Letter(s) from Nabal Salifu to Marcelo (Brazil)

Letter 1

Privet my beloved Marcelo!
Hello my loving man!

I am so happy to hear from you today, it is hard to describe how important it was to see your letter again and to read about your feelings and how your life is. Honey, I must tell you how important you are for me. When I read your letter I can feel a warm pulsating energy in my body, energy that makes every small little part of my body to become alive and full of joy, happiness and love.

I didn't go to my Granny as the weather was not very good. So I will go to see her on the weekend. My daily life is almost only full of work but I don't complain about that, as I am very interested in what I am doing in my work even though it is sometimes very stressful and I can feel that I would need some time off and having vacation. It would have been the best moments in my life if I could be in the sofa with you under the warm rug close, very close, with you so I could feel every part of you body.. I do love you more than words can say, Marcelo. I do hope that my letters and actions make you think this way! I love you Baby. I love you with all my heart. My only dream is to be with you & spend the rest of your life with me. I want to make all your dreams come true. I want to make you swim in love, drown in my undying love for you, & feel as if I could lift you up to touch the stars. I want each of your days start with a tender, loving kiss from me, & each day to end with unforgettable, & completely satisfying love making. Even if there are days where we fight or disagree, these days should end with incredible "Make-up Sex." I want to treat you like every day is your special day, & for you to know & feel that you are truly the only man I need in my life. It is only a matter of time when are we able to start our life together. I already know that this needs to happen in order for me to be complete. I want you sexually, & need you emotionally, honey! Yes I will have you as my husband & soul-mate, & I will make sure you never regret being with me if you will please be my loving husband, Marcelo!!!! I am completely obsessed with the idea of being with you. I wish we had pictures of us together. Honey, I will hold your hand, & everything else you will let me hold all the time we are within reach of each other. You are a wonderful person Marcelo. I could never do anything to hurt you Baby. You are so important to me. And I liked your fantasy about us in the forest!!

As I speak about being with you, & taking pictures of us, I have to tell you that I am sure we will look great together in the photos! Oh, and I hope you liked the photo which I made specially for you! I love you and miss you very much!

Kisses to you on your sweet lips!!!

Your woman,