e. I will arrive and will give to you 4.500. you can find money 4.500. to take a credit .ya will give to you money I want to you I got us will meet!!!
Letter 21
send passport danye you
1- slepcova valentinovna genyna
2- a year is birth of 18 grudnya 1984
3- city of simferopol'
4- street of bolaklavskaya 45 kv 61 I sent everything you that napisono on a passport I have woken up. have a little risen to see hours the beginning of the seventh Well I have woken up, and what is farther? I would like, that you appeared near to me. I could embrace simply you, kiss, stir up, such sleepy and close, but close only physically. During that moment I most clearly understood, that you thought of me at night, that you always missed on me I all sat on a bed, you thought will wake up, will call me to yourself, I again shall feel a smell of your body, I shall again be warmed in your embraces. Also it was completely unimportant, as you concern to me, if only you have now woken up, right now - I so would like it, would be desirable to nestle on your body, to look inyour eyes, to see a sleepy smile on your person. But you are not present... Then I have turned away Certainly - silly. And certainly you have not woken up. Then I have risen and have gone to a bath, have put into myself the order. And any feelings, only mechanical movements I am likely simply too tired, tired with the feelings, from my useless expectation on a month - Neither pains, nor pleasures, fear, anything - a full devastation. In a corridor I have put on, have looked at myself in a mirror and me so it wanted to undress, return to myself to bed, to tell, that you are necessary for me, that I cannot without you, that I shall go on you from mind{wit}.. I have left and have tried to close a door. The bus, the house. And now it is necessary to smile, something to speak, explain language does not move, the head hoots. I cannot without you What to **** work, I to you want, I love you, understand you it And at night almost physical sensation of your hands, lips, your embraces and kisses valya.
Letter 22
You perfectly know, that it is necessary to you to becon only a finger and I shall be at your legs. But you also should know that it is necessary to you to push away me, and my heart will be broken into set of splinters as a crystal vase. Your words are full of optimism, and my heart cries in melancholy without you. I ask you to trust always to me and to love me, to speak me always that you love me and then you will not see on my eyes of tear. I am afraid to present, that you in one day will not love any more me and will forget me. If it will take place, I never can already walk on lonely park with pleasure, With hope for our meeting. Please, allow to be to me with you.
Letter 23
1) Surname : SLEPSOVA
2) Name : ??? ---valentina
3) *** : Female
4) Place and date of birth : Crimea, Ukraine -?????----simferopol
5) Nationality : Ukraine
6) Passport number : ???? -----ET180970
7) Address : ??????????? -----bolaklavskaya 45 dom61 my love Leandros! I wait our meeting every chass . you can help me money I ride in cues to take a visa and arrive to you . if to me a not dovat' visa I will sell all svoyi ring chain and to take a visa tourist and to ride to you . you help me 1150$ on a ticket to you and document . you can send money on my address system Western Union. You will send money to my complete name and address,
my name SLEPSOVA valentina
bolaklavskaya 45 dom61 street,
Simferopol city,
Letter 24
At me have stolen phone in shop at me there is no phone. I shall take away papers when I shall be to Kiev
Letter 25
In what a problem I do not understand. I have given the address to you to Kiev I shall go itself I shall go to embassy
Letter 26
here I live letter went to this address bolaklavskaya 45 dom61 street,
Simferopol city,
Letter 27
when will I get a letter ?
Letter 28
Greetings Leandros! You шлите to me the letter urgent custom-made on mail it refers to custom-made went I wait
Letter 29
I do not see from you the letter where you at you all well?
Letter 30
Hello my love Leandros, I have woken up today early in the morning and could not fall asleep again. My dream recently became very restless, I wake up with strongly beating heart. Each impact of my heart knocks only for you, as if it is asked to you. In Internet - cafe in an usual way it is a lot of people and all are borrowed with something. At fir st sight it is impossible to present, being ill is not necessary I will arrive you will treat honey . will I take a visa as there is a tourist I am necessary your help of money on a ticket as I will get money when you poshlesh I will arrive me to you in 3 days wait me send money and I arrive to you in 3 days you understand me ? I am not necessary from you invitation I will arrive as a tourist ! I wait our meeting ! I want to you.
