Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to Bruce (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, dear!!!
I am so glad that you have replied.
I have absolutely forgotten about the track of time while reading your letter.
I can say for sure if I have written or not but I will repeat it once again if you are interested - I live in Ukraine, not in Kiev itself, though very close to it
I am 28, My height is 167 centimeters, my weight is 60s kilograms.
I am single and have no children. I have never been married.
I don’t even think of finding someone abroad – it is not the goal of my life.
One day I just came in internet cafe in order to find some necessary information and found you.
So I thought – Why not to try? It could be someone interesting and caring. I think it was a chance for both of us.
I wouldn’t say that all the guys in Ukraine are bad. Every nation has its losers and winners.
Still, the majority of them are spoilt by the women’s attention. Our men don’t care about how we really feel.
They can be very rude and what irritates me most is that they drink too much of alcohol.
I want to find a caring person, loving and interesting man.
Though according to my profession – I am a teacher, I work as a waitress in order to live and earn some money.
Here it is a bit difficult to find work even if you have a diploma.
I firstly worked as a teacher in a small local school but my salary was so miserable and small that I couldn’t even afford paying my bills.
Though still I enjoyed very much my work. I like children because they are the flowers of our life.
I think I am good at speaking English. My language was formed in the Institute where I was studying for 5 years.
Dear, I have one question for you. Why have you preferred internet for finding a woman?
It is great to have internet because people from all over the world can get connected it is wonderful!
My question is a bit personal, so I you don’t want to reply – just pretend that you haven’t read it and I will understand.
You seem to be a good person, open-minded and honest – as for me you should have no problems with finding a girlfriend in your own country.
I am looking forward to your reply. --
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