Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to Steven (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my gentle and tender Steven!!!
My love Steven I is very glad to receive today from you the letter.
Your letters are always full of love and passions. I thank the God that it has presented us each other. My prince Steven and you is happy??? You are glad that we have got acquainted with you??? Know I never before not met such the man as you! You the finest the man on the ground. And I consider myself as the happiest girl on the ground because I have you Steven!!!! I every day recollect those days when we with you have each other found. Steven I love you you light of my dream. And you remember day of our acquaintance??? Steven your image I see each instant, every day! I shall not throw you you to me believe. At me the big desire to be beside together with you. I passion am overflown, feelings accrue, ideas about you each other replace! For the sake of you I shall disappear, I shall burn down up to completely. If only only you, you waited for me. Friends speak me is impossible so further to live, I did not represent that it is possible so strongly to love. For me you king, a uniform string, I cannot go through separation from you. Minutes of misfortune I shall be near to you, I shall warm love, I shall embrace the hand. I shall press to the heart ready from love to blow up. You to me are more dear than all I is ready to admit. Your deep breath, separation the friend without the friend excites me is not present anything is more sad. It is unimportant to wait, suffer, go through how many.... Anything to me will not prevent you to love!!!! The muse helps to write lines about love, I wait for you a kitten to me you are necessary only!!!! Each second without you as a knife on heart, at night on you I grieve.... Why we not together???? Steven you my God, you my destiny!!!!! In night silence I write about you verses, to see somewhat quicker you my dreams. Steven you as the drink of freedom is necessary to me believe. Twists my reason ruthless melancholy, a pain, feelings accrue, be with me always!!!!!!!!!!! I Miss and wait, to wait I hate, but I you love let everyone it hears. Except for you more nobody is necessary to me! You all in my life. And I am ready on all for the sake of you mine Steven!!! My love Steven today I wish to present you my photo. Let it bears to you caress and love.I hope that I am fast too I can receive from you your photos. I with impatience shall wait for them...
For ever yours and only yours Aleksandra

Letter 2

Hello my gentle the man Steven!!!!
My love Steven know I today is very glad to see your letter. Your letters bring to me a lot of pleasure and happiness on heart. My prince Steven I wish to tell to you about that that I today saw at night. Steven you today have dreamed me at night. You know it there were instants of happiness. I could not understand a dream it or reality. But then to me was so well and I tried to not think of it. You know Steven to me has dreamed as we with you have appeared together... One. Around of us nobody was. We with you were so are happy. We with you walked on lunar. Only the sea around rustled. To us so it was good together. You gave me a lot of gentle and passionate kisses. I felt that I in paradise.... Nobody was necessary to Me except for you Steven!!! We with you danced on seacoast. Around of us burned candles. It was so perfectly..... As at cinema.... I wished to shout from happiness. We with you spoke so many gentle words the friend the friend, that at me has appeared tear. Tear of happiness. Then together with it I have presented you a slice of my heart. You know it simply to not describe words...... We with you very long admired stars... They were so are fine. Then you me have allocated on most high a rock....... To show a dawn. It was very beautiful! I has approached to edge am mountains..... Also has dissolved hands.... I as though a bird flitted on a wind. A sea breeze fingered each mine hair.... Then you have approached to me and have taken me for hands.... Also has looked to me in eyes. And I have understood that you that person about which I dreamed all life. And we have presented each other a passionate kiss...... Which we have remembered for all our life. We have each other admitted love. And I have woken up...... And on a cheek at me tear flew.... I was really happy. I know Steven that we are created the friend for the friend. And our meeting is intended by destiny. My prince Steven I have written for you a poem.... I hope that it to like you.

When for the first time you I have met that.... Then I yet did not know You. But the destiny has disposed on another.... It Has presented us love. Which we yet did not know love... We are happy were together!!! The friend an arch we every day gave tenderness and love... And we with you did not know troubles... As us we with you preserved love.....

I love you mine Steven!!! Also know that you for me unique and unique!
And I am ready on all for the sake of you! For ever yours and only your loving and gentle Aleksandra



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