Letter 31
What with you I in пичали where you? Why there is no letter? I want to you! I shall treat you. You are sick?
Letter 32
for me a telephone was stolen in a shop . a new telephone I can not purchase it is expensive to me . for me a friend rode in kipr one rode to rest to it gave a visa without problems . I can not purchase a ticket to you I do not have money ! do you me understand ? as you give to me money me you will have 3 days and I to you will arrive all of you understand to me it is not necessary not what documents from you ! it is not necessary ! if you not to trust that me not write to me anymore I got tired I very got !!! tired retired from work to ride to you ! if we get married got tired experience for you and retired from work ! to ride to you . you are necessary only to give money me I will arrive to you . if we get married that I wanted to work for you by a dentist or doctor.
Letter 33
cannot understand you what passport? I to you have sent a copy to you it is necessary the passport? A copy?
Letter 34
Excuse I you did not understand that to you the copy is necessary here I to you I send
Letter 35
did I send a copy you a document you got ?
Letter 36
I wait from you an answer I do not see a letter from you .
do you a visa do to me ? as a visa will be ready went to me letter that a visa is ready and where I must take away a visa in kiev or for me at home in simferopol
Letter 37
Hello my love Leandros. Where I would not be my ideas always about you and about our future, I present it with the large ocean of love, when this ocean merges with the complete sky. And then I present myself and you by birds, which that rise highly in the sky, fall to transparent water of ocean. Water covers by a wave of birds, but they again fly up in height. I very much would like to stand with you on a coast of the sea and to observe dawn of the sun, when dazzling beauty the sun rises above horizon, and the drops of dew are poured in bright beams of thesun. But I shall not notice this beauty because near to me there will be you - my sun. At the night, when I lie down to sleep I dream of you and mentally I wish to kind night to you, my love . . From that time as I have got acquainted with you, I walk more vigorously Through whirlpools of a life, and in my happy loneliness on eyes to me Tears which I intend you in a victim will run. I asked the god that You, About, Fine Creation of reason human, have made happy reciprocal " Feeling and love " your true adorer. And it has taken place. Now for Window it is wet and it is cold, there is an opposite drizzle and, alas, and my soul The melancholy on you compresses a steel hoop. I am thrown by those in hot, in a cold From one idea, that I by virtue of some circumstances (distance, the sea And oceans which divide I can not see you. You have allowed me to look at the world other eyes, you have opened to me new horizons. The ocean of feelings storms in me and now when I write to you this letter. I want to tell to you some gentle and warm words, to tell, that I love you most on light. Not only because you clever, kind, and the best man on light that is why, that you are you, are simple because you are, because you Unique, another such is not present. The ideal is not necessary for me, you are necessary for me and Anybody except for you. You are not obliged to be perfection, can be mistaken, just as I can take offence, become angry and be upset. I do not know, whether you believe me whether or not, but I can offend you never. I love you such what you are, and I very much would like, what and you loved me. Be happy, be itself and trust me and my love how I to you, and at us will be such love as at anybody on all white light. Both my love sincere and light, as the sky above our heads. My love is a source at your order from which you can scoop, how many it is necessary for you, until I have forces. Now to me it is very lonely, so it would be desirable to see you, to embrace and gently - is gently to kiss. Heart is simply broken off on a part. I love you! valya.
Letter 38
I give to you the telephone of my friend we together work.
