Scam Letter(s) from Michelle Hook to Graham (Australia)

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Letter 1

did you really want to help me with my bill either sometimes you just left me on messenger as you like as if am not human, i doubt if you love me for real???? help me send it today monday.

Letter 2

sweety here is the hotel manager info you will send the money to via western union. and do email me in time so i can give the hotel manager to pick up the money $500 i will be very happy to be with you sweety, cos i will want you make love to me inside car, if you picked me up at airport, i cant wait to suck your dick as well. ( It didn't happen ) Wanted money sent to this person.

Name: Thomas Adeolu
City: Abeokuta
State: Ogun State
Zip code: 23439
What color
Answer : blue

Letter 3

hello if you really love me and you mean you do love, you would have help me with what i need, well am having hard time to be online now as the receptionis use to busy, i dont think you really want me, but i want you to be my kids father if am with you, help me in time. michlle



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