80507892464 --- катя
Letter 39
Greetings my fine Leandros! I got your letter everything will do as you talk. I value each word which my love arrives from you. You so are kind, loyal and romantic in your ideas. You are a man in whom I need in my life and I shall like with all my heart. You cannot present, how many attention you receive from me day, you will be with me my love. I dream from everything, that we shall make together with love and care. I shall like to study your eyes and to kiss your remarkable lips and to count you so intense my love. We shall be romantic several which never will be deceived from each other.. I shall be fair and loyal to you with all my heart my love. I really like, when you speak me about your dreams and things , that you wish to make to me. I want to hear them always and to know, that you really love me is similar to you, speak, that you will be. I want, that you held me so be closed also intense, me with your warm kisses is similar to you speak, that you will be. Well, I shall continue to dream dream , which will be carried out soon. I do not overlook, that you and I really we want you with me. Be patient with me and to continue to speak me all histories of love, which you wish because they concern my heart. I like, who you are and love your warm remarkable heart my fine. Yes God always will bless you! I love you, I so miss on you and only your letters help me. I love you.valya.
Letter 40
Hello my love Leandros. I will wait Tuesday of sereda I am very glad, that you do utmost for our occurring. So you prove the love to me. I very much hope, that when I shall come to you, I shall prove to you the feelings and you will be glad in our occurring. I shall give you tenderness and to care of you, as about most expensive. You will the happiest person in the world and I shall not allow anybody to take away youin me. Our love not by him the right to die, in that moment, when we have found one another. I always shall care of our house. Because you do me happy each day. You never will doubt of my accuracy, because I always loved and I shall love only you, what did not happen.valya.
Letter 41
Hello my love Leandros . I cannot believe, that that you and I have found a bird of happiness and our dreams are very close to come true. It seems to me, that every day lasts indefinitely for a long time without you and I do not know how to truncate days. Without dream with dreams of you that you also seem to night of steel somewhere beside, necessary to stretch a hand and I my hand will meet your hand. I for a long time do not think any more of the big distances between us because even the seas seem to the happy person knee-deep. The destiny has disposed so that we were born in the different countries, but she has connected us because nothing can interfere with love and every day this love grows with new force and the big passion. I want to meet you for the first time so that it remained in memory for many years. If you will see the girl who is going down from a gangway of the plane about an easy pink dress and with happy eyes, know, that it I. I shall wait very much for our meeting, my love.valya.
Letter 42
hi my love Leandros!!!!!!!!!!!! I ask you to me to help you read my letter I to you already sent you I am necessary 1.150$ on all documents will I arrive to you when can you send money to me?
Letter 43
I shall well wait! I so want to you!
Letter 44
iao iiae iia?oaa ia caiieee caaiea iao ?oi aaeaou ? y aai aiaa?eea ?oi yoi aieai aoaao . aaaae iu aaeaai oae 1.150$ ou iia iioee aaiuae y i?eaao ?a?ac 3 aiy eae oo?eno a o oaay aiia iu ?anieoein y ?aieiny e y iiao auou o aan Is not present to my girlfriend did not call caaiea is not present what to do? I to you aiaa?eea that it long will be. Give we do so 1.150 $ you to me have gone money I shall arrive in 3 days as the tourist and at you at home we ?anieoein y marry also I can be at you
Letter 45
Hello my love Leandros-, I got mail your letter for me I can prilitat' to you I waited it so long . my love but for me little money to ride to you I am necessary money on a ticket I wait your help of money on a ticket went to me on my address.I have woken up today early in the morning and could not fall asleep again. My dream recently became very restless, I wake up with strongly beating heart. Each impact of my heart knocks only for you, as if it is asked to you. In Internet - cafe in an usual way it is a lot of people and all are borrowed with something. At fir st sight it is impossible to present, that the small screen is capable to connect two people from the different countries. But now I believe in miracles, and the most important miracle in my life this occurrence of you. It seems to me, that I know you all life. Every day I wait from you for good news which would help our meeting. My things to be already collected and ready at any moment lifted towards to my love. I cannot wait minutes to touch lips up to your person and to feel that our hearts really together. We shall be a place, I promise you.valya.
Letter 46
Hello love Leandros. I ask you to help me money ticket on cues and gostinecu 180$ those that you dovali to me there is 250 E . I expended in a feed . I retired from work and waited when you call me to itself home . I do not have money to arrive in kiev and on a ticket to you you to help me 180$ I will purchase a ticket in kiev.valya
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